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Ling Xie'er had finally gained sentience after hundreds of millions of years. Now she was about to be killed, and have her true body refined by the enemy.

Ling Xie'er kept struggling as her face revealed a look of pure terror.

If her true Heretical G.o.d Fire Seed body were here, she would have no need to fear these people. However, just her sentient projection alone had no combat strength!

"Stop wasting your strength. Do you think a mere sentient projection can resist me? Even a Divine Lord's separated soul upon death could not resist my Soul Locking Whip, much less you!" Liu Ruyi said as she injected a blast of Yuan Qi into the whip.

As a result, the Soul Locking Whip emitted an extremely cold and sinister aura. Ghastly wails could be heard as Ling Xie'er's body tightened.

"Ah!" Ling Xie'er immediately exclaimed in shock.

"Deputy Palatial Lord Liu, how long must the Yang spirit's sentient projection be whipped before it's destroyed?" Master Tianxiao mustered his courage to ask. He had had enough and only wished to leave as soon as possible.

Liu Ruyi's eyes flashed a look of satisfaction. "This Soul Locking Whip of mine is an ancient treasure I obtained from a ruin. It is specifically used to vanquish souls. Were it a human's soul, it would be very easy to wipe it out. This Yang spirit took form from a heavenly treasure and created a sentient projection over hundreds of millions of years. But even so, she will not be able to last too much longer. At most, it will take a few days. Both of you should take turns with me using the whip so that we can constantly lash at her. We must not stop for even a moment."

The two childlike deputy palatial lords immediately nodded. They bared sinister smiles when they looked at Ling Xie'er.

"After refining this Yang spirit, we will search for Yi Yun and then use him as one of the companion herbs." one of the children said sinisterly.

Master Tianxiao glanced at Ling Xie'er as well. He yearned for the girl to perish at that very moment. Then, his suffering would be considerably lessened.

But now that they had the Yang spirit in hand, Yi Yun would definitely not be able to escape the Seven Star Dao Palace's three deputy palatial lords. Master Tianxiao was finally at ease.

"Ah! It's so painful! Ah!"

Ling Xie'er's pet.i.te body flailed as she let out shrill screams. However, Liu Ruyi and company were unshaken by the torment the girl was suffering. Instead, they responded by sending more Yuan Qi into the Soul Locking Whip.

"Am I going to die…?"

Ling Xie'er felt complete despair. She wanted to beseech Yi Yun to help her, but she also knew that he was no match for the trio in front of her.

If she were to call out to Yi Yun, it would only serve to harm him.

The pain reached deep into her bone marrow. The torture her soul endured was unbearable. She wished she could immediately faint but knew that it would only result in her being obliterated faster.

Why am I so useless…I wanted to subdue the trio but end up falling for their scheme…

"Oh? This girl sure is tenacious. It has been six hours. Not only has she not been tortured to death, her soul hasn't even weakened much. Senior Brothers Demonfiend, Demonblood, it's your turn!"

Liu Ruyi wiped the sweat from her forehead and handed over control of the Soul Locking Whip to the two childlike elders.

"Hehe, I have been longing to try my hand at this."

Demonblood licked his lips and took over the Soul Locking Whip. "It appears this la.s.s can last another eight or nine days. Fine, don't die too quickly, or it will only be boring for me."

As Demonblood spoke, he began powering the whip. His voice left Master Tianxiao's heart shuddering when he heard it. That old man was truly perverse.

Days quickly pa.s.sed but Yi Yun was unaware of what Ling Xie'er was experiencing. He was immersed in his rumination and was no longer aware of how much time had pa.s.sed.

Unknowingly, he was surrounded by scrolls. And around him floated countless runes and text that were detailed on the scrolls. They were shimmering like fireflies as they danced around him in the air.

Yi Yun seemed to have fused with these texts, existing in the same region of s.p.a.ce.

