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"Ru'er, what are you doing!?"

The middle-aged man and the black-dressed woman turned frantic. They never expected that Ru'er would kneel down, let alone say such shocking things.

However, Ru'er continued gritting her teeth as she stubbornly said, "Father ended up like that in order to save me. It's also because of me that the Red Cauldron Sect is now in danger. And when everyone came out here to search for medicine, we ended up being trapped in this land of peril. Senior, if you can show compa.s.sion, I'll be eternally grateful if my life of servitude can be exchanged for everyone's life."

Over the past decade, Ru'er had looked at her comatose father and felt regret. She always felt that she had sinned against the Red Cauldron Sect; therefore, she was willing to die as long as it helped her father or redeemed the Red Cauldron Sect in any way.

"Ru'er, don't speak nonsense!" The middle-aged man and the black-dressed woman hurriedly bowed at Yi Yun. "Ru'er is young and naive. Senior, please do not mind her."

A mighty figure that could bathe in lava must have lived for tens of thousands of years. His limitless strength could reduce them to dust with a simple wave of his hand. To such an existence, what worth was Ru'er's sad tale?

If he truly wanted the Soul Nurturing Wood, he would just take Ru'er as a dessert after he was satiated with gobbling up the Soul Nurturing Wood.

This turn of events had happened extremely fast. Yi Yun was left dumbfounded for quite a while when he saw the situation unfold in front of him. He never expected that his few casual questions would have such an effect. He left the Red Cauldron Sect horrified, and the young girl named Ru'er had refused to get up after kneeling down. She even swore that she would be willing to be his slave to save the rest if he were to send them out of this land of peril.

In fact, they had only been trapped as a result of Yi Yun's cultivation. It was natural for him to help them escape without asking for repayment.

Upon reflecting on this, Yi Yun could not help but reveal an off look. When did I become so terrifying?

On careful thought, his cultivation level had indeed improved by leaps and bounds with the pa.s.sage of time. It seemed that he was no longer treated as a junior, but an accomplished old monster.

In a warrior's world, power reigned supreme. An old monster that could easily control the lives of others did not need to use threatening words. A few simple questions were enough to strike terror into the hearts of others.

Yi Yun was a little at a loss on whether to laugh or cry. He said, "First things first, get up. I have no plans to do anything to all of you."

Yi Yun waved his hand and a gush of pure Yang Yuan Qi lifted Ru'er up.

There were pure Yang auras everywhere in this land of peril, that others could not withstand. But strangely, Yi Yun's pure Yang aura was warm to the touch. When it enveloped the body, it was extremely comfortable.

Yi Yun noticed that Ru'er's pink arms had been burned red. It was to the point that her skin had split apart. It was quite pitiable that such fair and exquisite skin would receive such damage.

Yi Yun waved his hand and sucked out all the heat toxins from her body before sending a warm and nourishing Yuan Qi into her. The burns on Ru'er's arms recovered at a speed noticeable to the eyes.


Ru'er was stunned. Her first impression was that such an old monster who cultivated in such perilous lands was likely an eccentric person with a quick temper. It would have been a blessing if he was not quick to kill. She never expected that he would treat her wounds. Furthermore, the old monster's restorative Yuan Qi was harmonious and congenial. It made her feel like she was soaking in a warm hot spring, and all the pain from before had vanished.

"Since your father risked his life to save you, it's best you cherish your body. Do you know what sort of dangers you would face if you offer yourself up as a man's slave?"

Yi Yun could not be bothered to clear up the misunderstanding of him being an old monster. Instead, he found the young lady's fervent reaction rather interesting.

"I…" Ru'er's face turned red. Although she was young, she had experienced the fickleness of human nature over the past decade. She had matured quickly, so how could she not know what might happen to her if she stayed behind as Yi Yun's slave. "I know…I only wanted to be a good daughter…"

Ru'er had held hopes that her sacrifice would ensure the safety of the rest from the Red Cauldron Sect. Now, she suddenly felt that the old senior was extremely affable. Although she did not know how many tens of thousands of years older than her he was, he was rather handsome and looked her age. Furthermore, he was powerful and quite a nice person…

"Your name is Ru'er, right?"

"Yes, my surname is Nanyun and my full name is Nanyun Ru." The moment Yi Yun questioned her, Ru'er panicked, causing her to answer nervously.

"I will send you out of this perilous land…" Hearing Yi Yun said that, the Red Cauldron Sect disciples were instantly delighted. However, before their faces could even show joy, the second half of Yi Yun's sentence sank their hearts!

"Sending you out is simple. However, I have to be honest that I want the Soul Nurturing Wood!"

"About that…" The people from the Red Cauldron Sect turned fl.u.s.tered. They did not dare speak against Yi Yun.

Ru'er's eyes welled up with tears. She gaped, hoping to say something but she could not manage to get out the words. She knew that if the senior truly wanted the Soul Nurturing Wood, all he needed to do was make a trip to the Myriad Divine Territory. As for a weak girl like her, she was not qualified to be an offer that would entice him to compromise.

"You can see that there's a girl behind me. She too has had her soul severely damaged. I need the Soul Nurturing Wood as medicine to reignite the fire of her soul. However…I will not take your Soul Nurturing Wood for nothing. I will accompany you to the Myriad Divine Territory. Perhaps, I can save your sect leader."

"What? Senior, you are willing to save our sect leader?" The Red Cauldron Sect group were stunned when they heard Yi Yun's words. They thought that a catastrophe had befallen them when they met Yi Yun. They never expected it to be the exact opposite. Yi Yun was a mighty figure with tremendous strength that could easily wipe them out. Yet, he was willing to negotiate with them on equal terms. They, who were accustomed to the way the strong bullied the weak in the martial world, were somewhat perplexed.

Considering Yi Yun's strength, there was no need for him to deceive them. From the looks of it, Yi Yun truly wished to save their sect leader. This left the people from the Red Cauldron Sect overjoyed.

This senior had amazing strength and it was very possible that he could succeed.

"Thank you, Senior!" The middle-aged man was extremely excited as he gave Yi Yun a deep bow.

Ru'er's excited face turned red. She had no idea how to thank Yi Yun.

"Curb your enthusiasm. I might not be able to save him."

Yi Yun did not want to guarantee anything. After all, the Red Cauldron Sect's sect leader had suffered soul damage. However, a weaker soul was relatively easier to treat. As for a worldly divine object like Xie'er, a soul that had been born out of hundreds of millions of years, it was a lot more difficult.

"If Senior is unable to succeed, it is our sect leader's fate. We would not hold out any more hope," said the middle-aged man sincerely.

"Alright. Then it's settled. However, I still have something to deal with here. Once I'm finished, I'll accompany you to the Myriad Divine Territory!"

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