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"With this, Xie'er can be saved." Yi Yun flipped his hand and kept the Soul Returning Root into his interspatial ring.

"Senior." The middle-aged man could not help but speak. He was feeling somewhat anxious.

Now, with the Soul Returning Root in hand, Yi Yun could leave and no one could stop him.

Although Yi Yun wasn't such a person, it was a matter that determined the survival of the sect. The middle-aged man could not help but feel uneasy.

Ru'er was also looking at Yi Yun with a palpitating heart. She wanted to know if her father could really wake up from his treatment.

Yi Yun looked up at them and said, "The injury your sect master's soul has isn't very serious. However, his dantian has been sealed which prevents his Yuan Qi from flowing unhindered. Therefore, placing the Soul Returning Root on him can only ensure that he doesn't die but it cannot save him. He will temporarily be fine without it."

The middle-aged man never expected Yi Yun to immediately accurately diagnose the sect master's situation. He looked excited as he said, "Senior, by saying so, does it mean that you already have a way of treating him?"

"Perhaps…" Yi Yun nodded. "I've seen a recipe for a pill a few days ago but I have never refined such a pill before. However, I doubt it would be a problem."

Upon hearing what Yi Yun said, the Red Cauldron Sect disciples, as well as the middle-aged man, could not help but p.r.i.c.k up their eyebrows.

Is…it is really okay to use a recipe you happened to come across?

"Find me a quiet room. Do not disturb me without my instructions. If there's anything I need, I will inform you," said Yi Yun.

"Yes, yes. That is only right." The middle-aged man hurriedly replied.

The Red Cauldron Sect did not have many people left at present. The middle-aged man decided that he might as well leave all the quarters in the deepest part of the mountain valley for Yi Yun.

The other disciples were strictly instructed not to approach Yi Yun's quarters.

Yi Yun stayed in one of the compounds and set up a tiny array in a neighboring compound before placing an alchemical cauldron there.

The valley was perennially covered in fog but it had bamboo forests with lush greenery. Yi Yun lived in the valley and first spent some time to ponder over the divine alchemist's collection.

Although he had already memorized the collection, the medical knowledge recorded in it was too complicated. There was much that still remained to be done before he could fully comprehend it.

Yi Yun sat in the bamboo forest as he swirled a cup of spirit tea in his hand. A gentle breeze rustled the leaves, making it appear rather pleasant.

The people from the Red Cauldron Sect had left his premises. The entrance to the sect had been sealed shut, making it very quiet. There were also no conflicts.

Warriors had long lives but the martial path was fraught with danger. Yi Yun seldom experienced such calm and peaceful days.

Yi Yun spent half a month reading the divine alchemist's notes as he felt his heart and mind gradually turn tranquil.

In the divine alchemist's notes, it depicted that the refining of medicine was like cultivating one's mind. One had to have a clear mind to ensure the refinement of unadulterated medicine. Only then would it be excellent medicine with stunning purity.

Yi Yun took out some herbs from his interspatial ring. Before he left the Central State Divine Territory, Ji Shuiyan had specially gathered many herbal treasures through the Divine Secrets Trading Company for Yi Yun. She had sent them all to the Clarity Pool Sword Sect and given them to Yi Yun. There was a wide variety of herbal ingredients that was sufficient for Yi Yun to refine the medicine for the Red Cauldron Sect's sect master.

Once the ingredients were prepared, Yi Yun's body flashed and brought the herbal box with him to the cauldron in the courtyard.

The courtyard had an array which was previously set up by Yi Yun. Over the past half-month, it had been constantly gathering the valley's spiritual energy, making it a tiny spiritual land.


The cauldron's lid flew up. With eyes as still as water, Yi Yun placed one herb after another into the cauldron.

"Fire, come." Yi Yun extended his hand out and waved it, causing a pure Yang flame to appear which instantly enveloped the cauldron.

The most important part in refining medicine was the extraction of the herbal essence and the formation of the pill. With the Purple Crystal, Yi Yun could extract the herbal essence as if he were eating food or drinking water. In fact, he did not even need to use a flame to complete this step. It would have been overkill and completely unnecessary if he used the Heretical G.o.d Fire Seed to refine such a low-grade pill.

