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"Sect Master Dong." Yi Yun noticed that Dong Shaoqing hesitated to speak, giving a furtive glance at Dong Xiaowan. Her breathing was weak and her body was pet.i.te and frail. He could not help but sigh. He did not know how a fine girl like Dong Xiaowan would end up in such a strange situation.

"Come on in. However, I might not have any solutions."

"Thank you, Young master Yi."

Dong Shaoqing helped Dong Xiaowan into Yi Yun's alchemy lab.

Dong Xiaowan didn't have a tall frame. She carefully sat on a rock bed in the alchemy lab, acting somewhat reserved.

"Hand." Yi Yun said as he extended his hand.

Dong Xiaowan blushed slightly as she rolled up her sleeves, revealing her snow-white wrists. Dong Xiaowan's arm was like that of a thirteen-year-old's. It was small and exquisite. As Yi Yun felt Dong Xiaowan's pulse, he activated his energy vision and observed the energy flows within her body.

Although the evil ent.i.ty had entered remission, it was still entrenched in Dong Xiaowan's dantian. It was as if it was trying to fuse with Dong Xiaowan's dantian.

It was probably the cause of Dong Xiaowan being unable to increase her cultivation level no matter how much she cultivated.

Yi Yun vaguely sensed that once the evil ent.i.ty was fully fused with Dong Xiaowan, she would probably be beyond saving.

Was it some kind of old monster trying to possess Dong Xiaowan?

Such a thought flashed across Yi Yun's mind. However, he eliminated the possibility after some thought. Possession would have begun from the soul sea, and not the dantian.

Furthermore, although the evil ent.i.ty resembled a human face, the feeling it gave off did not resemble a spiritual soul.

Yi Yun hesitated for a moment before he gathered spatial dimension laws into his hands, forming pure Yang Dao patterns.

Yi Yun cast the pure Yang Dao patterns into Dong Xiaowan's body, sealing the vital meridian paths around her dantian. Pure Yang was best against evil ent.i.ties. With these pure Yang Dao patterns in place, the evil ent.i.ty was unlikely to endanger Dong Xiaowan's life; however, it was not a long-term solution.

"Do not cultivate for the time being, nor should you use your Yuan Qi. If Sect Master Dong doesn't mind, I suggest that Dong Xiaowan stay here with me. What do you think?"

"Young Master Yi, you are too kind. You saved Xiaowan's life, so why would I mind?"

Not only was Dong Shaoqing not worried when he heard that, he was overjoyed. He yearned for his daughter to stay behind so that she could someday be saved by Yi Yun.

"Alright." Yi Yun nodded.

"Then…I'll be leaving. Xiaowan, I'll come and see you again." Dong Shaoqing cupped his fists and said.

He was not worried leaving his daughter, who was too weak to resist anything, with Yi Yun. Whether it was his thankfulness for what Yi Yun had done, or Yi Yun's saving of his daughter without compensation, he could tell that Yi Yun was a person of high moral standing.

And looking at it from a broader perspective, even if Yi Yun had any thoughts on his daughter, Dong Shaoqing could turn a blind eye. Yi Yun was different from Huyan Cang. Huyan Cang was already halfway in the grave, yet he wanted to fool around with young women. As for Yi Yun, he was young and had a promising future. If his daughter ended up being Yi Yun's companion, how could that be a loss?

After Dong Shaoqing left, Yi Yun entered seclusion. In his free time, he would check on the evil ent.i.ty in Dong Xiaowan's body. As time pa.s.sed, Yi Yun's understanding of the evil ent.i.ty grew deeper.

And Dong Xiaowan followed in Ru'ers footsteps, becoming one of the medicine children of Yun Xin Loft. Dong Xiaowan would help Ru'er if she needed it. Together, they kept Yun Xin Loft in good order.

Meanwhile, Yi Yun's reputation rapidly spread throughout Myriad City.

It was all due to the fact that he had cleaved off Zuoqiu Haoyu's arms and burned them to ash with pure Yang flames.

And despite being only a junior, he was able to refine Supreme Palace Iceheart Pills and awaken Dong Xiaowan, who had a mysterious and deadly illness. The quality of his pills even exceeded Zuoqiu Bo's!

