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"Xiaoshuang, whatever I'm able to teach you is in the sword moves I have demonstrated over the past several months. How much insight you gain would be up to you."

Yi Yun had used the period of time to impart all of Azure Yang Lord's heritage, as well as his own insights of it, to the Clarity Pool Sword Sect to the best of his ability.

Of course, Yi Yun's Chaos and Major Destruction Dao, s.p.a.ce-Time laws were unique to him, especially the former. Even if Yi Yun wanted to teach them, it would be impossible for them to learn it.

After Yi Yun destroyed the Seven Star Dao Palace, he stayed in the Clarity Pool Sword Sect for ten months. Over the ten months, he had read through all the notes left behind by the divine alchemist and memorized them.

He found three methods that could possibly save Ling Xie'er. The Red Cauldron Sect's Soul Returning Root was a crucial ingredient in all three methods.

Yi Yun felt that it was time for him to leave. He had done whatever he could do, and he had repaid some of his grat.i.tude to Jian Wufeng for saving him.

As for Azure Yang Lord's late wishes, he could only complete it in the Sinkhole. Now, he was clearly not Bai Yueyin's match.

"Brother Yi, are you leaving?"

Jian Xiaoshuang had a premonition upon hearing Yi Yun's words.

"Yes, I'm leaving. I'll be heading for the Myriad Divine Territory."

"Myriad Divine Territory…" Jian Xiaoshuang's expression darkened for she was a little disappointed. She wanted to raise her strength as quickly as possible. It was naturally impossible for her to chase up to Yi Yun but if she was able to go on a foray for experiential training, the gap between her and Yi Yun could likely narrow. It would also increase the chances of her meeting him in the future.

"Then, I'll inform Master and Martial Uncle."

"There's no need. Your master and martial uncle have already gone into reclusion. They will likely break through to the realm of Supremacy from this reclusion of theirs. Do not disturb them."

Jian Buyi and Jian Wufeng were already one step into the realm of Supremacy, one thin membrane short of fully entering the realm. A few months ago, they had Azure Yang Lord's heritage completed and that membrane was finally broken through.

Once Jian Buyi and Jian Wufeng entered the realm of Supremacies, the Clarity Pool Sword Sect that had two Supremacies would immediately rise to become a top sect in the Central State Divine Territory that lacked Divine Lords. After all, the Luo clan that had an extensive territory of 196 states only had a handful of Supremacies.

As such, Yi Yun did not need to worry about the Clarity Pool Sword Sect's safety.

"Xiaoshuang, I'm leaving. I'm not sure how improved your Sword Dao will be the next time we meet. Perhaps, you would be a Supremacy by then too."

Yi Yun gave a faint smile. Xiaoshuang was a sworn sister that he acknowledged. If possible, he wanted to keep taking care of her.


Jian Xiaoshuang nodded with all her strength. With that, Yi Yun tore through s.p.a.ce and vanished into a spatial node.

This was Yi Yun's character. He liked to leave peacefully, without any ceremonies or send-offs.

Half a day later, Yi Yun returned to the Sun Burial Sandsea once again. Without the Heretical G.o.d Fire Seed and the worldly array set up by the divine alchemist, the Sun Burial Sandsea's pure Yang gases were diminishing. Yi Yun believed that in a few more years, it would begin raining. And after a century, it would not be a surprise if it transformed into a luxuriant forest.

Yi Yun adeptly found the underground palace complex he had constructed previously. He bored through the ground and quickly descended hundreds of thousands of feet.


Soil and rock separated as Yi Yun stepped into the array. He happened to enter the room of Ru'er, who happened to finish bathing just fifteen minutes ago. With her hair still dripping with water, she was tidying up her room when she saw Yi Yun appear. She stared at him with widened, round eyes.

"Brother…Brother Yi, you are back."

Yi Yun had mentioned that it was possible that he would leave for several years but he had returned in less than a year.

Over the past ten months, the people of the Red Cauldron Sect had been practicing the unwanted cultivation techniques that Yi Yun left behind. They felt they horizons broadened.

Ru'er had studied them with a voracious appet.i.te. Together with the pills and relics, her strength had increased so much that she felt reluctant to leave.

"Yes, I'm back. Let's go to the Red Cauldron Sect!"

The Myriad Divine Territory was located in the core region of the Yang G.o.d Empyrean Heaven. The area had numerous spatial nodes, allowing it to develop into one of the biggest divine territories in the Yang G.o.d Empyrean Heaven. The factions here were complicated with countless experts.

With the increase in the number of experts, the compet.i.tion for territory also became exceptionally intense.

The Myriad Divine Territory happened to have high-quality spirit mountains, spirit roots, as well as several of the large Yang G.o.d Empyrean Heaven sects. They had established their factions in the Myriad Divine Territory, making the Myriad Divine Territory's core region to be said to be swarming with tigers and dragons.

As for the Red Cauldron Sect, it naturally was not qualified to establish itself in the core region of the Myriad Divine Territory. They were only on the periphery of the Myriad Divine Territory that bordered the Central State Divine Territory. It stood on a small mountain range with inferior spiritual energy.

