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The affairs of the world were inconsistent. The past as narrated by the Seven Star Dao Palace's palatial lord left Yi Yun having mixed emotions.

In the history of the 12 Empyrean Heavens, there had been countless geniuses that had enjoyed success and gained considerable prestige. However, they had failed in their bid to defy fate, turning into desiccated skeletons that littered the path to the peak of martial arts.

The old palatial lord was an example. As he had experienced great vicissitudes in life, he had seen through life and accepted his fate. Naturally, he did not care for the Seven Star Dao Palace's fate. Everything in life seemed to be destined.

"Brother Yi, let's…go back…"

Jian Xiaoshuang spoke hesitantly. She only knew that Yi Yun had fought with the Seven Star Dao Palace's palatial lord for a brief moment without producing an outcome. As for their conversation, she had no idea what it was.

"Let's go back. The Seven Star Dao Palace is unlikely to cause trouble for the Clarity Pool Sword Sect in the future."

Although he had wiped out the Seven Star Dao Palace, Yi Yun did not feel any form of joy. The old palatial lord's words made Yi Yun recollect on many things of the past.

Other than Azure Yang Lord, the mighty figures he knew included the Pure Yang Sword Palace's owner, who was stronger than Azure Yang Lord, as well as the mysterious divine alchemist who had reigned supreme in the Sinkhole. The divine alchemist was someone that countless warriors would beseech him to refine the various treasures in their hands…

These people had turned into history.

Yi Yun believed that if he did not perish, he was bound to accomplish great feats. He could even surpa.s.s the mighty figures he identified as seniors.

However, if he could not escape the hands of fate, he would eventually be reduced to dust. It would happen unless he could crack the cycle of reincarnation, achieving the legendary Great Dao of Immortality, making him indestructible…

However, in all of history, had anyone achieved it?

These thoughts flashed in Yi Yun's mind. For some reason, he recalled the long-haired black-dressed woman he had encountered back in the Azure Wood Great World. Perhaps, among all the peerless experts he had encountered, she was the one closest to that legendary state…

When Yi Yun returned to the Clarity Pool Sword Sect, the news of the Seven Star Dao Palace's wipe out quickly proliferated through the mouths of the disciples that had escaped Seven Star Mountain.

People knew that Yi Yun, who had disappeared for a year, had stormed Seven Star Mountain and wiped out the Seven Star Dao Palace!

Yi Yun's name quickly spread. Everyone previously knew that Yi Yun was the strongest person among the younger generation, with strength far exceeding Jian Xiaoshuang.

However, it was only limited to that. When people heard how Yi Yun had offended the Seven Star Dao Palace, which even implicated the Clarity Pool Sword Sect, many people believed that Yi Yun would be hunted and killed by the Seven Star Dao Palace. It was possible that the Clarity Pool Sword Sect would also be wiped out but no one expected to receive such a ludicrous piece of news after a year.

People originally considered them rumors. However, when people went to investigate Seven Star Mountain, they saw the palaces razed to the ground, with all its disciples gone or scattered, leaving almost no one in the sect. They had no choice but to believe.

How could Yi Yun possess such immense strength at such a young age? He was even capable of defeating experts of the older generation. This gave him sufficent influence over the entire Central State Divine Territory.

Furthermore, Yi Yun was extremely young!

Supposedly, he had only cultivated for about sixty years. His future was completely unimaginable that even becoming a Divine Lord was not even considered difficult!

The Central State Divine Territory was actually a tiny divine territory in the Yang G.o.d Empyrean Heaven. It held little presence and had only made a name for itself when Azure Yang Lord was born tens of millions of years ago.

And after that, no Divine Lords were produced by the Central State Divine Territory.

To the sects in the Central State Divine Territory, a Divine Lord was unimaginable. At that realm, a sect like theirs could be wiped out with a raise of the Divine Lord's hand. It was almost no different from pulling out a clump of gra.s.s.

Immediately, all the various large factions in the Central State Divine Territory turned nervous. Quite a number of them had some friction with Yi Yun. As such, they felt extreme unease as they racked their brains to think of ways to mend their relationships with Yi Yun.

They could not see Yi Yun himself, nor could they go to the Clarity Pool Sword Sect. Therefore, the Divine Secrets Trading Company, which was originally beneath mention, received extremely privileged treatment because of their relationship with Yi Yun.

