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What? Bogus pills?

Everyone looked over to the person that shouted. It was none other than Huyan Cang.

After successfully attracting everyone's attention, Huyan Cang said with bold undertones,"Do not be fooled by the beautiful appearance of these pills. They are in fact bogus pills!"

"Alchemist Huyan, are you sure?"

At the instant Zuoqiu Haoyu saw Yi Yun form the pills, his face had turned white. He felt as if he had managed to grasp a final, life-saving straw when he heard Huyan Cang's claims.

"True Supreme Palace Iceheart Pills are green in color. Excellent quality ones are a splendid emerald-green color. The ‘Supreme Palace Iceheart Pills’ we have here are blue in color. This punk is using bogus pills to deceive us. Let us not forget that Dong Xiaowan is still on her last breaths thanks to his pills!"

When Huyan Cang said this, everyone looked toward Zuoqiu Bo.

Zuoqiu Bo nodded as well and said,"The Supreme Palace Iceheart Pills are indeed green in color. Even when an alchemist sage does the refinement, the resulting Supreme Palace Iceheart Pills are green in color. I have never seen these ice-blue colored pills before."

As Zuoqiu Bo spoke, he took out a pill bottle from his interspatial ring. When it was opened, a few emerald green pills that emanated a herbal fragrance rolled out of the bottle.

"These are Supreme Palace Iceheart Pills that I refined a few years ago. Everyone, go ahead and take a look."

People marveled at the fact that Zuoqiu Bo casually carried Supreme Palace Iceheart Pills on him. As a top alchemist, Zuoqiu Bo had many pills on hand. Even rare pills like the Supreme Palace Iceheart Pills were no exception.

People looked at Zuoqiu Bo's palm, and indeed there were two pills that were completely emerald green in color. They were extremely different from the pills in Yi Yun's palm.

Zuoqiu Bo said,"Supreme Palace Iceheart Pills are pills meant to fortify the soul and rejuvenate the blood, while also enhancing one's cultivation level and nourishing one's dantian. They can be used to save the lives of those who are severely injured, so it is only natural that I carry some with me."


Upon witnessing the correct pills, Zuoqiu Haoyu laughed in a boisterous manner."Yi Yun, what do you have to say for yourself? Bring the cleaver out. I'll personally cleave off your hands!"

With Zuoqiu Bo giving his say, Zuoqiu Haoyu felt secure. He had surely won the bet.

But despite the unfolding situation, Yi Yun remained unfl.u.s.tered.

He said,"Whether a pill is correctly refined or not is not necessarily determined by the methods employed by the majority. Zuoqiu Haoyu, since you insist that the pills I refined are bogus pills, do you dare to raise the stakes? Would you bet another three million runes, together with your legs and eyes as well?"


Zuoqiu Haoyu's voice faltered. He never expected Yi Yun to continue having such crazy ideas. Was he mad?

Seeing Yi Yun so composed, Zuoqiu Haoyu was uncertain. An upright person was afraid of an unreasonable person, while the unreasonable person was afraid of a reckless person that thought nothing of his life. However, the reckless person was afraid of a crazed person.

From his point of view, Yi Yun was like a crazed person. What was he doing, raising the stakes so high?

"What? Would you rather not take a chance?"

Zuoqiu Haoyu looked at Zuoqiu Bo."Sixth Granduncle, I…"

Zuoqiu Bo frowned slightly. He was unsure of where Yi Yun's confidence stemmed from. He took a few steps forward and stretched out his hand towards Yi Yun."Young man, can I test the pills?"

As a top alchemist of Myriad City, Zuoqiu Bo naturally had his standards of evaluating pills.

Yi Yun shook his head and said,"There's no need. We already have someone that's ready to test the pills. Sect Master Dong!"

Yi Yun looked at Dong Shaoqing,"Do you mind letting your daughter test the pills?"

Dong Shaoqing was taken aback."My…my daughter?"

"Don't worry. Your daughter’s condition can only improve upon taking the Supreme Palace Iceheart Pills."

The Supreme Palace Iceheart Pills and Body Cleansing Pills were different. Body Cleansing Pills cleansed one's body, but once its medicinal essence was unable to expel the evil ent.i.ty in Dong Xiaowan’s body, it only ended up stimulating it.

As for the Supreme Palace Iceheart Pills, they raised the strength of one's soul, rejuvenated the blood, and extended one's life while nourishing the dantian.

Since Dong Xiaowan had an evil ent.i.ty lurking within her body, her flames of vitality were especially weak. Her soul and dantian were sealed by the evil ent.i.ty, and it put her on death’s doorstep.

If she consumed the Supreme Palace Iceheart Pills, she might not be healed but her soul and vitality would strengthen. It would be a huge help in resisting the evil ent.i.ty. This was the underlying reason for Yi Yun's suggestion.

However, this suggestion immediately caused a flurry of discussion among the people when they heard it.

The color of the pills Yi Yun had refined were problematic, to begin with. Yet, he was planning on testing them on a live person. Yi Yun was just too audacious!

"Yi Yun! Dong Xiaowan is in her current state after eating the Body Cleansing Pills you refined. Yet you still want to use her to test your Supreme Palace Iceheart Pills? Will you only be satisfied by her death!?" Zuoqiu Haoyu rebuked Yi Yun loudly.

Yi Yun ignored him and looked at Dong Shaoqing,"Sect Master Dong, do you trust my pills?"

"Young Master Yi, I trust you!"

