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In the central region of Myriad City, there were more than ten ma.s.sive stores. They sold pills, enchanted artifacts, disk arrays, cultivation manuals, etc. Each store earned an unimaginable amount of wealth every year. They were securely in the hands of the top ten factions and were never rented out, much less sold.

"This is the Heaven Bestowing Medicinal Clinic!"

Yi Yun saw a building in the shape of a cauldron. It hung a plaque stating the Heaven Bestowing Medicinal Clinic.

The Heaven Bestowing Medicinal Clinic was located in the central region of Myriad City. The ma.s.sive cauldron was decorated with countless precious stones which shimmered with a dazzling l.u.s.ter. The scent of rich herbal aroma could be whiffed from afar. Warriors weaved in and out of it, making it much more flourishing than Heaven Bestowing Medicinal Clinic.

To warriors, pills and relics were essential during the cultivation process. Pleasure was only for providing physical and mental relaxation. Hence, it was also normal that Heaven Bestowing Medicinal Clinic was a lot livelier.

Yi Yun took a deep breath as he calmed his mind before entering Heaven Bestowing Medicinal Clinic.

Upon entering, he saw countless pill bottles placed on the jade shelves. Many of the pill bottles themselves already cost a staggering amount.

The Heaven Bestowing Medicinal Clinic had several floors. Most warriors would do their businesses on the first floor while only truly honored guests could go to the second floor and above.

Yi Yun did not wait for a second longer as he quickly scanned the insides of the store. He immediately saw a middle-aged man sitting behind a counter. He was holding an abacus in hand and was dressed like the G.o.d of wealth.

"I'm here to buy medicine." Yi Yun walked over and said.

The middle-aged man looked up and glanced at Yi Yun. He said slowly, "Everyone is here to buy medicine. Wait a while and someone will naturally tend to you."

The middle-aged man's att.i.tude was aloof. As a manager, he only entertained honored customers. The customers in the store would browse first before available attendants would tend to them.

In essence, the store was not afraid of suffering from bad business. The stores did not need to implore customers to buy their items. Instead, people lined up to buy their goods.

Yi Yun frowned. He did not have the time to listen to the nonsense of someone putting on airs.

"I want a Soul Restoring Relic." Yi Yun immediately took out a dark red jade slip and patted it on the counter while staring right at the middle-aged man.

Yi Yun's soul was extremely powerful and although the middle-aged man's cultivation level was very high, it only reached that height through the use of pills. His nomological insights were much weaker so he immediately shuddered when he was glared at by Yi Yun.

Furthermore, the words Yi Yun said had also surprised him.

Soul Restoring Relic? That was an extremely expensive supreme-grade pill. This punk actually wanted to buy a Soul Restoring Relic?

The middle-aged man sized up Yi Yun and said, "A Soul Restoring Relic is worth a high price. If you really want to buy it, I'll invite Alchemist Huyan. The store happens to have one Soul Restoring Relic on sale. The person who refined the relic is Alchemist Huyan."

"The alchemist needs to be invited?" Yi Yun did not wish to delay things any further.

"You might not know. The medicine of the Heaven Bestowing Medicinal Clinic is never not in demand. Even supreme-grade medicine like the Soul Restoring Relic is in high demand by many honored customers. Furthermore, we sell supreme-grade medicine on behalf of the alchemists. Any sales naturally have to be agreed upon by them." The middle-aged manager said proudly. In between the lines, he was telling Yi Yun to not think so highly of himself just because he was buying pills that were worth hundreds of thousands of runes. Heaven Bestowing Medicinal Clinic had no lack of honored customers.

Yi Yun knew that the man was not lying. Many of the pills were priceless. Over time, these managers and attendants turned arrogant.

"Then, please invite the alchemist." Yi Yun said.

"Follow me." The middle-aged man led Yi Yun to the second floor. It was decorated into an exquisite guest hall. It had an elegant decor with a cauldron of aromatic incense burning by the side.

Yi Yun sat on a chair, feeling extremely anxious while he waited. Yet, he did not see Alchemist Huyan appear.

"Why isn't the alchemist here yet? It's urgent. I'm buying the medicine to save someone." Yi Yun looked at the manager and said.

The middle-aged manager went to take a look before returning to say, "Alchemist Huyan is having a chat with a friend. I have already informed him. He asks you to wait for a moment."


Yi Yun was immediately infuriated. Here he was waiting anxiously to save a life while Alchemist Huyan was completely unfazed as he chatted with a friend leisurely.

If this wasn't Heaven Bestowing Medicinal Clinic, one of the territories of the top ten factions of Myriad City, Yi Yun might not have held back and taken action to s.n.a.t.c.h the medicine.

Finally, a languid-looking man in gorgeous silk robes walked down from a higher floor. "Are you the person who is buying the medicine?"

From the looks of it, the person was none other than Alchemist Huyan. He had an arrogant and aloof expression. He was clearly not very amiable.

Yi Yun stood up. Alchemist Huyan appeared to be in his twenties. Yi Yun guessed that he, as an alchemist, must have consumed medicine that made him look youthful. He only looked young.

"Alchemist Huyan, I'm in urgent need of a Soul Restoring Relic. I heard that this pill was refined by you. Can you sell it to me?"

"Soul Restoring Relic? That's right. It was refined by me. Only a few alchemists in Myriad City can refine Soul Restoring Relics. And I had happened to finish refining a cauldron of Soul Restoring Relics a few days ago. Only two of them were completed successfully."

Alchemist Huyan said proudly. Typically, a cauldron of pills numbered twelve or above. Alchemist Huyan had only succeeded in producing two from a cauldron. It was considered extremely terrible but from his tone, he did not know shame. Instead, he was proud of it. Clearly, due to the difficulty of refining it, being able to successfully produce two was already something worth commending him for.

"One of them is left for myself so I'll only sell one for 550,000 runes," said Alchemist Huyan.

550,000? This price was 50,000 runes more expensive than the price Princess White Fox had seen. However, Yi Yun could not be bothered with it.

Just as he was about to agree to it, he heard an unhurried voice coming from above.

"I was wondering who was buying a Soul Restoring Relic. So it's you."

The voice sounded a little familiar.

Yi Yun p.r.i.c.ked up his eyebrows. Zuoqiu Haoyu!

Upon seeing Yi Yun, Zuoqiu Haoyu had a faint smile hanging on his face.

"Why? Do you know each other?" Alchemist Huyan languidly scanned the both of them.

Zuoqiu Haoyu said with a smile, "We had the chance of meeting once."

With that said, Zuoqiu Haoyu looked at Yi Yun again and said, "I never expected you to be this rich. You are even buying a Soul Restoring Relic. Why? Is your soul damaged?"

Zuoqiu Haoyu asked with interest. It was not easy to treat soul damage for it was a serious injury. If Yi Yun's soul was damaged, it would be fun.

Yi Yun's expression sank. He never expected that the friend that Alchemist Huyan was chatting with was Zuoqiu Haoyu.

Zuoqiu Haoyu had not left a good impression on Yi Yun. He did not wish to speak with this person any further.

"Alchemist Huyan, please do the trade immediately. I accept the price…" Yi Yun said.

Before Alchemist Huyan spoke, Yi Yun saw Alchemist Huyan and Zuoqiu Haoyu exchange looks. Immediately, he had an ominous foreboding…

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