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"I am deeply aware that my end is near. I shall seclude myself from this day forth in search of the peak of alchemy. If I succeed, I might perhaps save Xiaoxiao. I do not know how long my seclusion will last and I might never come out. But it is also a wish of mine to be cremated in a land of alchemical refinement."

When Yi Yun read the last line in the black scroll, he finally understood that the senior had set up a ma.s.sive array at Sun Burial Sandsea as a way to isolate himself in death.

His seclusion had spanned hundred of million of years. Everything left in the stone temple was likely abandoned for hundreds of millions of years. After all that time, there was probably nothing left of the senior.

"This senior went into reclusion to save his daughter, Ling Xiaoxiao. Is she the girl I met?"

Yi Yun lowered the black scroll and looked up. He saw the adorable girl sitting on the cauldron, cupping her chin and looking at him.

This baffled Yi Yun. Was it possible that Ling Xiaoxiao had been living alone in here for hundreds of millions of years, or even longer, after she was revived?

Why didn't she die of old age after such a long period of time? For that matter, she didn't even grow up. Could it be that the divine alchemist eventually managed to refine both the Elixir of Resurrection and the Elixir of Immortality?

Upon thinking of this, Yi Yun shook his head. Legend said that immortality was only attainable at the peak of martial arts. It wasn't as simple as drinking an elixir or using a relic. Furthermore, the divine alchemist had abandoned his search for the Elixir of Immortality, and instead dedicated himself to refining the Elixir of Resurrection. Even just the Elixir of Resurrection had expended his last bit of strength. He has also pinned all of his hopes on the ma.s.sive array.

Recalling the tens of millions of years along the river of time, and reviving a person who had died in a particular segment of that river was as good as an act of G.o.d!

Did the divine alchemist truly succeed? Could it be that the array he set up only just recently succeeded after hundreds of millions of years? In that case, had Ling Xiaoxiao just been revived and not been given the chance to grow up?

This thought flashed across Yi Yun's mind. He noticed that the girl was constantly looking at him above the cauldron. Her eyes sparkled like beautiful stars. They looked like luminescent gems in the dark night.

Perhaps, Ling Xiaoxiao was the only person who knew where the G.o.d Fire was in this stone temple.

However, since the G.o.d Fire was left behind by the divine alchemist, it was technically left for Ling Xiaoxiao. Yi Yun believed that if he were to s.n.a.t.c.h it from her, it would be quite an unreasonable act.

Yi Yun had a line he wouldn't cross. Ling Xiaoxiao had a pitiful story. Were he to s.n.a.t.c.h away the G.o.d Fire left to her by her father, could he call himself a gentleman?

Just as Yi Yun was pondering the matter, he suddenly saw the girl's figure flash. She had been sucked into the ma.s.sive cauldron.

"So this cauldron is also a spatial enchanted item. It's similar to the G.o.d Advent Tower."

The girl seemed to be inviting Yi Yun to enter the cauldron with her. After a moment of hesitation, Yi Yun went in front of the cauldron and placed his palm on it. He injected a wisp of Yuan Qi and felt an immediate suction.

He did not resist, allowing the suction to pull him in. The scene in front of him changed and, before he knew it, he was standing in front of a gigantic lake.

The lake was similar to the deep waterfall basin that Yi Yun had seen previously. There was red molten metal boiling in the lake. However, what came gushing at him was not hot air but ice-cold air.

Yi Yun knew that this was due to the theory of how solitary Yang could not exist, and therefore extreme Yang gives birth to Yin. Only through the fusion of Yin and Yang could the pure Yang laws here have reached such an extreme.

In the middle of the lake, Yi Yun saw an array disk. Looking from afar, he could see that none other than Ling Xiaoxiao was standing on it.

Beneath her feet was slowly burning flame wisp. It was blackish-gray in color and it looked extremely calm and quiet.

An indescribable aura emanated from the flame, instilling a sense of reverence in Yi Yun. It was as though he was facing the twelve Fey G.o.ds of the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven.

Could it be…that it was the Heretical G.o.d Fire Seed!?

Yi Yun held his breath. Although reason told him that the flame belonged to Ling Xiaoxiao, Yi Yun could not help but feel tempted at the sight of such a treasure.

