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Chapter 113: Brutally beating Lian Chengyu

Lian Chengyu laid on the ground like a dog. He had vomited the food he had eaten as well as blood, he was in a pathetic state.

“The fifth crime. You sought young girls in the tribe to be your female slaves. Not only do you rob them of their bodies, you even abused them. You had always coveted my fifteen year old sister. You forced her into a corner, attempting to make her fall under your clutches! This life is what you owe to the tribe’s young girls and my sister!”

Lian Chengyu was lying on the ground with his head towards Yi Yun. Yi Yun sent a kick directly at his head!


With a thud, Lian Chengyu flew up like a ball and tumbled in the air backwards before crashing heavily back on the ground.

After rolling on the ground a few times, he laid on the ground with his body spread apart. His nose bone had been completely shattered!

Without any divine elixir, Lian Chengyu would become disfigured. What used to be Lian Chengyu’s nose was now just two b.l.o.o.d.y holes.

“I’ll&h.e.l.lip;kill&h.e.l.lip;kill you&h.e.l.lip;” Lian Chengyu even had trouble speaking. With each word, blood came out from the corners of his mouth!

He had gone insane!

In fact, even if Lian Chengyu wanted to admit defeat, Yi Yun would not give him the chance. The moment Lian Chengyu tried to open his mouth, Yi Yun could easily kick Lian Chengyu’s chin off!

This was not a contest but a vendetta. Zhang Tan also allowed it!

And the person who suggested the vendetta was none other than Lian Chengyu; he dug his own grave!

Since Lian Chengyu dug his grave earlier, wouldn’t Yi Yun take advantage of it by burying him, then fill it up with a shovel?

When Yi Yun approached, Lian Chengyu, who was lying on the ground, suddenly got up. It seemed he had acc.u.mulated all of his energy to punch Yi Yun!

This punch was naturally not a threat to Yi Yun. But this was a fake move. As Lian Chengyu’s punch traveled half the distance, he suddenly opened up his fist, sending three flying daggers out!

Concealed weapon!

These three flying daggers were made of frost metal. The blade shined blue and was apparently poisoned!

This was Lian Chengyu’s life-saving trump card. By using it, it was his last resort!

However, Yi Yun had long noticed Lian Chengyu’s moves. At the moment the flying daggers flew out, Yi Yun’s body slanted and his fingers made three taps!

“Clang! Clang! Clang!

The sound of three metal clangs could be heard; the three flying daggers had been shot down by Yi Yun!

Immediately following this, Yi Yun grabbed Lian Chengyu’s shoulder and twisted his joints.


The arm that Lian Chengyu used to throw the concealed weapon had been broken by Yi Yun!

Lian Chengyu made a miserable cry in cold sweat.

Lian Chengyu’s right arm was twisted in a weird angle, and a white bone stuck out.

“The sixth crime!”

“You lied to the people of the Lian tribal clan, making them refine desolate bones that possessed toxins! After they overdrafted their vitality and their value, you did not give them any compensation. They could only wait for their deaths! But the people were ignorant. They did not know what the cause of their deaths was. Instead you misled them, causing them to carry on working for you. Because of this, twenty able-bodied men of the Lian tribal clan died. These able-bodied men were the breadwinner of their families. Once they died, the remaining widows and orphans were fraught with grim possibilities!”

“This life is what you owe to the able-bodied men who died, their wives and children, and me!” With that, Yi Yun grabbed Lian Chengyu’s neck and with a stretch of the arm raised him. Lian Chengyu looked like a piece of pork hung up from seen afar.

Yi Yun then smashed Lian Chengyu’s head into the ground!


The ground fractured again. Lian Chengyu’s face was now badly mangled.

Half of his body was buried within the rubble. His outcome was miserable as the rocks were stained red.

“The seventh crime!”

“You refined the desolate bones causing the deaths of the able-bodied men, yet you framed me. Saying I had been infected by the plague and was possessed, which caused the deaths of the people. The people did not know the truth and hated me to the bone. This hate d.a.m.ns you!” Saying that, he stomped Lian Chengyu’s head down with a foot.