As he held the scrolls, he felt as though he had seen every step the divine alchemist had taken back when he was setting up the ma.s.sive array. Then, he saw the world change with time. As hundreds of millions of years pa.s.sed, the ma.s.sive array began to fuse with the worldly formation.

The greenery that originally existed was wiped out by the pure Yang Yuan Qi, and the entire continent was baked into a desert. And the cause of all of this lied in the array.

Yi Yun seemed to experience countless years with the piece of land. When he jolted awake, he finally understood everything.

"So that's how it happened…The divine alchemist had not only reached the peak of alchemy, he also gained insights into the Dao of Life and Death. As such, he used his alchemy as a foundation and the Life and Death array as a supplement, hoping to rewind the samsara of Life and Death, thus saving his daughter that had pa.s.sed away years ago. However, he still failed in the end."

"The core of the ma.s.sive array is the six great divisions in the wheel of samsara!"

Yi Yun had watched the six-divisioned wheel of samsara for quite a while. The Dao of Life and Death was also the Dao of Birth and Destruction!

Yi Yun cultivated in Primordial Chaos and Major Destruction. The former gave birth to everything in the Universe, while the latter led to the death of everything in the Universe.

The Dao of Life and Death was, after all, also a part of the Great Dao of Supremacy, Chaos and Destruction!

"I can subst.i.tute the Dao of Life and Death with my Chaos and Destruction. As for the pure Yang formations of the world, I have a nine-leaf pure Yang Dao fruit. And for the final alchemical methods, I can attempt to crack them with my Desolate Heaven technique!"

"After all, it is a ma.s.sive array that has existed for hundreds of millions of years. With the four nine-leaf Dao fruits in my dantian, I refuse to believe I can't crack this array!"

Yi Yun went to the front of the ma.s.sive array's core. His eyes were sparkling like stars.

Only Yi Yun was simultaneously proficient in the three laws—Life and Death, alchemy, and pure Yang.

Although Yi Yun's cultivation level wasn't high, he was still the best candidate to crack the array!

"I wonder if it's possible…"

Yi Yun raised his hands and a black vortex gathered in between them, forming into a huge black wheel.

The wheel that had demonic and divine phantoms in it was none other than Yi Yun's 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence.

The 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence that represented destruction wasn't enough. With a thought, Yi Yun produced a wisp of nebulous Primordial Chaos out from the World Tree in his body, fusing it into the 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence's core!

Just a wisp of the nebulous Primordial Chaos was as heavy as a mountain. It could crush lands and separate seas.

However, when this wisp of nebulous Primordial Chaos completely fused with the 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence, the Great Dao of Birth and Destruction was complete.

Yi Yun concentrated as he watched the 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence merge with the divine alchemist's six-divisioned wheel of samsara.

Before all else, the Dao of samsara was one of the Great Dao. If he did not possess higher Chaos and Destruction laws, it would have been extremely difficult to resolve it.

The wheel of samsara slowly merged with the Birth and Destruction wheel. At that moment, Yi Yun happened to see the gray flame still trapped within the wheel of samsara.

That was Ling Xie'er's fire source.

Over the past month, Yi Yun had been engrossed in pondering over the divine alchemist's notes. He had not noticed Ling Xie'er around him, so where could she have gone?

Yi Yun saw that the gray flame was flickering unstably on the wheel of samsara as though it was going to collapse at any time. This left Yi Yun confounded.

What's wrong!?

Yi Yun could no longer be concerned with the fusion of the wheel of samsara and the wheel of Birth and Destruction. He sent his perception into the Heretical G.o.d Fire Seed and asked, "Xie'er, what's wrong with you?"

Yi Yun was already 60-70% confident that he could crack the array and free Ling Xie'er. But now, he realized that Ling Xie'er could be in trouble!

After Yi Yun asked the question, he did not receive any response immediately. Only after nearly a minute did he hear a weak and staccato voice.

"Brother Yi Yun, I might not be able to take it any further…"

Yi Yun's eyes flashed! It was Ling Xie'er!

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