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Seeing Zuoqiu Haoyu grimacing in pain on the ground, the entire crowd in the pill refining platform fell silent. There were hundreds of people present that had witnessed the scene.

Many of them felt a chill run through their hearts. Yi Yun was too ruthless. The person in question was a young master of the Myriad Immortal Pavilion, yet Yi Yun so decisively cleaved off his arms. He truly did not offer any leeway.

Huyan Cang's palms were covered in cold sweat. Before, when Yi Yun's arms were bet, his own arms were nearly wagered as well. He came very close to agreeing to it. Thankfully, he had lacked the confidence to go through with it. Otherwise, he would be on the ground next to Zuoqiu Haoyu. If an alchemist lost his hands, wouldn't he be completely crippled?

As Huyan Cang was still reeling in the lingering fear, he saw Yi Yun's nonchalant gaze turn to him. It left him shuddering in terror.

This punk was a scourge!

Yi Yun was ruthless and decisive. Furthermore, he was young and had a promising future. By the time he matured, wouldn't he slowly demand payback?

"Bring Haoyu along. We are leaving!" Zuoqiu Bo's face resembled dark clouds. He, as Elder of the Myriad Immortal Pavilion, had pleaded with Yi Yun but was met with such treatment. There was no point left in staying.

The followers behind him walked forward and helped up the severely injured Zuoqiu Haoyu.

"Brother Zuoqiu, are you leaving already? Didn't you have something you wanted to discuss with me?" City Lord Qin asked with a faint smile.

"City Lord Qin, it's not like you don’t know what I have to say. Since you have no intention to negotiate with me, I will not invite humiliation upon myself." Zuoqiu Haoyu grunted.

Although it was Yi Yun that had taken action, City Lord Qin used spatial dimension laws to lock Zuoqiu Haoyu in place. It was a clear indication of his att.i.tude.

He had always tried to foster a good relationship with City Lord Qin, but it was pointless to use his warm and genial face to repeatedly kiss a cold a.s.s. He withdrew the Canonicalized G.o.d Platform, boarded his spirit boat and left.

With Zuoqiu Bo gone, the crowd naturally dispersed. Many people looked at Yi Yun with mixed feelings.

Without a doubt, Yi Yun would become a new rising star in Myriad City. However, that was on the premise that he could survive the pressure from the Myriad Immortal Pavilion.

Yi Yun came in front of City Lord Qin and took out the remaining four Supreme Palace Iceheart Pills. He said,"City Lord Qin, these four pills should be able to repay my debt of 800,000 runes. I shall give them to City Lord Qin. If City Lord Qin does not need the pills, I'll exchange them in Myriad Pavilion for runes to repay you. I am deeply indebted to you."

Although Yi Yun had not used the 800,000 runes to buy the Soul Restoring Relic, City Lord Qin's help still left Yi Yun grateful.

The Supreme Palace Iceheart Pills were supreme-grade pills. Though they could be used to save Ling Xie'er and was of use to him, he decided to use them to repay City Lord Qin first.

City Lord Qin took a glance at the pills and said,"Back then, you said that you would repay me in three months. I thought you were only bragging. But here we are, and it has only been half a month. You are truly a capable young man. Even I still need to special order these pills, so there's no need for you to exchange them for runes. I'll accept them. However, four Supreme Palace Iceheart Pills are worth more than 800,000 runes. In addition, these pills are extremely high quality. Taking two of them is already me taking advantage of you."

Seeing as City Lord Qin only accepted two, Yi Yun looked at Princess White Fox at his side. He handed the remaining two to her.

"What's this for…?" Princess White Fox asked softly.

She had been worried for Yi Yun while he was refining the pills but now, seeing that everything went well, she could finally rest a.s.sured.

"Thanks to your help and trust, I can finally settle in Myriad City. Since you cultivate in the soul, these pills will be useful to you. Just think of it as an expression of my good will," said Yi Yun.

Princess White Fox was about to reject them when she heard City Lord Qin say,"In that case, Wuxia, you should take them. As the saying goes, he who gets other's kindness but does not repay is not a gentleman. Moreover, this friend of yours has such impressive alchemy skills. Why do you fear him being poor? Perhaps, in the times to come, I will be relying on our young friend Yi Yun!"

City Lord Qin said with a loud laugh.

"Yes, Uncle Qin." Princess White Fox nodded.

"Yi Yun, in half a month, I will be hosting a zither recital at my residence in which Fairy Youqin will be partic.i.p.ating. Why don't you come?" City Lord Qin said to Yi Yun with a smile. Yi Yun's alchemy skills had pleasantly surprised him. By giving Yi Yun a chance to rub shoulders with the upper echelons of Myriad City, it would be a form of protection for Yi Yun.

"City Lord Qin, thank you for your invitation. I will definitely be there." Yi Yun said.

"Alright, then Wuxia and I will be leaving." City Lord Qin took a glance at Yun Xin Loft and said with deep, underlying meaning,"Your Yun Xin Loft will probably be quite busy soon."

After he sent City Lord Qin and Princess White Fox off, most of the people that joined in the buzz had left. The remaining people stayed behind to have pills refined.

"Master Yi, I would like to refine Clear Minded Marrow Cleansing Pills."

"Master Yi, me too! I want to refine a cauldron of Extreme Yin Pills as well as Emerald Spirit Pills, Heart Nourishing Relics…"

Many people rushed to speak to Yi Yun. With Yi Yun's impressive alchemy skill, it was best to get him to refine pills before his reputation spread. They wanted to refine as many as possible. If they waited even a few days, they might not be able to get in the queue.

And even if the pills that were refined were useless for themselves, they could always sell them to earn a huge profit. After all, the pills that Yi Yun refined were apparently a lot more superior than typical pills.

Seeing the people hollering to get Yi Yun to refine their pills, Ru'er gingerly walked to Yi Yun's side and whispered.

"Oh?" Yi Yun smiled slightly. A teasing look could be detected in his eyes."I can refine whatever you want. A million runes a cauldron."


The people that were just making requests faltered. A million runes a cauldron? The pills they wanted refined were not even worth a hundred thousand, but the pill refinement fee was a million!?

"Hmph! Didn't double-faced folks like you curse in front of my Yun Xin Loft that hanging up a plaque like that is madness? Why would you want me to refine pills now? If you have any dignity, it's best you scram. Don't disgust me."

After Yi Yun said that, he turned and left. He was not afraid of offending such ruffians.

He cleaved off Zuoqiu Haoyu's arms, and that was a young master. So when these ruffians considered the gap in their status with Zuoqiu Haoyu’s, they knew that they could only accept the treatment they received.

"How…How did he know…It was that maidservant!"

The few exchanged looks. They had derided the plaque in front of Yun Xin Loft but never expected that the maidservant had remembered their faces.

"Today, we will be closed and rejecting all customers. Take down the plaque outside as well," Yi Yun said to Ru'er after returning inside.

Back when he hung the plaque, it was because he lacked any reputation. Now, he had more than proved his capability, so there was naturally no need for him to continue to provide such cheap pill refinement services.

"Young Master Yi." Dong Shaoqing had not left.

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