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Spiritual herbs were typically kept in sealed jade boxes. Some jade boxes were even augmented with arrays to preserve the spiritual herb's essence.

The open placement of the Purple Blood Coral in front of Yi Yun obviously left it susceptible to the sapping of its essence.

Such an ostentatious display left Yi Yun curious. Who was this Fairy Youqin?

"Brothers, might I ask: who is this Fairy Youqin that you mentioned would be coming today?"

Yi Yun asked the two warriors that had been discussing the Purple Blood Coral. Although the duo had average cultivation levels compared to Yi Yun, they were dressed in expensive outfits. Their clothes were made of Heavenly Silk and they had valuable swords hanging at their waists. Embedded within their swords were a sizable number of precious stones. Yi Yun was an expert when it came to swords. He could tell at a glance that the two swords were nothing impressive, but they appeared to be perfect in their garishness.

From the looks of it, the two of them were scions of a wealthy family.

"Brother, you must be from afar. How could you not have heard of Fairy Youqin?" The youth that spoke was dressed in blue. He didn’t quite match his luxurious clothes, for he had an honest look. Combined with his slightly darkened complexion, he resembled a farmer.

Yi Yun nodded. "You are correct, I do not know. Please enlighten me."

The other youth followed up. He was playing with a pair of polished walnut cores and looked like an elegant scholar. "When you speak of Fairy Youqin, you must first talk about the Paradise Chapter. Legend says that the founder of Paradise Chapter came from the Sinkhole. Then, as the Paradise Chapter stayed in the Myriad Divine Territory for a prolonged period of time, it became one of the top major factions. Most of Paradise Chapter's disciples are men. Since it emphasizes allowing one to act on their desires, it is said to be heaven for many male warriors. This also causes the Paradise Chapter to have an ever-increasing number of disciples."

He continued: "The Paradise Chapter would choose a successor every ten thousand years. Typically, the successor would be male and he would inherit the true teachings of the 'Paradise Divine Technique'. He would truly enjoy all the pleasures of life."

"However…" The scholarly youth suddenly had a change in tone. "On very rare occasions, the Paradise Chapter would choose a young female successor. It is no small matter when that happens. The male successors of the Paradise Chapter typically pursue their desires but female successors are the complete opposite. They would be chaste and be devoid of all secular desires."

"As for Fairy Youqin, she is the present successor of the Paradise Chapter! She first appeared three years ago and quickly made a name for herself in Myriad Divine Territory. She has a body inherited from the union of a simurgh and a phoenix. In addition to the techniques she cultivates in, anyone who wins her heart and copulates with her would experience the unmatched pleasure of skin so smooth and fair that it melts away into something resembling silky spring water. One could die without regrets after that!"

The scholarly youth spoke as if his soul was fluttering away. Yi Yun found it amusing. The fellow seemed rather n.o.ble, but in reality, he was just another immanently h.o.r.n.y guy.

At that moment, the honest-looking youth spoke up, "Haha, such a peerless woman is not someone we should place our sights on. Brother, it's better to be in your shoes. You have that fine young la.s.s beside you. She's cute, obedient, and I'm sure she would give you a good time at night. You really have a beautiful girl!"

The honest-looking youth glanced at Ru'er as he spoke. He even gave Yi Yun an expression any man would know. The red in Ru'er's face got deeper.

What nonsense was this person spouting? She did not know what to say. As for Yi Yun, he only smiled and did not bother to explain anything.

Suddenly, there was a commotion in the hall. A few managers of the Heavenly Treasures Arch hurriedly walked out as a row of beautiful consorts lined up.

"Oh? Some big shot is coming."

People came to receive the person as a few managers politely said simultaneously, "Welcome Young Master Haoyu!"

"I was wondering who it was to receive such a grand reception from the Heavenly Treasures Arch. So it's the Myriad Immortal Pavilion's Zuoqiu Haoyu," said the scholarly youth enviously.

A young master from the Myriad Immortal Pavilion?

The Myriad Immortal Pavilion was the biggest faction in the Myriad Divine Territory. To be addressed as "young master," he definitely enjoyed extraordinary status in Myriad Immortal Pavilion. It was no wonder he received such treatment.

"Young Master Haoyu came too."

"That's natural. It's no secret that Zuoqiu Haoyu has been trying to woo Fairy Youqin. If Zuoqiu Haoyu can win her heart, not only would he experience physical bliss, his cultivation level would also reap huge benefits from that simurgh and phoenix hybrid body of hers. Also, if he gained an alliance with the Paradise Chapter, his status in the Myriad Immortal Pavilion would be greatly elevated."

As the crowd conversed, a group of people walked in. The person leading the group was dressed in opulent clothes. This handsome young man was most likely Zuoqiu Haoyu.

He had an imposing appearance and his aura was like an unsheathed sword. He was clearly an elite that was a cut above the rest.

The managers of Heavenly Treasures Arch led Zuoqiu Haoyu to a luxury box. This seemingly inconsequential action had attracted the attention of a number of people.

The Heavenly Treasures Arch's most splendid luxury boxes were the Heaven-cla.s.s box and the slightly inferior Earth-cla.s.s boxes.

There were many Earth-cla.s.s boxes, but there was only one Heaven-cla.s.s box.

People originally expected Zuoqiu Haoyu to be given the Heaven-cla.s.s box, so they were shocked when the managers led Zuoqiu Haoyu to an Earth-cla.s.s box instead.

