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"Ling Xie'er!"

All of a sudden, Yi Yun opened eyes that crackled with gray flames. The dim underground s.p.a.ce seemed to light up in flames.


The array barrier above Yi Yun promptly exploded, sending tumultuous Yuan Qi rolling out like typhoons. However, none of Yi Yun's clothes even moved. His imposing stance was gathered as a whole, his eyes were filled with killing intent that coagulated like blood!

"Seven Star Dao Palace! Liu Ruyi!"


The pure Yang broken sword appeared in Yi Yun's hand as he vanished from his spot!

After breaking through to the Dao Palace realm, Yi Yun's speed had reached a horrifying level!

A Golden Crow shrieked as a pair of gigantic wings appeared behind Yi Yun. As the wings flapped, Yi Yun's body seemed to be enveloped by a ball of flame. He hurtled like a meteor towards Ling Xie'er's location.

Although the mystical land was a chaotic s.p.a.ce, Yi Yun could easily sense Ling Xie'er's location after fusing with the Heretical G.o.d Fire Seed. Unfortunately, the connection between Ling Xie'er and the Heretical G.o.d Fire Seed was almost severed…

Amid loud rumbling noises, the entire stone temple was quickly collapsing. The ma.s.sive array was quickly reaching the point of complete destruction and, if this carried on, the underground world might end up forever buried under the desert.

Liu Ruyi had an ominous, foreboding feeling. How could a worldly array be destroyed so easily?

"Any undue delay might invite trouble. Senior Brothers, let's join forces and dissipate this girl. As for Yi Yun, the ma.s.sive array is collapsing. He probably won't be able to survive in this underground. And even if he were fortunate enough to escape, he would just end up in our hands." Liu Ruyi said as she looked at Ling Xie'er.

"Hehe, alright." The two childlike deputy palatial lords exchanged looks and, one after the other, injected blasts of Yuan Qi.

With Ling Xie'er already in such an evanescent state, she was surely finished if two blasts of Yuan Qi were injected into the Soul Locking Whip.

The duo struck out almost simultaneously, and their Yuan Qi quickly linked up.


When the Yuan Qi was injected into the Soul Locking Whip, Ling Xie'er's body quivered slightly. Her last vestiges of willpower were dissipating as her body turned blurry. At that moment, she was like a phantom in a dream. At any moment, she could transform into countless dots of light and vanish into the wind.

At the same time, the flying Yi Yun felt his heart sink. The Heretical G.o.d Fire Seed residing in his dantian emanated a baffling sense of melancholy. It nearly made Yi Yun's heart stop beating.


Yi Yun let out a roar as infernos swept his surroundings like a storm. All the spatial barriers around him were broken by the immense blast. Having broken through the distorted s.p.a.ce, Yi Yun rushed straight for Ling Xie'er!



Yi Yun slashed apart the final spatial barrier and, in an instant, finally arrived in the stone temple.

The first thing he saw was Ling Xie'er's fading phantom image. She was about a hundred feet away, and mere moments away from collapsing into light dots. He then saw the cause: the Soul Locking Whip that held onto her tightly like a devil's tentacle!

A sinister black gas drifted through the Soul Locking Whip and towards Ling Xie'er. It was the Yuan Qi produced by Demonfiend and Demonblood. It gathered and took the form of a ferocious ghost about to completely swallow Ling Xie'er.

A distance of hundred feet, but also an instant, separated life from death!

"Get lost!"

The sword beam radiated like the dazzling sun as it tore through all obstacles. It traversed s.p.a.ce and shot through the ferocious ghost's Yuan Qi embodiment.


With a loud explosion, the Yuan Qi embodiment exploded completely! The sword beam did not lose its momentum, continuing its trajectory towards Liu Ruyi and company.

Liu Ruyi's pupils constricted as she immediately retreated. At the same time, she waved her hand and struck at the sword beam.

However, the moment her Yuan Qi made contact with the sword beam, her expression changed drastically.

Her immense Yuan Qi was like paper in front of the sword beam. It couldn't withstand it at all!

She was not the only one. Demonfiend and Demonblood were also surprised when they made contact with the sword beam. Only through combined force were the three of them able to withstand the sword beam.

As for Master Tianxiao, he did not even touch the sword beam. Just seeing the sword beam coming at him made all his hair stand up. An intense feeling of death and danger enveloped him.

Who was it!?

What terrifying opponent had appeared at this moment in time!?

There were many factions that had come to Sun Burial Sandsea. Liu Ruyi and company believed that a mighty figure from another faction had found the underground world and was attempting to steal the Yang spirit right out from under them.

As the sword beam began to fade, a ball of fire as bright as the radiant sun landed in front of Ling Xie'er.


The sword beam flashed again, and Liu Ruyi felt a stabbing pain in her soul sea. Her Soul Locking Whip emitted the sound of fracturing metal, as though it was straining under a heavy burden. It was being cleaved apart by Yi Yun's strike.

Although the Soul Locking Whip was not a supreme treasure, it was still of excellent quality. But against this person's sword beam, it was as soft as tofu.

Cha! Cha! Cha!

The sword beam flashed one last time, causing the already broken Soul Locking Whip to be diced into countless segments!

Ling Xie'er's body began falling like a feather.

This was her spiritual body. After being tortured for such a long time by the Soul Locking Whip, an evil item made to torment souls, she was already fading away.

Yi Yun took a step and crossed s.p.a.ce. In a flash, he appeared in front of Ling Xie'er. Opening his arms, he embraced Ling Xie'er.

The instant he touched Ling Xie'er, Yi Yun's heart sank. He could not feel any weight from her body!

Ling Xie'er's once clear and bright eyes had already lost their l.u.s.ter. She looked at Yi Yun in a daze, but there was a hint of satisfaction.

She could sense that her true essence was already in Yi Yun's body. Together as one with Yi Yun, he could finally bring her true body out of this land in the future.

She moved the corners of her mouth slightly, in a bid to reveal a smile. However, she had lost all her strength. Slowly, her eyes closed…

Her flame of vitality was nearly extinguished. As Yi Yun hugged the body that was as light as a feather, he immediately felt a heart-wrenching pain.

Because he had fused with the Heretical G.o.d Fire Seed's core, this was a pain that came from their blood connection.

"Xie'er, I will make you wake up. Definitely." Yi Yun said softly. He stretched his hand out towards Ling Xie'er's glabella. Gently, he eased her knitted brows.

At the same time, the pure Yuan Qi that the Azure Wood Divine Tree had previously absorbed was injected back into Ling Xie'er's body through Yi Yun's fingertip.

After breaking through to the Dao Palace realm, he could expend whatever energy from the array that he had not completely absorbed into Ling Xie'er's body.

She had been trapped in the array for years, making her extremely weak to begin with. Then she endured torment that damaged her to the core. And damage to the soul or consciousness was difficult to treat. Even with Yi Yun's Azure Wood Divine Tree support, which allowed him to constantly inject Yuan Qi essence into her, Ling Xie'er's already translucent body seemed incapable of absorbing Yuan Qi. Most of it just ended up evaporating into nothingness…

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