In addition, this mountain range was not wholly owned by the Red Cauldron Sect. When Yi Yun came to this spirit mountain, he radiated his perception out and saw one small sect after another. He was rather surprised. Typically, a sect would hold in possession an entire mountain range. It was truly rare to see a large number of sects clumped around one. The scene resembled stalls that were haphazardly set up in a market.

"There are quite a number of sects here…" The middle-aged man was slightly embarra.s.sed. "The Red Cauldron Sect is too small. Only the alliance of dozens of sects can secure this territory."

The compet.i.tion in the Myriad Divine Territory was too intense. This was precisely the reason that the Red Cauldron Sect's sect master became especially important. If a sect lacked an expert, the tiny bit of territory the Red Cauldron Sect had would be quickly annexed.

"This is our Red Cauldron Sect." The middle-aged man and the Red Cauldron Sect disciples led Yi Yun into a mountain valley.

Yi Yun looked at the valley that was covered in lush vegetation. It had quite a mesmerizing scenery. There was a fog that lingered around the mountain valley which was the Red Cauldron Sect's protective array. However, such an array was much cruder than the Clarity Pool Sword Sect's ancient array.

"Oh? Martial Uncle is back! Junior Sister Ru'er!"

"I thought all of you would be back soon. Why were you gone for so long?"

When a few disciples saw the middle-aged man and company return, they immediately came to welcome them in excitement.

Months back, the middle-aged man had risked their lives to head to the Central State Divine Territory's Sun Burial Sandsea in search of natural treasures that could treat their sect master. It could be said that a lot of hope was placed on their shoulders.

"That's right. We are back." The middle-aged man and company were very excited as well.

However, when the middle-aged man scanned the sect, he frowned. "Why is the sect so empty? Where are Elder Ouyang and the rest?"

The few disciples immediately had dejected looks in their eyes while their faces appeared depressed. A disciple sighed and said, "Martial Uncle, we were just about to inform you. As your expedition group had yet to return, Elder Ouyang inferred that you had failed to find anything and were too ashamed to return. It was also possible that you had pe…perished outside…"

The disciple stole a glance at the middle-aged man when he said that. What met him was a darkened expression but the middle-aged man did not rage. He continued, "Because of that, Elder Ouyang led quite a number of people away. Later, other disciples began leaving in succession. They even left with many things of the sect but we were unable to stop them. Now, even the Deep Seawood tables and chairs in the sect have been emptied out by them."

When Ru'er and company heard this, they were incensed. Many disciples could not hold it in as they wanted to seek revenge on Elder Ouyang. However, the middle-aged man only sighed and said, "Forget it. They aren't worth much. Let them be. Since those people wanted to leave, there's no need to retain them."

"Senior, sorry for making a fool of ourselves." The middle-aged man turned to give Yi Yun a wry smile.

"Is your sect master alright?" Yi Yun asked. He did not care about the rise and waning of a small sect for his trip here was solely for the Soul Returning Root. If it were taken away, he absolutely had to pursue Elder Ouyang.

"Don't worry about that. The sect master is protected by an array. Those disciples, including Elder Ouyang, can't crack it," said the black-dressed woman.

"Alright. Then, let me take a look at his situation." Yi Yun said.

"Yes. This way please, Senior," said the middle-aged man.

When the few disciples saw the middle-aged man and black-dressed woman speak to Yi Yun, they realized that an outsider had been brought back. Furthermore, the man looked extremely young. However, he was addressed as senior by their martial uncle and aunt.

Who was this guy?

They were perplexed as they followed the middle-aged man to the underground chamber where the sect master was lying in slumber. The chamber was covered in layers of array protections and the powering of the array expended large amounts of World Stones on a daily basis.

"It's here. The array requires the combined efforts of Junior Sister Song and me to open. It's impossible for Ouyang Bo to touch this place."

Just as the middle-aged man's voice faded, he saw Yi Yun's figure flash. He had penetrated the chamber's protective array, entering the chamber directly.

Following that, Yi Yun waved his hand, causing the array to vibrate vigorously as ma.s.sive Yuan Qi fluctuations were sent out.

Yi Yun could not feel at ease before seeing the Soul Returning Root. He only relaxed after finding it when he scanned the area with his perception upon entry.

At that moment, the middle-aged man and company who were outside the chamber's array were completely dumbfounded.

Although they knew that Yi Yun was formidable, this was an array produced by an ancient array disk that expended large amounts of World Stones to maintain. It was the top protective array of the Red Cauldron Sect but it was not much harder than walking over a door sill to Yi Yun.

This made the middle-aged man feel like lamenting his inadequacy in front of Yi Yun. What was it that this senior could not do…?

The middle-aged man hurriedly deactivated the chamber's array and entered the chamber with the other disciples.

On a stone bed lied a pale-skinned middle-aged man. His aura was nearly negligible. If a mortal was here, they would definitely think him as dead.

Yi Yun silently stretched out his hand and took out a black wooden root about the length of a finger phalanx from the middle-aged man's chest. It looked inconspicuous but with it in hand, Yi Yun felt a baffling sense of calm.

It was the Soul Returning Root, an absolutely priceless treasure in the 12 Empyrean Heavens. If people knew of its true value, perhaps all the sects in the mountain range would experience a bloodbath, much less the Red Cauldron Sect.

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