Zuoqiu Haoyu frowned slightly when he saw the arrangement. But immediately, a manager whispered into Zuoqiu Haoyu's ear. This made him immediately reveal a look of understanding. He went to the Earth-cla.s.s box without incident.

Without a doubt, the person in the Heaven-cla.s.s box was of much higher status than Zuoqiu Haoyu.

This left people curious. Who was in the Heaven-cla.s.s box?

There were obviously many people in Myriad City that enjoyed a status higher than Zuoqiu Haoyu, such as the Elders of mighty factions.

However, old seniors like that would not come to Heavenly Treasures Arch to listen to Fairy Youqin's playing of the zither. This was, after all, the world of youngsters.

At that moment, the clear tune of a zither was heard from within the hall.

The zither tune was extremely moving, like the fluttering music of immortals.

Even Yi Yun felt his heartstrings being tugged. The tune was like a song but also plaintive.

It was a very special zither tune.

Yi Yun glanced at the two youths that had conversed with him. They were quickly mesmerized by the zither tune. They were not the only ones. Everyone in the hall appeared intoxicated.

The zither tune was quite extraordinary!

Yi Yun sensed that the zither tune contained extremely potent mental powers that could affect the souls of anyone who heard it.

Furthermore, with the sound waves reverberating, the surrounding laws began to naturally condense, forming invisible sound runes that danced in the void.

The zither was not producing sound runes, but laws.

Zither Dao…and Soul laws.

Yi Yun came up with such an evaluation.

"This is Fairy Youqin's zither tune!"

It was unknown who said that. With that, everyone looked towards the source of the tune. There, they saw more than a dozen white brocades flying down from the middle of the hall. An immortal mist lingered as a figure floated down with her hair fluttering like a fairy that descended to the mortal world.

She held a zither in hand, and its tune produced ripples that radiated in every direction. The ripples were like water that cast light onto her beautiful face that she slowly lifted.

Instantly, it was as if color had been drained from the entire hall. Even the gorgeous Purple Blood Coral seemed dimmer.

Even Yi Yun could not remain composed when he caught sight of her.

She was truly perfect and flawless. Even if one wanted to, it would be impossible to find any fault in her.

Despite being in a den of indulgence, this zither-wielding fairy who was the successor of the Paradise Chapter appeared sacred and chaste. It seemed impossible that anyone would wish to desecrate her.

Amid the zither tunes, many people revealed mesmerized looks. It was as if they were willing to die for her.

Of course, Yi Yun was not affected by it. His soul was powerful and not easily swayed.

I have apparently not seen…this Fairy Youqin before.

Yi Yun looked at Fairy Youqin's beautiful face and pondered. He could not recall anyone that resembled her. He originally believed that the mysterious woman that pa.s.sed him outside the Heavenly Treasures Arch was likely Fairy Youqin. But now, from the looks of it, he had guessed wrong.

"I've received word of an esteemed guest's arrival, so I am here to welcome him with my tunes." A voice that was as ethereal and elegant as a melody came from the immortal mist. The voice seemed to reach straight into one's bones. The lingering sound echoed, leaving people with meaningful afterthoughts.

The people who had been affected by the zither tunes were also intoxicated by Fairy Youqin's voice.

Zuoqiu Haoyu said with a laugh, "Haha, I never expected Fairy Youqin to appear today without a veil concealing her face. We are truly lucky."

Whenever Fairy Youqin appeared in the past, she would have her face covered by a veil. This time she had removed her veil, revealing her true face to everyone.

Although Zuoqiu Haoyu said out loud that they were lucky, he was actually quite displeased. He was an extremely possessive person. He wished that Fairy Youqin would always wear the veil until he had successfully courted her, so that her peerless looks would be only his to see.

Only a peerless woman that was completely in his possession could satisfy him.

How could those inferior warriors have the qualifications to see my future wife's face?

"Fairy Youqin, you speak too seriously. As an old man, it's my first time coming to Heavenly Treasures Arch to listen to your zither playing. Only after hearing it have I realized how regretful it is that I have missed so many counts of this heavenly music."

At that moment, a voice with bold undertones sounded from the Heaven-cla.s.s box. Everyone was stunned when they heard it. From his tone, he was clearly a senior!

An old senior who enjoyed a status higher than Zuoqiu Haoyu had come to listen to Fairy Youqin play the zither?

Just as people were guessing at the senior's ident.i.ty, they saw the Heaven-cla.s.s box open. A middle-aged man dressed in purple-golden robes walked out with large strides.

The middle-aged man was tall and stocky. His thick eyebrows resembled swords and he had an extraordinary aura.

Many people were dumbfounded when they saw the middle-aged man. He was…the city lord of Myriad City!

Myriad City had been established for hundreds of millions of years, but the position of city lord was extremely special. Historically, the city lord did not belong to any major faction.

As one of the core trading areas of the Yang G.o.d Empyrean Heaven, the benefits of becoming Myriad City's city lord was unimaginable. It was precisely for that reason that the major factions did not wish for the position of city lord to belong to their compet.i.tors. Otherwise, the all-important balance between the major factions would be broken.

Under such circ.u.mstances, the various major factions had no choice but to compromise. They would choose a neutral, peerless expert to take on the role as Myriad City's city lord. The person who was chosen had to be capable of influencing the situation between the major factions through his own strength.

It was obvious what weight this figure's appearance entailed.

People were curious as to the reason for the city lord's sudden appearance at the Heavenly Treasures Arch. Furthermore, they noticed that behind him stood a white-dressed woman with an outstanding aura.

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