Either of those two stories resulted in an absolutely astounding reaction on the part of those who heard them.

In Myriad City, alchemists enjoyed an extremely high status. Even though it was common knowledge that Yi Yun had offended the Myriad Immortal Pavilion, there were still many people that came for Yi Yun's pill-refining services or to befriend him.

"What? Young Master Baifeng wants to see me? Who is he?"

Yi Yun was informed by Dong Xiaowan just after he finished meditation.

"Young Master Yi, Young Master Baifeng's name is Zhou Baifeng. He's from Myriad City's Zhou family. The Zhou family isn't a sect but it is a very powerful faction. It's ranked third among all the factions in Myriad City! Although it's inferior to the Myriad Immortal Pavilion, it's not by a lot. Zhou Baifeng himself is well-regarded within the Zhou family. Many of the family's matters are left to his decision."

"Young Master Baifeng is already outside." Dong Xiaowan added.

Yi Yun thought for a moment before nodding. He said,"Let him in."

Since Young Master Baifeng was filthy rich, Yi Yun could raise the price if he was here for pills. Yi Yun needed to earn large sums of runes over the next three years, so he naturally wanted to accept business when it came to him.

After Dong Xiaowan pa.s.sed the message, two men quickly walked in.

One of the men was wearing a light-blue long-sleeved shirt. He was smiling from afar as he warmly greeted Yi Yun,"You must be Master Yi. I've heard many things about you. I'm Zhou Baifeng and this is Young Master Zhang Zhiyuan, who is a distinguished guest of my Zhou family. Master Yi, you might not know of Young Master Zhang Zhiyuan's reputation since you are new here. He is a famous young genius in Myriad City."

Zhang Zhiyuan was fanning himself with a jade fan. He had an incisive aura and appeared to be extraordinary.

Yi Yun slowly put down his teacup and said lightly,"May I know what medicine Young Master Baifeng plans on refining? Young Master Baifeng should know that my prices aren't cheap."

"That I naturally know. However, I'm here not for Master Yi's services. Instead, I'm here to invite Master Yi to become a distinguished guest of the Zhou family. My Zhou family has quite the influence in Myriad City. All the distinguished guests of the Zhou family are geniuses. If Master Yi does see fit to let us welcome you, even the Myriad Immortal Pavilion would think twice about troubling you." Young Master Baifeng spoke very confidently and wore a rather conceited expression.

The Zhou family was considered quite a large tree that even famous geniuses like Zhang Zhiyuan flocked to. Young Master Baifeng made it a point to bring Zhang Zhiyuan in order to make his case more convincing.

Although Zhang Zhiyuan was inferior to Fairy Youqin and Fairy Wuxia, he was still a reputable genius.

"Once, Young Master Zhang Zhiyuan had offended a large sect because of a woman. However, after he became a distinguished guest of my Zhou family, that sect could only suppress their indignation." Young Master Baifeng said.

"Young Master Baifeng is right. Yi Yun, Young Master Baifeng is here today to save you. Without the Zhou family, you will be alone. And it's hard to do anything single-handedly." Zhang Zhiyuan glanced at Yi Yun, but he felt somewhat displeased.

Yi Yun had not stood up from the moment they entered. Back when Zhang Zhiyuan became the Zhou family's distinguished guest, he had been extremely polite when he took the initiative to receive their patronage.

This kind of preferential treatment, and the difference in att.i.tude, already made Zhang Zhiyuan unhappy. Furthermore, Yi Yun's arrogance irritated him.

"You are soliciting me? Sorry, but I'm not interested." Yi Yun rejected it immediately."I undisciplined by nature, and so am not accustomed to being governed by others. As for whether the Myriad Immortal Pavilion will seek to hurt me, or whether I need protection from Zhou family…"

"If I were to sell myself to a faction for something trivial like seeking protection, then my martial path would have cultivated for nothing." As Yi Yun spoke, he swept his gaze to Zhang Zhiyuan.

People like Young Master Zhou or Young Master Zhang meant nothing to Yi Yun at all.

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