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When Yi Yun heard the name, 'Myriad Divine Territory', he wanted to take a trip there.

The divine alchemist's 'Various Divine Compendium' had information about the Myriad Divine Territory, as he had personally gone to the Myriad Divine Territory several times. That was because the territory was extremely large in size. Furthermore, there was a natural spatial node that connected it to many other divine territories in the Yang G.o.d Empyrean Heaven. It could be said to be a crossroad!

Such unique conditions caused the Myriad Divine Territory to develop into the one of the greatest treasure exchanges in the Yang G.o.d Empyrean Heaven. It was also how the Myriad Divine Territory got the word 'myriad' in its name.

In comparison, the Central State Divine Territory was just one of the many divine territories in the Yang G.o.d Empyrean Heaven.

"Senior, feel free to take care of whatever you need. Where shall we wait for you?" The middle-aged man asked politely. Naturally, he did not dare raise any objections to Yi Yun's arrangements.

"All of you can wait here."

Yi Yun's casual response left the people from the Red Cauldron Sect stunned. There were intense heat toxins here. How could they wait here?

"It's not that I do not trust you, but the Soul Nurturing Wood is too important to me. For safety's sake, all of you shall stay here until I come back to prevent any incidents. Furthermore, I will plant trackers on your bodies. Even if something does happen, I will be able to ascertain your locations."

As Yi Yun spoke, he flicked his finger and a nomological fragment gathered at his finger tip, turning into a tiny gray wheel.

This was a seal condensed from his Destruction laws. Unless one's strength far exceeded Yi Yun's, it was impossible to remove.

Eight small wheels were sent into all the Red Cauldron Sect members' bodies.

Following that, Yi Yun waved his hand and circulated spatial dimension laws. s.p.a.ce that spanned thousands of feet became greatly distorted, forming a s.p.a.ce that resembled a gigantic chicken egg. It enveloped everyone within.


The land beneath their feet cracked as a winding seal created a spatial barrier. It coc.o.o.ned everyone and quickly descended deeper underground.

Witnessing the spatial barrier quickly burrow deeper underground, all the Red Cauldron Sect disciples felt a little horrified.

It continued to plummet for about five minutes before the spatial barrier finally came to a stop.

It didn't stop there. Yi Yun then raised both hands, and the soil and rock contained within the spatial barrier started to move and sculpt, forming tunnels and stone houses, until a miniature underground palace complex was constructed.

Yi Yun did not fully trust the people from the Red Cauldron Sect so he did not place them inside the G.o.d Advent Tower. Instead, he went through the troublesome work of building a town deep underground using a spatial barrier. The chances of them being discovered by others were nearly zero and it was absolutely safe.

Of course, without Yi Yun, it was also impossible for them to leave.

Upon realizing this, the Red Cauldron Sect disciples were worried. If Yi Yun were to break his promise, wouldn't they be trapped here? It would be no different than being buried alive in this deep underground world.

"Stay here. It might take somewhere from half a year to several years but I will return for all of you."

As long as several years?

The Red Cauldron Sect disciples felt bitter. Although their new quarters were certainly s.p.a.cious and comfortable, it was quite a severe blow to them to stay with nothing to do.

Of course, they did not dare question the arrangement Yi Yun had set up for them. All they could do was nod in agreement.

Suddenly, Yi Yun touched his interspatial ring and three chests flew out.


The chests popped open. In the first chest, there were jade slips and books; the second chest was filled with pill bottles and jade boxes containing relics and pills; and finally, the last chest was filled with weapons and spiritual artifacts.

Yi Yun had killed many people over the years, and searched all of their interspatial rings for treasure. As a result, he had acc.u.mulated a lot of cultivation techniques, pills, and weapons that were useless to him.

They were of no worth to Yi Yun.

He casually took out the three chests and said to the Red Cauldron Sect disciples, "Take and eat these pills. Feel free to use the cultivation techniques and weapons. I'll be leaving now!"

As Yi Yun spoke, his figure flashed, instantly vanishing from the spatial barrier.

His brief exit left the Red Cauldron Sect disciples looking at each other. After some time, Ru'er walked forward and took out a pill bottle from the chest of pills.

When she opened it, a few green pills rolled out. A refreshing and tranquilizing herbal aroma was released, making Ru'er feel light. Wasn't this a Dao Fruit Relic?

Dao Fruit Relics were used by Heaven Ascension realm warriors to break through to the Dao Manifestation realm and condense their Dao fruits…

Ru'er was stunned as she hurriedly continued checking.

"Martial Uncle, Martial Aunt, quick take a look. These pills and these weapons…"

Everyone from the Red Cauldron Sect immediately rushed over to look through the chests.

Their investigations astounded them.

The middle-aged man told the truth. The Red Cauldron Sect was really very poor. Hence, when their disciples went out on training expeditions, it was mainly to search for resources and wealth.

Over the past decade, their Red Cauldron Sect disciples had gone on risky expeditions but obtained little in return. However, Yi Yun had casually thrown out all these things.

Making a proper count, many disciples perished on the numerous dangerous expeditions the Red Cauldron Sect had embarked on over the past decade. However, adding up all the items they obtained did not even match a tenth of the value of the items in the chests…

Ru'er felt an extreme mix of complicated emotions. The difference between them and the senior was just too great.

"Can we really use these items as we wish?" Ru'er touched the bottle of Dao Fruit Relic wistfully. Such pills would benefit her future cultivation extremely. However, she felt using them freely would be rather extravagant.

The middle-aged man saw the lit up eyes of the disciples. His throat moved before he said, "Since the senior has so casually given them, it means they are nothing to him…Let's use them."

Boom! Yi Yun bored directly out of the ground!

Xie'er had been stored in the G.o.d Advent Tower by Yi Yun. Over the past year, although Xie'er remained unconscious, the state of her soul had stabilized. She was able to experience some of the spatial distortions during a spatial transportation.

After Yi Yun appeared, there were still warriors searching for treasures in a radius of a hundred kilometers.

However, before they arrived, they saw a figure charge straight to the horizon, vanishing in the blink of an eye.

"I wonder which mighty senior that is…"

These warriors came to a stop. That kind of senior was someone they did not dare offend.

Yi Yun went straight for Jade l.u.s.ter City's teleportation array. The guards watching the teleportation array suddenly felt a gray wind blow through the array and reeled in shock. Before they were able to take any action, they discovered that the teleportation array had automatically activated itself. Following that, a light flashed and the gray wind disappeared.

"What happened? It seems like the teleportation array was activated a moment ago?"

The guards at the teleportation array were left baffled. And a moment later, Yi Yun had arrived at a spot tens of thousands of kilometers away.

After he came out of the teleportation array, he used his movement techniques to rapidly fly. Soon, he found a hidden spatial node according to a spot he memorized. Through that spatial node, he traversed a distance of hundreds of thousands of kilometers, going straight to the internal s.p.a.ce of the Clarity Pool Sword Sect.

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