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"My hands!" Demonblood's eyes turned red. His demonic claws were equivalent to an enchanted treasure, yet they had been easily severed by Yi Yun! Yi Yun's strike just then seemed to possess the might of the world. Demonblood's fiendish aura couldn't put up any resistance at all!

Didn't Yi Yun just step into the Dao Palace realm? How did things turn out this way?

At that moment, Yi Yun walked slowly toward Demonblood with sword in hand.

"Yi Yun!" Demonblood looked hatefully at Yi Yun. His face was distorted as he bellowed loudly. Every drop of his lifeblood surged as blood continuously seeped out of his pores. Thick, fiendish aura began gathering around his body as though it would form a layer of coagulated blood armor.

The pain of having his hand severed made Demonblood yearn to immediately drink Yi Yun's blood!

But at that moment, Demonblood had been pushed to a corner. He gritted his teeth and burned his blood essence! He wanted to defeat Yi Yun in the shortest possible amount of time, making him pay a terrible price for his actions.

Old Man Ji stood outside the spatial barriers, but could sense the terrifyingly fiendish aura. Even standing far away from Demonblood, he felt like his lifeblood was being gradually sucked dry, so he couldn't imagine what an attack would do.

He hurriedly conjured his Yuan Qi barrier to protect Ling Xie'er.

"Die!" Demonblood pounced at Yi Yun. He had countless kills and, although Yi Yun was strong, he had been practicing martial arts his entire life. He had encountered many near-death experiences, and survived them all. He refused to believe that this would be his end.

The tumultuous, fiendish aura condensed on Demonblood's body and made him as quick as lightning, with a meteor-like momentum. The sharp sound of the explosion pierced right into the ears of others. It made the entire s.p.a.ce tremble!

And at that moment in time, the sword-wielding Yi Yun's aura was also constantly rising as he approached Demonblood.

The 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence constantly spun beneath his feet, and each supreme Great Dao nomological aura made Yi Yun's every step seem to conform to the operation of the world and the magnificence of the celestial objects. It had a profound feel to it.

Yi Yun's entire being seemed to merge into the surrounding s.p.a.ce. His eyes were cold and the Yuan Qi he exuded seemed to ignite the very s.p.a.ce where he and Demonblood stood with a burning inferno.

When his aura reached a maximum point, Demonblood had already charged in front of him. It was then that Yi Yun struck out!

The sword thrust forward with no resplendent brilliance!

Instead, all the flames rolled back at once and gathered on Yi Yun's sword tip, transforming into a tiny flame wisp.

This flame was not red in color, but gray. Within the flame's core was the spinning 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence, along with the condensed Destruction and Chaos laws!

This strike instantly traversed s.p.a.ce and time, hurtling straight for Demonblood!

"Yi Yun, don't you push me. I'll make sure we perish together!" Demonblood roared as a terrifying aura burst out of his body. The sanguine aura condensed into a ma.s.sive human face in mid-air. It opened its mouth in a bid to swallow Yi Yun and, at the same time, Demonblood's armor strengthened.

The Demonic Blood Armor was refined from the lifeblood of all the warriors Demonblood had killed in the past. It was highly resilient.


With a deadpan expression, Yi Yun stabbed the sanguine face with his pure Yang broken sword that burned with gray flames.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The face buckled under the immense heat, and countless piercing cries could be heard as it evaporated.

No matter how heretical the sanguine face was, how could it withstand the Heretical G.o.d Fire Seed, as well as the laws of destruction?

After destroying the sanguine face with a single strike, Yi Yun's blade continued its indomitable trajectory towards Demonblood. Demonblood's expression changed drastically but he had no means of dodging the strike.


His protective demonic aura was torn apart as the pure Yang broken sword stabbed straight into his body. Large quant.i.ties of blood splattered out of his body as he crumbled to the ground heavily. He stared with widened eyes, looking incredulously at his chest.

"My…Demonic Blood Armor…"

His armor had completely failed to withstand Yi Yun's sword.

Yi Yun moved in front of Demonblood, expressionless, and slashed his sword.


A blob of blood sprayed.

A hint of paleness flashed across Yi Yun's face. It wasn't easy for him to produce the mighty strike from before!

However, he had finally managed to slay Demonblood!

There was an immediate silence in the stone temple!

"Young Master Yi actually managed to kill an important figure of the Seven Star Dao Palace…" Old Man Ji was taken aback. He looked at the sword-wielding figure, whose sword tip dripped with fresh blood. The 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence by Yi Yun's feet was still spinning, and even just standing there, he exuded a killing intent that smothered Old Man Ji and the two maidservants despite them being hundreds of feet away.

As for Liu Ruyi and Demonfiend, they found it unbelievable.

Demonblood had been killed just like that!

At that moment, Yi Yun coldly turned his head toward Demonfiend.

"You're next."

The sound of his voice was like a haunting charm, with the weight of threats from ghosts and G.o.ds!

