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As the biggest medicinal clinic in Myriad City, the Heaven Bestowing Medicinal Clinic had no lack of customers. Alchemist Huyan Cang was one of the mainstays of the Heaven Bestowing Medicinal Clinic, so he was naturally a hot commodity. Numerous people sought his talents in refining medicine on a daily basis.

Alchemist Huyan was very picky when it came to refining medicine. If the price was too low, he naturally wouldn't bother.

He refused to refine medicine that was easy to make—it was a waste of his time.

He also refused to refine medicine that was too difficult—Although he was not required to compensate lost materials, a failure would still affect his reputation.

To Alchemist Huyan, time was money. As long as he was willing to take on business, the Myriad Runes would come to him. As such, he was no longer very motivated to earn Myriad Runes.

Furthermore, as Huyan Cang began getting on in years, his spirit of enterprise waned. Since he was already at that age, he was unable to make any new breakthroughs. Even if he cultivated arduously, it would be fruitless. He might as well enjoy life.

Alchemist Huyan had consumed Youth Retention Pills in his early years, making him appear to be in his twenties. However, his lifeblood was already on the decline.

Huyan Cang could not stand gentrifying. Besides taking pills to extend his lifespan, he also cultivated in bedroom mystic techniques. By obtaining the Primordial Yin of young girls, he was able to barely stimulate his gradually waning fire of life.

In fact, Huyan Cang was rather obsessed with beauty and s.e.x. He would often refine medicines that enhanced his s.e.xual performance. There were even times when beautiful female warriors requested his refinement services, and he would take that opportunity to extort them into sleeping with him, under threat of not receiving their pills.

His modus operandi was infamous but Huyan Cang did not worry about the infamy.

Just that day, in Heaven Bestowing Medicinal Clinic, he had just failed in refining a cauldron of pills. The materials he destroyed were worth tens of thousands of runes.

But Huyan Cang didn't care about the loss of the materials. He only sensed that, with him growing older by the day, his soul was becoming inadequate. If it were tens of thousands of years ago, he would have easily succeeded in refining that cauldron of pills.

As he lamented, Huyan Cang could not help but think of the bet he made with Yun Xin Loft's Yi Yun five days ago. He frowned slightly. Where did that punk get his confidence from?

Yi Yun’s refinement process would be made public. Zuoqiu Haoyu had even invited several alchemists to audit the process. It could not be faked. It was impossible that Yi Yun truly had the ability to refine the Supreme Palace Iceheart Pills himself, right?

Huyan Cang believed that Yi Yun did know a little alchemy. That on top of Yi Yun's rather impressive talent made Huyan Cang extremely jealous. As he declined, Yi Yun, who had endless possibilities in the future, remained extremely young. How could he be okay with that?

"I definitely must make it impossible for that punk to rise up…"

As he was deliberating it, Huyan Cang suddenly heard an announcement—

"Master Huyan, Jadewave Sect's Sect Master Dong wishes to see you."

Jadewave Sect's sect master?

Huyan Cang stroked his chin. The person in question had sought his services numerous times. Every time, he could not be bothered to entertain his request. The pill the sect master wanted to have refined took four to five days. It also demanded a lot of one's strength of the soul. With Huyan Cang's soul in decline, he was not willing to go through the trouble. In addition, the price offered by Jadewave Sect's sect master hardly interested him.

If this were any other day, he would have sent him away. But today, he was feeling vexed. After some thought, he said to the manager, "Let him in."

The Jadewave Sect was a tiny sect in the Myriad Divine Territory. It was far inferior to even the Clarity Pool Sword Sect.

Years ago, the Jadewave Sect's sect master had managed to raise his cultivation level to half-step Supremacy at great cost. He could be said to be the weakest half-step Supremacy. Under such circ.u.mstances, it was very difficult for him to afford the expensive refinement fee.

"Master Huyan, I went through great efforts to obtain the Sky Revealing Gra.s.s that you instructed me to prepare. Is it possible for you to refine the Body Cleansing Pill as per our original agreement? I would be extremely grateful."

As the sect master said this, he gave Huyan Cang a deep bow.

"Sky Revealing Gra.s.s? You actually managed to find it." Huyan Cang was extremely surprised. A year ago, the last time the sect master came to him, he had told Sect Master Dong that he needed Sky Revealing Gra.s.s.

This ingredient did not actually cost much, as it only occasionally appeared in medicinal recipes, but it was extremely rare. Even in Myriad City that claimed to have everything, it was a hard find. Huyan Cang had nonchalantly given the sect master the task of finding it, hoping to be rid of him. Yet here he was with the item in hand.

But now, Huyan Cang did not wish to refine the requested pill. So the Sky Revealing Gra.s.s failed to impress him.

"Where's your daughter? Why isn't she here with you?"

Huyan Cang suddenly asked.

The moment the Jadewave Sect's sect master heard Huyan Cang mention his daughter, his expression stiffened.

His daughter, Dong Xiaoyu, had excellent talent. Years ago, there had been a beauty and talent ranking of the blessed daughters of heavens in Myriad City. The one that topped the charts was obviously Fairy Youqin. As for Dong Xiaoyu, she managed to make an appearance on the charts. Although she was ranked nineteenth, it was still quite impressive for a woman from a small sect.

