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When City Lord Qin and Princess White Fox brought their chariot to a halt and stepped down, Zuoqiu Haoyu and company came forward to greet them.

"City Lord Qin must be in high spirits to join in the commotion for my nephew's little bet." Zuoqiu Bo said with a smile.

"It's Wuxia that wants to see her friend." City Lord Qin scanned the crowd until his eyes landed on Yi Yun. He had caught wind of Yi Yun’s deeds over the past few days. He became curious about the young man as a result, so he truly was interested in seeing Yi Yun's performance at today’s refinement.

"There's truly no lack of people that get caught up in a commotion," said City Lord Qin. In just a while, the crowd had grown greater in size.

Zuoqiu Haoyu and Huyan Cang walked over. When Huyan Cang caught a glance at Princess White Fox, his eyes lit up. "This must be Fairy Wuxia, right? Indeed, her reputation precedes her."

Her beauty was truly magnificent and sumptuous. Even with a veil, she gave off a mesmerizing air.

"I must apologize to Fairy Wuxia. Although Yi Yun is her friend, it seems as though he is deceiving her. He is extremely despicable. I cannot stand by as such a person continues to commit acts of deceit in Myriad City." Zuoqiu Haoyu said, as though he stood firm for the cause of justice.

Princess White Fox's reaction was cold as if she had not heard him.

At that moment, Yi Yun came out of Yun Xin Loft. He similarly ignored Zuoqiu Haoyu's insult. He politely bowed at City Lord Qin and said, "This junior, Yi Yun, welcomes City Lord Qin."

Yi Yun was still very grateful towards City Lord Qin.

"Fairy Wuxia." Yi Yun gave Princess White Fox a faint smile. There was truly a bond of fate between him and Princess White Fox.

"Haha, I can be a witness for you today. Refine your pills with ease!"

City Lord Qin laughed amiably at Yi Yun. Upon seeing this scene, Zuoqiu Haoyu's expression sunk. What did Yi Yun do to deserve the favor of City Lord Qin and Fairy Wuxia?

And the words he said were ignored. It was as if he was the idiot.

The corner of his lips twitched. In a deliberate bid to strike at Yi Yun's sore spot, he said, "Yi Yun, Dong Xiaowan is still lying inside, right? You helped Jadewave Sect's sect leader by refining a cauldron of bogus pills. And now, Dong Xiaowan is lying almost dead in your Yun Xin Loft! Today, I will help Myriad City's city lord uphold the rules and seek justice for Dong Xiaowan!"

Zuoqiu Haoyu continued with fervent excitement, "If you fail to refine the Supreme Palace Iceheart Pills today, I will not only want you to pay double the compensation, I’ll need your hands cleaved off. Do you dare to take up the challenge!?"

Zuoqiu Haoyu was a little worried. Under the present circ.u.mstances, it was possible that Xue Wuxia would help Yi Yun pay the compensation. Then, Yi Yun would get off scot-free. Zuoqiu Haoyu wanted more from today’s event. He was willing to lose his precious herbs in exchange for maiming Yi Yun.

"You want my hands cleaved off. But what happens if you lose?" Yi Yun retorted Zuoqiu Haoyu with a question.

"If you are able to refine the Supreme Palace Iceheart Pills, I'll rescind my words and pay you an additional 500,000 runes."

Zuoqiu Haoyu scoffed as he did not believe he would lose.

Upon hearing Zuoqiu Haoyu's words, City Lord Qin laughed. "If Yi Yun fails, he gets his hands cleaved off. But if he doesn't fail, all that happens is you take back your words and pay some compensation in runes. These conditions are truly fair."

City Lord Qin said this lightly, but anyone could detect the sarcasm in his words.

Zuoqiu Haoyu's expression stiffened. If Yi Yun had said that, he could have just mocked him in return. According to Myriad City's rules, a Dao Palace realm warrior's hands were not even worth 500,000 runes. However, when it was City Lord Qin speaking up, how could he retaliate?

