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The store Yi Yun rented from Myriad Pavilion was located in a rather remote area north of Myriad City, with little human traffic. There was a tiny, clear river that ran alongside it and hanging willows on both sides of the bank that were more than a thousand years old. It was a tranquil environment.

After taking up residence, Ru'er cleaned the store and the yard thoroughly. Yi Yun set up an alchemical cauldron in one of the rooms, converting it to an alchemy lab.

They took care to place Ling Xie'er's body in the quietest room, where she slept silently.

Yi Yun refined pills mainly as a means to cultivate his soul and enhance his ability to refine pills. At the same time, he could eliminate the negative after effects of having his cultivation level rise too rapidly.

The creation of the Hollow Soul Pill required extremely precious herbs, and an extremely long period of time to refine those herbs. Yi Yun sat in front of the cauldron and held a scroll left behind by the divine alchemist. He began poring over its contents.

Without him knowing, time pa.s.sed quickly until it was nearly sunset. He was quietly meditating when suddenly he opened his eyes.

His figure flashed as he rushed out the door.

"Young Master?" Ru'er was watering the plants in the yard. When she saw Yi Yun fly out of the alchemy lab like a gust of wind with a serious expression, she was immediately given a shock.

Did something happen?

She noticed that he was charging straight for a room.

The room where Ling Xie'er slept…

"Xie'er!" Yi Yun rushed into the room.

Having fused with the Heretical G.o.d Fire Seed, he could directly sense any change in Ling Xie'er’s condition.

And he just sensed that Ling Xie'er, who was still asleep, had suddenly gotten very weak!

Yi Yun came into the room. On the ice-cold bed lay Ling Xie'er's pet.i.te figure in silence. Her skin looked so delicate that a wind could rupture it. Her eyes were tightly closed.

And in her hands, she held the Soul Returning Root.

Even still, her body was becoming increasingly transparent. Even the Soul Returning Root in her hands had nearly vanished.

"What's going on?" Yi Yun turned anxious. He didn’t have what he needed to refine the Hollow Soul Pill at that point in time, but something had gone wrong with Ling Xie'er's corporeal body.

Yi Yun scanned Ling Xie'er's condition with his perception as he placed a finger on Ling Xie'er's glabella. He sent out a constant stream of Yang Yuan Qi into her body.

However, the pure Yang Yuan Qi seemed like it was emptying into the boundless sea.

From the looks of it, as a worldly spiritual object, Ling Xie'er could not be sustained solely through the Soul Returning Root and pure Yang Yuan Qi.

This was something Yi Yun had not expected at all. As he watched Ling Xie'er's corporeal body continue to weaken, Yi Yun felt as if his heart was being minced.

He had promised to save Ling Xie'er. He needed three years to completely awaken her. But at this rate, she would not last three years.

"There must be a way…Think!"

Yi Yun desperately tried to think of ideas. He knew that Ling Xie'er was in that state because her soul was too weak.

If he made Ling Xie'er consume the Soul Returning Root now, allowing all its essence to fuse into her incorporeal body, then it might be possible to tide through this catastrophe.

However, there was only one Soul Returning Root. And it was needed to refine the Hollow Soul Pill. Furthermore, without the nourishment from the Soul Returning Root, he didn’t know if Ling Xie'er could last the three years.

Yi Yun needed an herb to replace the Soul Returning Root.

Yi Yun pondered. Within the vast amount of information contained in the divine alchemist's notes, there were mentions of several soul nurturing medicines that had extraordinary effects.

However, they were mostly extremely rare or could only be refined by the divine alchemist. After eliminating such cases, the only thing left was—the Soul Restoring Relic.

Soul Restoring Relics were refined from the bones of Ancient Fey that had powerful souls. They could nourish the soul and, although they were not as heaven-defying as the Hollow Soul Pill, they were an extremely precious soul-related medicine in the world of warriors.

