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Chapter 115: Consecutive Victories

Lian Chengyu was carried out by the people from the Lian tribal clan’s warrior preparation camp. The arena was filled with pools of blood.

Up in the sky in the airship, old man Su smiled at this scene.

“This kid sure is resolute! I like it!” Old man Su may look gentle and friendly, but he was no monk; what Yi Yun did suited his liking.

It was necessary to rid any possibility of any future threat. In fact, if old man Su had done it himself, he would have been even more ruthless.

Beside old man Su was Lin Xintong; she had seen the entire process of Yi Yun’s abuse of Lian Chengyu.

She may be pure and stood aloof from the world, but she was not a kind fairy who could not bear to step on an ant. On major issues, Lin Xintong had her own thoughts and principles.

Lin Xintong said, “Master, last night I sparred with Yi Yun again. He has high perceptivity and grows fast. His strength may not be a match against the Purple Blood realm, but he’s not far from it.”

“Oh, in the vast wilderness, he’s indeed pretty good. Let’s watch on. In a few more rounds, he will battle with Tao Yunxiao. There might be a surprise waiting for us.”

Under the airship, Tao Yunxiao watched gloomily at Lian Chengyu who scarcely had any breath left.

At this point, everyone knew that in this contest of the Mortal Blood warriors, only Tao Yunxiao and Yi Yun were fighting for first place.

Tao Yunxiao had some idea of Lian Chengyu’s strength. Although the members of Lian tribal clan warrior preparation camp were a bunch of trash, their master Lian Chengyu had some capability. But now, he had been beaten into such a sorry state. It was a devastation.

Even the haughty Tao Yunxiao felt the pressure against Yi Yun!

“Father, I request the use of the ancestral artifact!” Tao Yunxiao transmitted his voice to his father. Tao Yunxiao had originally planned on fighting unarmed to demonstrate his overwhelming strength.

But now, he needed the ancestral artifact to take down Yi Yun!

Tao Yunxiao’s forte was in swordsmanship. By using the female-sword of the female-male sword pair with the ‘Nine Mysterious Swords of Heaven’, Tao Yunxiao believed he could beat Yi Yun.

Even if he was no match against Yi Yun, Tao Yunxiao could still use the forbidden energy of the ancestral artifact!

Once he used that forbidden energy, he could leapfrog the battle!

Using the Tao tribal clan’s ancestral artifact to obtain victory was not an elegant win. But Tao Yunxiao could not care that much.

Tao Yunxiao’s father went silent for a moment. He was negotiating with the grand elder silently.

After a long time, the grand elder transmitted his voice to Tao Yunxiao, “Yunxiao. Be warned that with using the ancestral artifact used, you have to win and not lose!”

“Our Tao tribal clan’s ancestral artifact has a thousand-year heritage. The ancestral artifact has the spiritual guardians of the Tao tribal clan protecting it. If you still lose to a commoner from a small tribal clan with the ancestral artifact in hand, that will be the greatest insult to our ancestors. Even all the blessings within the ancestral artifact will be lost!”

The grand elder had debated on this topic for a long time before coming up with a decision.

The Tao tribal clan’s ancestral artifact was not only a protective weapon, it was also used in rituals. Many things were at stake.

In the vast wilderness, anything that had to do with the rituals were given special attention. To use the ancestral artifact in battle concerned the pride of the tribe.

Tao Yunxiao said, “Don’t worry Patriarch. With the ancestral artifact , my strength will increase several times, ensuring my victory!”

Tao Yunxiao said it as a matter-of-fact. He was sure that he would win the battle. He would not hesitate to use the forbidden energy!

After Yi Yun went on the stage, the matches became much more peaceful.

Previously, Zhang Tan had said that if there was any enmity, they could settle it in the arena, and the Jin Long Wei would not interfere. But those without any enmity were not allowed to fight to the death. The Jin Long Wei would end the fight if necessary.

Although the elites of the Tao tribal clan fought with flair, but compared to the visual impact of Yi Yun thrashing Lian Chengyu, there was still a large gap.