Yi Yun added: "Since you want to bet my hands, it only makes sense to use your hands as a bet. Also, Alchemist Huyan, you shouldn't be left out. I have my hands and legs. I might as well bet your hands as well."

Upon hearing Yi Yun's words, Huyan Cang's expression changed. What was Yi Yun doing?

"Hmph! You are a junior, an ant-like existence. How much ability can you have at refining pills? You are only a cheat. And today, I will rip off that mask of yours and expose you." Huyan Cang said angrily.

"Why do you speak so much nonsense? I'm asking you, are you taking the bet or not?"

Yi Yun was aggressive. Everyone could tell that Huyan Cang lacked confidence. At that moment, Zuoqiu Haoyu spoke, "I'll take the bet."

Dong Xiaowan's illness could not be faked. He was certain that Yi Yun failed at the Body Cleansing Pills, so how could he refine the much more difficult Supreme Palace Iceheart Pills?

"Alright! Ru'er, prepare for the refinement!"

The ingredients needed to refine the Supreme Palace Iceheart Pills were provided by Zuoqiu Haoyu, and everything necessary was present.

The streets outside Yun Xin Loft were already jam-packed with people. And the s.p.a.ce within Yun Xin Loft was limited. At that moment, Zuoqiu Bo took out a black circular disc. He said, "This is my pill platform. Let's use it!"

As Zuoqiu Bo spoke, he threw out the circular disc and it appeared beneath everyone's feet. It began expanding and quickly enveloped everyone within it. Instantly, the surrounding stores and streets vanished. It turned into an extremely vast s.p.a.ce. Yi Yun, City Lord Qin, and company were in the middle of the pill platform. In front of Yi Yun was a stone platform which was the pill refining platform prepared for him.

Yi Yun got right to it. He gestured with his hand, sending a tiny, spinning cauldron appearing from his right hand.

Upon seeing Yi Yun's cauldron, Huyan Cang could not help but reveal a mocking smile.

He was not mocking the simple appearance of Yi Yun's cauldron. Many cauldrons looked old on the surface but hid an extraordinary quality. That wasn’t rare. Instead, he was amused at the fact that the array formation within the cauldron was incomplete. It was an inferior item.

A cauldron with an incomplete array was useless no matter how quality the item was.

"How can an alchemist let the item his livelihood depends on be in such terrible shape? To think you took out a useless cauldron with an incomplete array. I wouldn't even give it a second look if it was thrown in front of me." Huyan Cang said. Everyone was surprised when they heard this as they all looked at Zuoqiu Bo.

Zuoqiu Bo nodded. "The cauldron's array is indeed incomplete. I can't tell if there's anything special on the surface, either. Typically, once a cauldron's array is damaged, its quality will be reduced by ten times."

The quality would drop that much?

The crowd was stunned. No matter how good a cauldron it was, without a working array, wasn’t it basically sc.r.a.p metal?

Yi Yun was using a broken cauldron to refine pills?

At that moment, Yi Yun had already opened his cauldron. Over the past few days, Yi Yun had already honed his affinity with the Divine Alchemy Cauldron. It was as if his mind and soul were connected to the cauldron.

Yi Yun grabbed three herbs and threw them into the Divine Alchemy Cauldron!

He had begun with three herbs immediately. Even laypeople knew that alchemists had to proceed slowly and methodically while refining pills. Wasn't he afraid of burning the three herbs to ash from the beginning?

"Heretical G.o.d Fire Seed!"

Yi Yun was fully focused. He was in the moment, the surrounding din did not exist to him. He seemed to be located in an infinite void, but he also felt as if he was the only person within.

Two wisps of Heretical G.o.d Fire Seed entered the Divine Alchemy Cauldron. Like two dancing gray pixies, they surrounded the herbs.

Before Yi Yun consumed the Skydew Mental Nourishing Pill, he could only control one wisp of the Heretical G.o.d Fire Seed. But now, he could already control two. This was a great improvement that gave Yi Yun the courage to throw three herbs into the cauldron simultaneously.

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