Yi Yun did not have any materials to refine the Soul Restoring Relic on hand. And even if he could find the materials, there was no time for him to refine it.

Yi Yun looked at Ling Xie'er and took a deep breath. His only recourse was to seek help from others.

The only person he was familiar with in Myriad City was Princess White Fox. The princess did cultivate in the soul, so it was possible that she had such medicine.

There was no time to waste. Ling Xie'er's condition did not permit even a second of delay.

"Young Master!" Ru'er came into the room and saw Ling Xie'er's condition. She too was given a fright.

Before she could inquire, Yi Yun had flown out like gray smoke. Only his voice could be heard from afar.

"Ru'er, look after her!"

The manor of the City Lord was located in the middle of Myriad City. It was a magnificent building, emanating a majestic aura that appeared extremely stately.

Yi Yun ran all the way until, finally, he appeared in front of the City Lord Manor.

"Who's there!" The guards of the City Lord Manor were burly people from another race. They held large sabers in their hands and their voices were deep. They had quite a menacing presence.

"I'm here to see Fairy Xue Wuxia. Please pa.s.s the message that Yi Yun needs to meet with her urgently!" Yi Yun said patiently.

He was torn with anxiety. The City Lord Manor was well-guarded with powerful arrays. It was impossible to barge in.

The two guards glanced at him and immediately made way for him.

"Go on in."

"Oh?" Yi Yun was somewhat surprised. From the looks of it, Princess White Fox had instructed them ahead of time.

He had originally set up an appointment with Princess White Fox to discuss the news of Lin Xintong in detail. This had saved him quite a bit of time.

Yi Yun walked straight into the City Lord Manor. There were restrictions everywhere in the manor, but there was one path that had all its restrictions deactivated. Yi Yun guessed that it was the path that led to Princess White Fox's residence. He ran straight forward without stopping.

From afar, Yi Yun could hear a melodious zither tune.

The zither tune seemed like water flowing from heaven. It entered his ears without ceasing, calming his anxious mood.

He came to a point where he saw a lake that was as clear as a mirror.

In it floated a small boat that resembled a leaf. The zither tunes came from the boat.


The zither tune came to a stop. A G.o.ddess-like figure flew from the boat. Her white clothes rivaled snow and her long silver hair cascaded out like the scattering of the galactic stars as they fluttered in the wind.

Princess White Fox was still holding onto her zither as she landed lightly in front of Yi Yun.

"You seem to be weighed down by your thoughts." Princess White Fox's voice was like a zither's tune itself. It was mesmerizing.

Yi Yun immediately snapped out of it and took a breath before saying, "Thank you."

Due to her zither tune, he was able to calm down a bit.

"You came here this time…"

"We can talk about Xintong another time." Yi Yun said seriously. He cupped his hands and bowed. "I came here to seek help from Your Highness."

Princess White Fox's hazel eyes blinked lightly. Her eyes resembled the twinkling of stars.

Her recollection of Yi Yun was of a man that wouldn’t easily be indebted to others. He must have encountered a troublesome matter.

"Young Master Yi, there's no need to be so polite. In that tiny world, I was saved by your wife. Just tell me whatever it is you need from me. If I can help you, I will definitely do so." Princess White Fox said.

Yi Yun looked up and said, "I have a friend that's severely injured. She's in dire need of a Soul Restoring Relic. This medicine can nourish the soul. Does Your Highness have one?"

"Soul Restoring Relic…I have heard of it before."

The moment Princess White Fox said that, Yi Yun's heart sank. Judging by her tone, she did not seem to have it.

Upon seeing Yi Yun's expression, Princess White Fox hurriedly said, "There's no need to be disappointed. Although I do not have it in hand, my master mentioned it to me when I came to Myriad City. Myriad City claims to have everything and it's not a lie. This Soul Restoring Relic is useful for my cultivation so I have paid special attention to it. I know that it can be bought in Myriad City."

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