Sect Master Dong believed his daughter to be the hope of Jadewave Sect but, two years ago, something strange happened to his daughter after she returned from an experiential training journey. Regardless of how much time she put into cultivation, her cultivation level did not increase one bit.

This made Sect Master Dong anxious. He depended on his only precious daughter to bring the Jadewave Sect to greater heights in the future. This was the golden period for her cultivation growth, so every year delayed made his heart bleed.

He brought his daughter everywhere in search of medical advice. One famous doctor guessed that there was a tiny fault with her dantian. If she took a Body Cleansing Pill, it could cleanse her body, resolving all of her problems.

The refinement of a Body Cleansing Pill was extremely expensive. The Jadewave Sect's sect master used all his savings to gather the ingredients, but the refinement fee was something he could not afford.

He had been shunned several times in Myriad City until he found Huyan Cang. Huyan Cang's price was the only one he could barely afford, which was the Sky Revealing Gra.s.s.

However, he never imagined that Huyan Cang would lose interest in the Sky Revealing Gra.s.s after a year. He casually tossed the Sky Revealing Gra.s.s into a jade box before asking again, "Your daughter's name is Dong Xiaoyu, right? The Body Cleansing Pill is for her, so why didn't you bring her along?"

Huyan Cang stroked his chin as Sect Master Dong suddenly realized something was amiss. He had heard of Huyan Cang's reputation, and it was for that very reason that he never brought his daughter with him.

"Master Huyan, my daughter's body is weak, so it's difficult for her to travel. That’s why I'm seeking alchemists to refine the Body Cleansing Pill to save my daughter." Sect Master Dong said earnestly.

Huyan Cang chuckled, "Her body is weak and it's difficult for her to travel? Yet, I've only heard that her cultivation level has stagnated. No amount of cultivation can increase her Yuan Qi, but she is not affected in any other aspect. So why can't she travel?"

"Since there is a need for me to refine the pill, doesn’t it seem insincere that the person who needs it most will not appear? Bring her here. I'll examine her body and feel her pulse. Only then can I give the proper medication."

Upon hearing Huyan Cang saying that, Sect Master Dong's expression changed. "Alchemists aren't doctors, why is there a need to feel her pulse?"

"Oh? Are you questioning me?" Huyan Cang frowned. He was already in a bad mood after his earlier failure. He hoped to see Dong Xiaoyu and if possible use her need for medicine to take advantage of her. Then, he could give her some pills and subsequently have intercourse with her to slow down the waning of his soul's strength.

He never expected that the old man in front of him would be impenetrably thickheaded. It only served to make his mood worse.

"You want me to refine a Body Cleansing Pill with one c.r.a.ppy herb? Dream on! I will consider refining the pill for you when you bring your daughter to me." Huyan Cang's expression turned cold as he spoke impatiently.

Sect Master Dong was infuriated. The one that wanted the Sky Revealing Gra.s.s in the first place was Huyan Cang, but now he said he didn't want it?

He had searched seven divine territories over the past year for the Sky Revealing Gra.s.s. He had spent all of his remaining savings on it and still had to borrow money. But now, Huyan Cang had gone back on his word so easily. It made his Sky Revealing Gra.s.s turn useless because, although it was rare, it had little use. Pretty much no alchemist needed it.

Not only that, Huyan Cang was older than him, yet he had his sights on his young daughter. To speak so frivolously in front of him, as a father, was taking bullying to the extreme!

Sect Master Dong was incensed but Huyan Cang glanced at him and said with a sneer, "Why? Are you thinking of attacking me? You are just a person that relied on herbs to forcefully reach the half-step Supremacy stage, with a tiny sect backing you. Your sect is not in Myriad City and it is not protected by Myriad City's rules. Be careful not to get wiped out!"

Huyan Cang was emboldened by his status. The corners of Sect Master Dong's mouth quivered as his face turned pale. However, he could not do a thing. His Jadewave Sect was no match for the Heaven Bestowing Medicinal Clinic.

Sect Master Dong took a few deep breaths as he clenched his fists before slowly releasing them.

With the situation developing to this point, he could only endure the bullying because he was weak.

Sect Master Dong turned and left. Huyan Cang snorted coldly and deliberately said to the manager beside him with a loud voice, "Tell the other medicinal clinics that anyone who refines medicine for him is deliberately going against me, Huyan Cang."

The words were meant for Sect Master Dong, whose footsteps came to a momentary halt. However, he still strode out of Heaven Bestowing Medicinal Clinic's door.

Seeing how Sect Master Dong did not capitulate, Huyan Cang frowned. As he gradually aged, his temperament was also beginning to distort. He began to enjoy the feeling status and power gave him as he toyed with the fates of others.

Furthermore, he was indeed interested in Dong Xiaoyu. Being able to have intercourse with such a top-grade, talented beauty would greatly delay his gentrification.

"Alchemist Huyan, I'll do as you instructed." The manager responded. Just as he was about to spread the news, Huyan Cang's eyes narrowed as his expression turned extremely ugly.

"Alchemist Huyan…what's the matter?"

"You truly have some guts."

Huyan Cang stood up as his eyes flared with pangs of anger.

He had sent his perception to follow closely behind Sect Master Dong. He saw Sect Master Dong walk down a street and turn around the corner before coming to a store. Sect Master Dong faltered slightly in front of the entrance before entering with his teeth gritted.

The plaque on this store contained three words—'Yun Xin Loft'!

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