If he could fuse this G.o.d Fire into him, its power would enter into his body, tremendously increasing his cultivation level. The World Tree in his body would also grow at an insane pace!

Then, his strength would increase to an unimaginable level!

He truly wanted it…

Yi Yun was struggling internally. Although the G.o.d Fire should not be s.n.a.t.c.hed from Ling Xiaoxiao, he did not want to just leave her there. It was too lonely for a young girl like her to be left in an abandoned array.

Also, the Heretical G.o.d Fire Seed would follow Ling Xiaoxiao. Even if he did not take it, he could still absorb a portion of its divine power and benefit greatly.

Thinking how he was scheming against a nine or ten-year-old girl, Yi Yun felt a bit embarra.s.sed. However… was the girl really only nine or ten?

Why did she appear unharmed while standing above the flame? Furthermore, she had previously leaped into the pure Yang waterfall. Her insights into pure Yang laws seemed to exceed even his.

How could a ten-year-old girl have such nomological insight? Could it be that she had obtained the recognition of pure Yang power because she had been revived here?

Just as Yi Yun was ruminating over this, he saw the gray Heretical G.o.d Fire Seed suddenly transform into a blazing wisp before merging into Ling Xiaoxiao's body and disappearing.

As for Ling Xiaoxiao, her expression did not change. She was still using her gemlike eyes to look at him.

Yi Yun was suddenly somewhat stunned. Ling Xiaoxiao had merged with the Heretical G.o.d Fire Seed!?

Jumping into the pure Yang waterfall was already inconceivable, but to merge with the Heretical G.o.d Fire Seed directly? This was…

Thinking carefully, although the cauldron was filled with pure Yang gases, it was still burning after hundred of millions of years.

However, there were no herbs left in it. If the Elixir of Resurrection had been refined in the recent one or two years, there should be some herbal dregs left even if there were no herbal ingredients.

For a cauldron to refine an elixir for hundred of millions of years was already an amazing feat. Whatever impressive treasure would probably have been reduced to dust over the immense period of time.

Under such circ.u.mstances, would the array set up by the divine alchemist still be able to revive his daughter?

The array could only succeed after hundreds of millions of years. How likely was it?

Yi Yun's first impression of the girl…was that she was Ling Xiaoxiao. However…was she really Ling Xiaoxiao!?

Upon coming to this point, Yi Yun took a few steps back. He observed the array beneath the girl's feet. It was clearly the core of the cauldron's array. The cauldron had been burning for hundreds of millions of years in this land of pure Yang. It was already an extremely valuable treasure among treasures. And this array was constantly in motion, gathering the pure Yang powers in the Sun Burial Sandsea. The intensity of the pure Yang energy was so high that even Yi Yun did not dare touch.

However, the girl was prancing around the array's core like she was in a garden. As he watched the pure Yang forces that were like a ma.s.sive ocean inundating her body, a thought suddenly flashed across Yi Yun's mind—

"You are the Heretical G.o.d Fire Seed!?"

Yi Yun suddenly understood that the gray flame he saw on the disk array was not the Heretical G.o.d Fire Seed's form.

Although the flame exuded a powerful aura like it was the Chaos gases at the birth of the Universe, it seemed too weak. It didn't match Yi Yun's imagination of the Heretical G.o.d Fire Seed.

Also, this gray fire seed eventually infused itself into Ling Xiaoxiao's body and did not seem to face any obstacle in fusing with her. It made Yi Yun unable to sense the aura of the gray flame again.

Therefore, a bold thought arose in Yi Yun's mind. Could it be possible that the young girl was the Fire of the Heretical G.o.d's true body!?

It was the only explanation for why she still looked like a young girl after hundred of millions of years in the ma.s.sive array. She did not age or die. It also explained why she appeared to be having fun as if she were playing in a tiny water stream when she first entered the molten waterfall.

Yi Yun knew that top-grade divine fire and treasures had the ability to take form. After absorbing the essence of the Heaven and Earth, they were able to take form as human or Fey after hundreds of millions of years. It was nothing surprising.

The girl only looked at Yi Yun and after a prolonged silence, she said crisply, "Are you here looking for me? Do you want me?"

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