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Yi Yun found a scroll that held the details of the ma.s.sive array, and began reading it while sitting beside the lake.

The scroll was extremely complex. The content was so abstruse that, even as a Desolate Heaven Master, Yi Yun needed to ponder over each word and line before he could figure out the meaning within.

Ling Xie'er just sat on the disk array and quietly watched Yi Yun study. Although she was innocent, she was still a spiritual being of the world, and thus was able to distinguish whether a person was good or bad. She could sense that Yi Yun had no ill intentions toward her.

"If only he were just a little stronger." Ling Xie'er sighed as she held her tiny face.

Suddenly, Ling Xie'er sensed something. She raised her head and looked towards the roaring pure Yang waterfall above her.

After staring at the waterfall for a moment, she lowered her head to look at Yi Yun.

Seeing that Yi Yun was completely immersed in reading the scroll, she quietly stood up and, with a flash, disappeared into a beam of light. And at the moment Ling Xie'er vanished, the gray flame in her was blocked by an invisible barrier. It could not break the obstruction, and was forced to stay in the array…

Ling Xie'er may have been the Heretical G.o.d Fire Seed, but the gray flame was her essence. If the flame could not leave the array, then Ling Xie'er would never be able to leave the land of cremation.


In the darkness, there was a sudden tragic cry as a few figures appeared by the side of a mountain cliff.

"Stop shouting. If you attract more of those humanoid monsters, you'll lose more than your legs," said Liu Ruyi coldly.

The person she spoke to was none other than the Heaven Secrets Chapter's Master Tianxiao.

By that point, Master Tianxiao was in a wretched state. His legs had been cleaved off from the thighs. He was covered in blood, for he had also lost an arm. If he lost the other arm, he would be no different from a punished consort.

As Master Tianxiao had lost all ability to fight, the twin childlike deputy palatial lords of the Seven Star Dao Palace had tied his body to a machine-operated puppet. The state he was in was as tragic as could be.

The moment Liu Ruyi mentioned the humanoid monsters, Master Tianxiao immediately shuddered and did not dare whimper another word.

"Lead the way properly. You only lost your legs and an arm. My Seven Star Dao Palace has already promised to reattach them for you, so what's there to be afraid of?" said one of the two children in a hoa.r.s.e voice.

There were only three people left from the entire Seven Star Dao Palace expedition team. Even one of the deputy palatial lords had perished.

As for the Heaven Secrets Chapter group, only Master Tianxiao alone had managed to barely survive. And that was only because Liu Ruyi believed him to be of some use, and deliberately protected him.

Along the way, they had not only encountered terrifying humanoid monsters, they had also met ancient creatures that nearly wiped them all out.

Yi Yun's gloating words had truly come to pa.s.s.

"With three deputy palatial lords, I'm naturally unafraid." Master Tianxiao said bitterly with a despondent expression.

Unafraid? He was already terribly regretting this excursion!

He originally believed that he would garner certain boons from coming on the expedition, but now, aside from not getting a thing, he had lost two legs and an arm.

Having come this far, the three deputy palatial lords refused to retreat. They had already paid a tragic price so they were bent on obtaining the Yang spirit.

Master Tianxiao knew that if he could not lead the way, then he was a cripple of no value.

"The environment here is quite different from the places we previously pa.s.sed…" Master Tianxiao used his remaining hand to hold on to a compa.s.s and attempted to divine a path. "This place is probably not far from the Yang spirit."

"You've already said this twice…" Liu Ruyi gave Master Tianxiao a displeased look before saying coldly, "I'll believe you another time."

"I'm out of options, too, for the Heaven Secrets Compa.s.s is not in my hand." Master Tianxiao said weakly.

One of the childlike deputy palatial lords used a rope to lift Master Tianxiao up as the quartet continued proceeding forward.

After a while, they heard rumbling sounds ahead.

"That is…" They had arrived in front of the molten waterfall.

The waterfall looked magnificent and the bottom appeared unfathomable. The pure Yang gases stirred and anyone of weaker strength, like Master Tianxiao, immediately felt like they were being tortured in flames.

He was already extremely frail after losing two legs and an arm, yet he now had to endure the excruciating burning from the pure Yang laws. His beard was even beginning to twirl from the heat.

"The pure Yang aura below is extremely pure. The Yang spirit is likely beneath the waterfall," said one of the childlike deputy palatial lords as his eyes lit up.

Even if the Yang spirit's presence could not be confirmed, there was definitely a mystic treasure beneath the waterfall.

"I wonder where that little b.a.s.t.a.r.d, Yi Yun, is. If he is here, I'll definitely rip out his skin and bones and use his soul for herbal refinement!"

The way Yi Yun mocked them was still fresh on their minds.

They had not encountered Yi Yun along the way, so it was possible that Yi Yun was in the vicinity.

"He probably thinks he can get the treasure but he'll only get this far. He won't be able to escape with the treasure. Everything in here will belong to the Seven Star Dao Palace. It will be refined into a supreme treasure." Liu Ruyi p.r.i.c.ked up her slender brows and said with a sneer.

What they did not know was that Ling Xie'er secretly watched them from inside the waterfall.

She could tell that one of the four was already on his last breath. The remaining three had powerful auras.

However, the trio had also been injured along the way. They had powerful auras but they were unstable.

"They have such a huge vendetta with the person called Yi Yun?" Ling Xie'er mused over it when she suddenly blinked her eyes." Could…Yi Yun be him?"

Ling Xie'er was a part of the worldly array. She could sense anyone who came into the underground world.

She knew that the group of people that had come were large in numbers, previously. This was the same group of people, so their enemy had to be Yi Yun that had come alone.

Upon hearing the quartet discuss how they would treat Yi Yun after capturing him, Ling Xie'er held her chin and pondered. She was the one that led Yi Yun down here. If these people were to descend the waterfall and find Yi Yun, it would be as if she hurt him herself.

In the past, many people died attempting to crack the array. As a result, Ling Xie'er felt somewhat ridden with guilt. Now, with her leading Yi Yun to the side of the ma.s.sive array, it was even more unlikely she would watch these people kill Yi Yun.

"If he discovers that he can't crack the array, it would be fine if he leaves on his own. Since these people are here to find me, I can lead them away first," thought Ling Xie'er.

But in fact, Ling Xie'er did not have a method to take care of the trio with powerful auras. Being trapped for hundreds of millions of years made her very weak. Furthermore, her source—the gray flame—was locked in the core of the array. She had no way to deal with the trio.

Seeing the quartet about to leap down the waterfall, Ling Xie'er flew out of hiding without a second thought.

"Who is it!?"

Liu Ruyi bellowed angrily and was instantly left dumbfounded.

How could there be a young girl in such a place?

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