The people were antic.i.p.ating the final battle between Yi Yun and Tao Yunxiao!

There were over twenty matches that day. Yi Yun had another round in the afternoon against an elite nurtured by the Tao tribal clan.

This man was well-built and was in his twenties. His results in the preliminary and the semi-finals were not worse than Lian Chengyu’s.

The elites of the Tao tribal clan were all proud people. In front of a small tribal clan’s heir, they would not pay any attention. A small tribe’s heir? What’s that!?

But today&h.e.l.lip; on this stage, the tall youth had no such temper when facing Yi Yun.

He knew clearly that he was no match against this beast in human clothes. All the Mortal Blood warriors in the Tao tribal clan were no match against him, except Tao Yunxiao.

“The match begins!” Zhang Tan announced. Yi Yun did not get into any stance. The tall youth’s heart thumped because the arena he was standing on still had the blood stains from Yi Yun’s last match.

The twelve year old, who was shorter than him by a head, was surely a demon. Against Yi Yun, his aura was much weaker. If he did not do well, he might end up like Lian Chengyu, losing his chances at the Kingdom’s selection.

But he could not admit defeat immediately. This was the Tao tribal clan’s turf. As a member of the Tao tribal clan, he represented the tribe’s glory. To flee without a fight was too embarra.s.sing.

The tall youth was irrevocably committed.

“Do you dare to take three hits from me?” He said with an idea lighting up within his head.

“Go ahead,” Yi Yun said casually. Due to the difference in strength, he did not mind the other party to hit first.

The tall youth was careful and continuously used moves from the ‘Dragon Rib Tiger Bone Fist’.

“Fierce Tiger Descends the Mountain!”

“Tiger Descends Flattening Dust!”

“Dragon Battles Tiger!”

The three moves were powerful with muscles and bones cracking. This tall youth was full of power!

But the three moves failed to do anything to Yi Yun. Yi Yun twisted and easily took on the attacks.

Initially, Yi Yun thought he could attack after the three moves, but the tall youth unexpectedly cupped his hands saying, “Your martial arts are strong, I admit my inferiority, I concede defeat!”

Upon saying that, the tall youth turned and left the arena without delay.

This gave Yi Yun’s mixed feelings. He understood that the youth knew he was not his match, but could not admit defeat immediately. So he went through the motion by attacking three times. Because Yi Yun had let him do so, he did not need to worry about being wounded.

After three moves, he could openly admit defeat.

This person sure was sly.

Although the tall youth had admitted defeat. He had lost with dignity. The people of the Tao tribal clan did not expect him to win, so the the result was as expected.

The many experts from the Tao tribal clan that later appeared used the same tactic as the tall youth. They went through the motions of attacking Yi Yun a few times before admitting defeat.

They were still competing for spots with others; knowing they were no match against Yi Yun, there was no reason to waste their energy and court death.

As such, Yi Yun reached the finals without any resistance.

The other person that reached the finals was none other than Tao Yunxiao!

Tao Yunxiao and Yi Yun were the two starlets of the Mortal Blood realm. They finally clashed.

This battle was the focus of attention!

In the Tao tribal clan, although Tao Yunxiao’s supporters were fewer than Hu Ya, the people that had gathered were numerous. Many teenager girls had already treated Tao Yunxiao, who was the same age as them, as their idol.

This was the homeground advantage. Whenever Tao Yunxiao went onstage, there would be a myriad of cheers.

It was already late in the afternoon, with the sun setting in the west. The Kingdom’s selection Mortal Blood’s final round had taken an entire day.

“Do you need to rest?” Zhang Tan asked. They were originally planning to hold the final round over two days, so the the battle between Yi Yun and Tao Yunxiao could be left to the next day.

“There’s no need,” Tao Yunxiao shook his head. In the previous matches, he hardly used any energy because the Tao tribal clan’s elites would immediately admit defeat against him. So Tao Yunxiao always maintained his optimal state.

Yi Yun was no different.


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