Yi Yun was a warrior that had just stepped into the Dao Palace realm. He had cultivated for less than sixty years, so Demonfiend should've had no need to fear such a junior. However, at that moment in time, he could not help but shudder!

His cultivation level was similar to Demonblood's. The cultivation techniques and martial arts they learned were identical!

Seeing Demonblood die was like seeing his own impending doom!

If not for the darn array, would he be in such a dire state? He could have combined forces with Demonblood and annihilated Yi Yun!

"Junior Sister Liu, quickly break the spatial restraints and join forces with me to kill Yi Yun!" Demonfiend immediately shouted.

Liu Ruyi did not need Demonfiend's urging. She had already been waving her whip and a.s.saulting the spatial barrier. Demonblood's death left her shuddering in fear of Yi Yun's strength. She could not sit idly as Demonfiend died.

However, no matter how many times Liu Ruyi lashed out with her whip, she was unable to crack the barrier!

Liu Ruyi could see that while the ma.s.sive array was on the brink of collapse, it still had enough energy to trap her for a period of time.

"Crack! d.a.m.n it!"

Liu Ruyi felt extremely nervous, and her head was covered in sweat. There was no need to fear Yi Yun if the three of them combined forces but if they had to fight individually, the outcome would only be dire.

Yi Yun's decisive methods were ruthless! If it were in the past, Liu Ruyi would have never be afraid of a junior that had just entered the Dao Palace realm. However, Yi Yun was like a G.o.d of death.

Just seeing the way he slayed Demonblood made others experience the immense killing intent from h.e.l.l. It left her shuddering!

At this moment, Yi Yun had already walked into the s.p.a.ce that imprisoned Demonfiend. He did not stop for a moment, immediately striking out!

Demonfiend did not hesitate and immediately burned his blood essence. He was using all his strength from the start!

But at that moment, Yi Yun's sword beam underwent a transformation.

The sword's thrust seemed to distort time. And at the same time, a Yin frost exuded from the gray flame.

The two Great Dao, s.p.a.ce-Time and Yin-Yang, simultaneously appeared in Yi Yun's strike.

"The Azure Rainbow pierces the Blood Moon, Ice Cold Seals G.o.d Abyss! Die!"

The sword beam instantly appeared in front of Demonfiend, and wherever it pa.s.sed seemingly transformed into a h.e.l.lscape!

Before the strike was even finished, Yi Yun slashed once more.

His ice-cold killing intent instantly enveloped Demonfiend.

"Cha! Cha! Cha!"

Countless sword beams crashed down, leaving behind deep ravines in the ground. The cave they were in nearly tore apart.

And among these ravines stood Demonfiend, his expression pale. He had suffered numerous wounds.

He looked at Yi Yun in disbelief. Yi Yun's sword stance and keenness had only gotten sharper, despite having experienced an intense battle with Demonblood!

"Junior Sister…Liu…" Demonfiend placed his last bit of hopes of survival on Liu Ruyi, who was still desperately trying to crack the barrier.

"Don't waste your energy." Yi Yun's expression was cold. "Both of you will definitely die."

As he spoke, Yi Yun slid the pure Yang broken sword's blade across his wrists, leaving behind a trace of fresh blood on its tip.

He could not allow himself to waste time after fighting two deputy palatial lords that had burned their blood essence. He had expended much of his Yuan Qi.

Once the crumbling worldly array truly disintegrated, Liu Ruyi and Demonfiend's reunion will only mean danger for him.

He used his own blood essence to consecrate the sword, causing the pure Yang broken sword to hum!


The Destruction Dao Domain expanded violently as sword beams devoured the area around him. Yi Yun did not hold back in his upcoming strike!

Demonfiend let out a bellow as he struck out before his death. However, the claw phantoms that he produced were all ground up by Yi Yun's strike!

As the sword beams flew around, they tore Demonfiend's protective Yuan Qi. apart. Even the spatial barriers of the worldly array trembled violently.


Yi Yun stabbed through Demonfiend's heart, leaving a bloodied Demonfiend plummeting to the ground like a leaking blood bag. His eyes helplessly and indignantly stared into the void, but he was already dead.

Yi Yun landed on the ground as an unusual redness flashed across his face.

"Pa Da! Pa Da!"

Fresh blood streamed down the pure Yang broken sword and dripped to the ground. Slowly, the drops splashed and the scarlet blood left a stabbing pain in the eyes of others…

"Finally…your turn!"

Yi Yun calmed the chaotic Yuan Qi in his body and suddenly turned his head, pointing the pure Yang broken sword at Liu Ruyi.

Yi Yun was covered in blood at that moment. His killing intent was off the charts as though he was a demonic G.o.d from h.e.l.l!

Liu Ruyi looked at the mutilated corpses of Demonfiend and Demonblood before looking at Yi Yun once again. The color in her face had drained completely.

In all her life, she had never experienced such terror. They, the deputy palatial lords of the Seven Star Dao Palace, had been trapped in spatial prisons and killed one by one!

That horrible fact, that all she could do was stand there wait for death, was unbearable.

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