The refinement of pills was a matter that needed intense concentration which also expended a great deal of time. Therefore, the divine alchemist had mentioned that alchemical refinement was similar to the cultivation of one's mind.

However, Yi Yun had extremely great mental strength. It did not pose any problems for him.

Yi Yun stood in front of the alchemical cauldron and maintained the pure Yang flame. He constantly added new herbs into the cauldron depending on the changes the herbs within underwent…

Without knowing it, ten days pa.s.sed.


A huge explosion suddenly happened in the Red Cauldron Sect, giving all the disciples a fright.

The middle-aged man and company hurriedly rushed to Yi Yun's residence and saw his figure flash out of the courtyard. There appeared to be blue smoke lingering around him.

Yi Yun stared at the compound that had thick billowing smoke as a smile suffused his lips.

"Indeed, it's that problem I had antic.i.p.ated…" Yi Yun muttered to himself.

The middle-aged man, Ru'er, and company felt nervous. From the looks of it, Yi Yun had likely failed at refining the pill.

The middle-aged man sighed. After all, the senior had never refined pills in the past. It was only common for him to fail. He was afraid that the senior would slowly lose his patience or eventually give up.

"Senior, it was tough on you. Pills that mend one's soul is extremely difficult to refine, to begin with. It's also draining on the mind…"

Before the middle-aged man finished, he saw a white beam of light fly at them which landed straight in Ru'er's hand. She was surprised to see a white pill bottle when she looked at it.

"I have been attempting to refine another kind of medicine in pa.s.sing but I ended up failing. However, your medicine has been refined. Feed it to your sect master. I still need to continue refining medicine. You may leave."

Upon saying that, Yi Yun's figure returned to the compound like blue smoke.

He had figured out the reason for his failure and he was eager to make another attempt.

And outside the courtyard, the middle-aged man and company were left dazed in their spots.

The middle-aged man looked at the pill bottle in Ru'er's hand and swallowed a mouthful of saliva.

Refine other medicine? The sect master's medicine has already been refined during this process?

What a joke. He had even wanted to console the senior…

"Ru'er, quick! Bring the medicine to save our sect master!" The middle-aged man's thoughts finally snapped back. The medicine had been casually thrown out by Yi Yun, causing them to fail to react immediately. This was life-saving medicine for their sect master!

"Yes, I got it!" Ru'er clenched the medicine bottle tightly. Even with the bottle, she could smell the mesmerizing herbal fragrance from within.

Soon, they came to the chamber where the sect master was protected.

Ru'er opened the pill bottle and immediately, a pill as white as jade rolled out into her palm.

"Father…" Ru'er placed the pill carefully into the middle-aged man's mouth.

The people present watched this scene nervously. The pill determined the survival of their sect master and the fate of their Red Cauldron Sect.

Everyone watched with bated breaths. It was so silent that one could hear a pin drop.

"Everyone, don't be too agitated. The recovery of one's soul requires a process. Furthermore, Sect Master has been comatose for ten years. There's no point being anxious. Let's slowly wait."

Just as the middle-aged man said that, the middle-aged man on the sick bed suddenly trembled. Following that, his fingers began to slowly bend.

"Cough! Cough!"

The middle-aged man continued having his eyes shut. However, soft coughing sounds came from his throat. It felt like his lungs were not accustomed to the sudden breathing after such a long period of not breathing.


All the Red Cauldron Sect disciples present felt their hearts skip a beat. The middle-aged man's every action was determining their every heart beat.

"What happened to me…What happened…?"

The middle-aged man's body gently trembled as his sealed dantian began to crack open. Strands of Yuan Qi began to infuse his meridians like water.

He gradually opened his eyes and swept the crowd in a daze. His voice sounded like he was in a dream. Indeed, he felt like he had experienced an especially long dream. He had no idea how long it had lasted…

At that moment, Ru'er was already in tears.


Ru'er jumped into the middle-aged man's arms like a gust of wind.

"Sect Master is awake!"

The middle-aged man rubbed his reddened eyes. It had been ten years. The Red Cauldron Sect had tottered on precariously with him shouldering many heavy responsibilities. The pill could be said to have saved everyone from the Red Cauldron Sect.

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