With a smash, the heap of rocks had cracked under Yi Yun’s trampling. Lian Chengyu did not even make a sound. His head was buried within the ground; his body constantly twitching.

Yi Yun had counted the seventh crime of Lian Chengyu, and had beaten him seven times. But now, Lian Chengyu could no longer get up.

“Young&h.e.l.lip;Young master&h.e.l.lip;” The members of the Lian tribal clan were pale and their voice trembled. They had never imagined that such a small and harmless, easily bullied Yi Yun would suddenly have such monstrous power. He had trashed their high and mighty master Lian Chengyu!

Not only the members of the Lian tribal clan warrior preparation camp, even the people of the Tao tribal clan twitched. This was not a contest but a brutal killing!

This Yi Yun was too ruthless!

But based on what he said, he and Lian Chengyu did have a great feud. It wasn’t unreasonable for Yi Yun’s actions against him!

Lian Chengyu’s acts were indeed diabolical and heartless.

But in the vast wilderness, these kinds of things were not uncommon. As an expert, one could dictate the fate of others. So even if one did something heartless, one would not be punished. On the contrary, one would have a bunch of goons willing to be followers or accomplices to carry on oppressing and exploiting the people.

But killers can be killed, the day one is weaker, one’s outcome would be such a miserable state!

At this stage, Yi Yun still had no look of mercy. With one hand, he grabbed Lian Chengyu’s twitching leg and pulled him out from the rubble.

Lian Chengyu had been totally messed up by Yi Yun at this stage, even his mother would not recognize him.

Lian Chengyu was turned upside down by Yi Yun, with his face in contact with the ground. Lian Chengyu was like a brush; a stroke on the ground left a red streak. This red liquid was his blood and not ink.

Yi Yun did not stop because of Lian Chengyu’s terrible state. It was like he held a book that determined life and death. He was like Hades, the death G.o.d who judged a person on their merits and crimes. Yi Yun carried on declaring Lian Chengyu’s crimes.

“The eighth crime! You instigated the people to attack my sister. Even the house was burned down.”

“My sister was all alone, and after having received news of my disappearance, she was bullied by the villagers. Receiving such a blow nearly made her have a nervous breakdown. I swore to protect my sister, yet you pushed her to a corner. This life is what you owe me, and also my sister!” Saying that, Yi Yun released his grip and Lian Chengyu’s body slipped in the air before receiving a side kick from Yi Yun.


Lian Chengyu flew like a ball, splattering blood everywhere!

Many people who saw this curled their mouths and took a deep breath.

This kid sure was ruthless!

The children who had confronted Yi Yun the other day at the cafeteria, especially the fourteen year old little girl that led the group shivered in fear!

Their little faces were pale and were extremely scared.

This short and easily little brother was a devil!

Under his harmless looking exterior was a cruel wolf with a bushy tail. They could not imagine what would have happened if that devil had released just a tenth, no, a hundredth&h.e.l.lip;

What would have happened to them?

It was unimaginable!

“Don’t&h.e.l.lip; Don’t hit any further&h.e.l.lip; Our young master&h.e.l.lip; admits&h.e.l.lip; admits defeat&h.e.l.lip;” A member of the warrior preparation camp said with a faltering voice. Yi Yun looked back at the man with a deadpan expression.

Yi Yun’s eyes looked like he had killed a G.o.d. His face was stained with blood and his body was enveloped with a killing aura. The member of the warrior preparation camp trembled in his knees upon seeing Yi Yun’s eyes. With a thud, he had kneeled on the ground.

Yi Yun’s aura was too oppressive. He had beaten Lian Chengyu up to such a state. As a slave of Lian Chengyu, how could that man have the courage to face Yi Yun?

“What did you say?” Yi Yun returned with a question. The man immediately stayed silent for he regretted saying those words.

“I&h.e.l.lip; I didn’t say&h.e.l.lip; didn’t say anything.” He trembled as he said that and look towards Zhang Tan, hoping Zhang Tan would prevent Yi Yun from further violence. The only person who could stop Yi Yun was Zhang Tan.

It was clear who had won. As long as Zhang Tan said the word, Yi Yun had to stop.

But Zhang Tan was cool as a cuc.u.mber, as if whatever happened had nothing to do with him.


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