When Old Man Ji returned to Jade l.u.s.ter City with Ji Shuiyan and re-established the Divine Secrets Trading Company, more than ten sects, with hundreds of experts, came to the Divine Secrets Trading Company to celebrate their reopening.

Old Man Ji had not sent out any invitations but seeing how several hundred guests had come unwelcomed, with the lowest cultivation level at the Dao Palace realm, the people of the Divine Secrets Trading Company were somewhat dumbfounded.

They had no choice but to add dozens of tables but even so, there were large numbers of itinerant warriors that had gathered outside the Divine Secrets Trading Company for various reasons. However, there was no place for them to sit. Instantly, a tiny faction like the Divine Secrets Trading Company became the focus of attention in the Sun Burial Sandsea.

As for the Bloodl.u.s.t Sect, it got wind that when the Divine Secrets Trading Company was annexed by the Heaven Amplification Trading Company, Yan Tiancong had abducted more than ten beautiful young girls from the Divine Secrets Trading Company and had planned on offering them to one of their Bloodl.u.s.t Sect disciples. This gave the Bloodl.u.s.t Sect a huge fright!

They finally realized that Young Master Blood Jade, who had vanished a year ago, had been killed by Yi Yun.

The Bloodl.u.s.t Sect was an unorthodox sect and was extremely protective of its brethren. If anyone were to kill their disciples, they would chase the culprit to death. However, Yi Yun had already made the kill and they lacked the courage to seek revenge. Not only did they not seek revenge, they even came with fabulous gifts to seek forgiveness from the Divine Secrets Trading Company.

The person that led the entourage was the Bloodl.u.s.t Sect's deputy sect master. A figure who enjoyed such a high status had personally come to visit Old Man Ji.

After the Bloodl.u.s.t Sect, the Heaven Secrets Chapter had come too.

Years ago, Old Man Ji had left the Heaven Secrets Chapter in a hateful rage. He had been deemed a traitor of the sect and now, the newly instated sect master had come to seek his forgiveness. He indicated that if Old Man Ji was willing, he could return to the sect to be its Grand Elder. The Heaven Secrets Chapter had also brought with them excellent gifts and they did not mention a word of the Heaven Secrets Compa.s.s…

The gifts given to Old Man Ji from over a dozen sects were enough to buy the Divine Secrets Trading Company several times over. He felt mixed emotions on this matter.

The Divine Secrets Trading Company had only been slightly involved with Yi Yun but it made a powerful faction like the Bloodl.u.s.t Sect panic. It even made the Heaven Secrets Chapter that had a vendetta that stretched across decades to come to him like obedient grandsons. The status Yi Yun held was hard to imagine.

As for Yi Yun, he did not appear at the reopening celebration at all.

Old Man Ji knew that these factions had come to the Divine Secrets Trading Company in the hopes of seeing Yi Yun to establish ties with him. However, for several months, Yi Yun stayed in the Clarity Pool Sword Sect and never left it once.

Many factions had gathered in the vicinity of Clarity Pool Mountain in the hopes of meeting Yi Yun; however, they had no way of finding the entrance and gave up hopes.

"Young Master Yi said a few days ago that he might leave in a few months time."

Ji Shuiyan sat beside her grandpa. Despite seeing the bustling scene in front of her and how the Divine Secrets Trading Company appeared to be in the full flush of success, she could not perk her spirits up at all.

Yi Yun was leaving after all.

Back in the Sun Burial Sandsea, Ji Shuiyan had saved Yi Yun, intertwining their fates together. But after a few months, this connection was probably coming to an end.

Ji Shuiyan knew very well that she might not have a chance to meet Yi Yun in the future. It made her turn especially sentimental.

"Everyone has their own lives. He stands at a height that's too high away from us. It was our great fortune that we met him."

Old Man Ji sighed. Yi Yun had left large amounts of pills and cultivation techniques for the Divine Secrets Trading Company as a way of thanking them for providing the mother-child Heaven Secrets Compa.s.s pair to indicate the location of the Yang spirit, as well as the life-saving grat.i.tude he received from the jade burial suit. But in fact, what Yi Yun had brought to the Ji family far exceeded what they had given Yi Yun.

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