Dong Shaoqing took a deep breath. The cost of the Supreme Palace Iceheart Pills was five to ten times that of Body Cleansing Pills. Furthermore, they were life-saving divine medicine. If Dong Xiaowan could consume a Supreme Palace Iceheart Pill, it was a very lucky opportunity for her. Moreover, if Dong Xiaowan did not receive any medical treatment, she was unlikely to survive past three days. There was at least some hope in consuming the precious pills.

"Sect Master Dong, you…"

Zuoqiu Haoyu was dumbfounded. Dong Shaoqing actually trusted the crazy Yi Yun. Was Dong Shaoqing crazy as well? Was his daughter's life a joke to him?

"Master Zuoqiu, do you mind if one of your Supreme Palace Iceheart Pills is used as a comparison?" Yi Yun asked Zuoqiu Bo.

Zuoqiu Bo laughed."You are truly confident. I naturally do not mind sparing such a pill."

As Zuoqiu Bo spoke, he flicked his finger. One of the Supreme Palace Iceheart Pills in his palm transformed into a stream of light as it shot into Dong Xiaowan's mouth.

The Supreme Palace Iceheart Pill melted the moment it entered her mouth. It turned into an extremely pure Yuan Qi flow that began nourishing Dong Xiaowan's meridians and body.

The medicinal effects of the Supreme Palace Iceheart Pill were very mild. After consuming the pill, Dong Xiaowan did not flinch in pain at all. She was calmly absorbing the medicinal essence.

Zuoqiu Bo also used his perception to track the medicinal essence. However, he was shocked to discover that after the medicinal essence transformed into surging, vibrant energy streams and entered Dong Xiaowan's dantian, they rapidly melted like ice exposed to sunlight.

Dong Xiaowan's body absorbed the medicinal essence like she had been starved. However, she didn’t seem to actually get livelier. Instead, the medicinal essence vanished like it had sunk into the bottomless ocean…


Zuoqiu Bo was alarmed. Supreme Palace Iceheart Pills were superior pills. They were more than sufficient to save a Supremacy, much less a junior at the late stages of the Dao Manifestation realm.

But today, his Supreme Palace Iceheart Pills had barely had any effect! What was wrong with this girl? If she was poisoned, how deadly was the poison?

"Master Zuoqiu, do you want to continue using your medicine?" Yi Yun asked.

Zuoqiu Bo took a deep breath and shook his head."There's no need."

Although having her consume more pills would result in minute beneficial effects, it was still a far cry from actually saving Dong Xiaowan.

"Then, it's my turn."

Yi Yun pinched a Supreme Palace Iceheart Pill. Supreme Palace Iceheart Pills were obviously ice-blue in color or why would they be given their name?

Ten days ago, Yi Yun had discovered the differences between the Supreme Palace Iceheart Pill recipe Zuoqiu Haoyu gave him and the one recorded in the divine alchemist's notes.

As many alchemists greatly valued their techniques, their recipes were slowly lost over long periods of time. It was also possible for recipes to change.

As such, when Yi Yun refined the Supreme Palace Iceheart Pills, he had mainly followed the divine alchemist's notes. The resulting pills fortified the soul, rejuvenated the blood, and nourished the dantian, just like the ones modern alchemists produced. However, the effects were more significant.

As for saying that the Supreme Palace Iceheart Pill could save Dong Xiaowan, Yi Yun felt it was impossible. He was, however, very confident that it could at least allow her to regain some of her vibrancy.


The Supreme Palace Iceheart Pill transformed into a blue stream of light and flew toward Dong Xiaowan. It did not fly into her mouth but went straight for her abdomen.

When the pill came into contact with Dong Xiaowan's flesh, it immediately transformed into pure medicinal essence that infused itself into her dantian.

Yi Yun had been very particular about the location he chose. Through the Purple Crystal's energy vision, he was able to clearly locate where the evil ent.i.ty was. The spot he had delivered the medicine to had avoided its influence.

When the medicinal essence entered her dantian, it did not actually nourish the dantian. Instead, it used the dantian as a beginning point. It flowed along Dong Xiaowan's meridians and into her limbs, nourishing her entire body.

Yi Yun chose to evade the major issue and instead focused on strengthening Dong Xiaowan's lifeblood and body. After all, her dantian was now occupied by the evil ent.i.ty. With it wreaking havoc, any medicinal essence delivered there would be greatly wasted.

As medicinal essence fused with her body, Dong Xiaowan's energy seemed to be ice that met spring. Bit by bit, it melted into flowing streams before surging through her meridians.

After a few minutes, Dong Xiaowan's face that was as white as sheets suffused a red glow. Her eyelashes even quivered gently as if she would open her eyes at any moment.


Seeing his daughter finally show signs of a reaction, Dong Shaoqing was extremely excited.

He strode quickly to Dong Xiaowan's side. Unfortunately, she never managed to open her eyes.

However, her lifeblood was a lot more vibrant. The strength of her soul had also been enhanced. Her breathing and heartbeats were stable and robust. Instead of dying, she looked more like she was sleeping.

"It's working! It's working!" Dong Shaoqing said excitedly as he held his daughter's hand.

It had been three days. Finally, he managed to feel a sense of warmth coming from her hand. Her hands had felt like ice-cold water prior to that.

"Thank you, Young Master Yi. I will remember Young Master Yi's favor for my entire life."

Dong Shaoqing gave Yi Yun a deep bow.

Upon seeing this scene, Zuoqiu Haoyu was in a daze. It was as if he had lost his soul, for he failed to react even after a long period of time.

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