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After Yi Yun left, Ru'er stayed right by Ling Xie'er's side to watch over her. She watched helplessly as Ling Xie'er's body turned increasingly transparent, as if she would vanish at any moment. At her cultivation level, she was unable to do anything except panic.

"Little sister, you have to wait for Young Master. He will definitely think of a way to save you." Ru'er whispered.

She did not know who Ling Xie'er was to Yi Yun. She only knew that she was of utmost importance to Yi Yun.

Suddenly, the door opened, and Yi Yun's figure appeared by it.

Ru'er was immediately and pleasantly surprised. "Young Master, you are back!"

"Ru'er, come out first and close the door tightly," said Yi Yun.

Having failed to obtain the Soul Restoring Relic and it being impossible to refine himself, he could only use the method he thought of before.

Yi Yun’s previous idea was to have Ling Xie'er consume the Soul Returning Root, which would save her from this critical situation.

However, he needed the Soul Returning Root as an ingredient in the Hollow Soul Pill. Unfortunately, there would be a three-year wait for the pill. He had no choice but to purchase the Soul Restoring Relic.

But now, Yi Yun was without options.

He had the notes left behind by the divine alchemist. They contained the essence of medicinal knowledge the divine alchemist had accrued throughout his life. In addition, Yi Yun had a supreme treasure, the Purple Crystal. With it, he could perfectly control the spiritual energy in any natural treasure. He was certain that he could save Ling Xie'er.

From today forth, he had to practice alchemy arduously.

After Ru'er closed the door, Yi Yun stood in front of Ling Xie'er. With broken sword in hand, he slashed down. Immediately, the Soul Returning Root in Ling Xie'er's nearly transparent hands was severed into two. As for Ling Xie'er's corporeal body, it was not affected by the sword beam at all.

Yi Yun needed to have a long-term plan for taking care of Ling Xie'er's corporeal body. As such, he had only taken half of the Soul Returning Root. The other half he left in Ling Xie'er's hands.

Without delay, he took his half of the Soul Returning Root in hand. Yi Yun activated the Purple Crystal and produced a wisp of Yuan Qi as he began to extract the Soul Returning Root's essence.

He could only use half of the Soul Returning Root and he could not waste an ounce of its essence. If it were anyone else, that would be a completely impossible feat. But Yi Yun was different.

Through the Purple Crystal's energy vision, Yi Yun could see every strand of essence clearly. He intricately extracted them.

Yi Yun infused each strand of energy into Ling Xie'er's corporeal body. The essence merged with her corporeal body, causing her transparent body to gradually become opaque.

Yi Yun was completely focused, taking care not to waste a single strand of energy. He precisely controlled them and directed them into Ling Xie'er's body. After a full day of this, Yi Yun walked out of the room, mentally exhausted.

The half of the Soul Returning Root had turned into ash. All the energy within had been extracted by Yi Yun and transferred into Ling Xie'er.

Half of the Soul Returning Root was only sufficient enough to temporarily stabilize Ling Xie'er's corporeal body. As such, Yi Yun had also infused a large amount of pure Yang energy into her body.

Because of this, he had constantly consumed a large number of relics to replenish his Yuan Qi.

The remaining half of the Soul Returning Root remained in Ling Xie'er's hands.

Since he only used half of it, Yi Yun would still need to refine other pills to heal her soul in the future. Only then could Ling Xie'er last until the day when she could consume the Hollow Soul Pill.

This was all thanks to Zuoqiu Haoyu.

"Ru'er," Yi Yun said.

Ru'er immediately ran over. She had stood nearby all this while feeling anxious. After Yi Yun came out, she caught a glimpse of his expression. From his calm expression, she determined that the little girl was likely fine.

"Young Master, what do you need?" Ru'er asked.

"Follow me to Myriad Pavilion," said Yi Yun.

"Why are we going there?" Ru'er blinked her eyes.

They had already exchanged for Myriad Runes and rented a store. Why did Young Master want to go there again so quickly?

Yi Yun's eyes looked calm. "I want to relinquish this place and rent a new store."

While treating Ling Xie'er, Yi Yun had made his decision.

Since the 800,000 runes had not been able to buy the Soul Restoring Relic, he would use it to do something else. In Myriad City, he was just too poor. The 800,000 runes were his capital.

Even if Yi Yun could slowly acc.u.mulate wealth, Ling Xie'er did not have the luxury of waiting for him to do so. Before purchasing the materials needed to refine the Hollow Soul Pill, Ling Xie'er would still need to consume pills that rejuvenated the soul. The expenses were piling up.

"Rent a store again?" Ru'er was stunned. However, she obviously could not question Yi Yun's decision. She immediately nodded and said, "I'll make the necessary preparations now."

Two days later, in a busy area of Myriad City, a store with average business selling talismans and charms changed owners. It also changed into a medicinal clinic.

This new medicinal clinic was only a few streets away from the core region of Myriad City, home to stores owned by the ten major factions like the Heaven Bestowing Medicinal Clinic. For warriors, traversing this bit of distance was easy as drinking water.

Because this area constantly hummed with activity, the rent was extremely pricey. Typically, only major sects or factions would set up shop here. However, the shop that recently opened had simple renovations. It was a quaint wooden structure, extremely quiet and beautiful.

The store did not have any attendants. There was only a young girl that greeted customers and a manager who was a young man.

At the store's entrance hung a simple plaque that read—"Yun Xin Loft".

The 'Yun' came from Yi Yun's name. The 'Xin' was from Lin Xintong's name. The two joined together became the name of Yi Yun's newly opened medicinal store.

No one had the courage to open a new medicinal store within walking distance of the Heaven Bestowing Medicinal Clinic. However, Yi Yun was not afraid. He did not plan on directly targeting the Heaven Bestowing Medicinal Clinic. However, with the grudge already in place, he decided that he might as well open his own medicinal store in front of the Heaven Bestowing Medicinal Clinic's entrance.

There was no opening ceremony for the medicinal store. Nor did anyone come to give their good wishes. It had a low-profile opening.

Many people were rather astonished to see the newly opened medicinal store.

In Myriad City, the stores that earned the most money were medicinal stores. After all, weapons, talismans, and array formations were external objects. However, pills and relics could save lives and treat injuries. They also had positive effects on a warrior's cultivation level. Regardless of the intended use, they were things that warriors would try to obtain at any cost.

However, the requirements to open a large medicinal store were lofty. One needed a top-grade alchemist to hold down the fort. Otherwise, it was impossible to do business in Myriad City. It would only be a waste of rent money.

Who was this young man that dared to open a medicinal store beside the Heaven Bestowing Medicinal Clinic? Was he asking to die?

Some people were curious and went into Yun Xin Loft to take a look. They were only more perplexed after seeing what was inside.

It lacked merchandise. There were no pills or relics displayed inside the medicinal clinic. One couldn't buy any pills even if they wanted to. Furthermore, the staff and manager of the store were young. It rendered people speechless.

They guessed that it was some scion that had an ill.u.s.trious background. He must have gotten excited by the potential profits of selling medicine, but did not know how tough it actually was. So he opened a store here without a concrete knowledge of the business. The outcome was obvious. In a few months, the store would probably change owners.

Yi Yun naturally heard the discussions of people around him, but he ignored them.

He had just finished writing a plaque and told Ru'er, "Ru'er, hang this plaque outside."

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