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"Since he has the Heaven Secrets Compa.s.s, I wonder if that Yi Yun will have hopeful thoughts of coming here. Then again, with his cultivation level, he would not be able to proceed even if he were to come here. What a waste." When the topics of Yi Yun and the Heaven Secrets Compa.s.s were raised, Master Tianxiao felt annoyed. He knew that he had no hopes of obtaining the final treasure on his expedition to Sun Burial Sandsea. All he would get were some rewards from the Seven Star Dao Palace. However, if he were to retrieve the Heaven Secrets Compa.s.s, it would be quite a handsome reward for him.

"Hmph, if he were to enter this place, wouldn't it be for the best? I'd be able to capture him to refine into elixirs," said one of the children. His voice was identical to the other child's, making it sound extremely strange.

"Continue leading the way. Let's find the Yang spirit as fast as possible," said Liu Ruyi coldly. Her goal of destroying the Clarity Pool Sword Sect had been hindered, so there was killing intent hidden within her words when Yi Yun was mentioned.

Master Tianxiao held the compa.s.s and was about to begin divining a path, but a sudden cursory glance left him dumbstruck.

He saw what appeared to be an itinerant warrior standing not too far from him. He was holding two metallic discs, which were none other than the Heaven Secrets Compa.s.s! Furthermore, it was the mother-child pair!

"H…Heaven Secrets Compa.s.s!?"

Master Tianxiao never expected to b.u.mp into someone where they were. Furthermore, this someone held in his hands both parts to the Heaven Secrets Compa.s.s.

Without divination techniques, it was nearly impossible to reach the underground area. How did he get there? Could Yi Yun have lost the Heaven Secrets Compa.s.s, or could this person be Yi Yun?

Master Tianxiao knew that many disguise techniques were extremely abstruse and nearly impossible to see through.

"Regardless if he is Yi Yun or not, capture him first! s.n.a.t.c.h the Heaven Secrets Compa.s.s from him!" Master Tianxiao shouted excitedly.

He did not know why the man was just standing there foolishly. He was only bringing about his own destruction!

"Really? That sure is a coincidence." The two children immediately flew forward. Liu Ruyi and company also began to rush over.

However, they also has a strange feeling that baffled them. Why did the person's aura appear so distant, despite the close proximity? Could it be related to why they had not immediately detected him?

Furthermore, the man looked completely calm and composed.

"This man must be Yi Yun. He sure has some guts. However, I wonder if he'll keep those guts when I refine him into an elixir." One of the children said with a smile.

With that said, the two children pounced at Yi Yun simultaneously.

However, they came to realize that, although their leap had carried them a great distance, Yi Yun was still standing by a rock. The distance between them seemed to be maintained at a constant.

"Oh?" One of the children p.r.i.c.ked up his eyebrows and gestured a conjuration. Immediately, his expression sunk. "Spatial chaos? Punk, no wonder you remain so unafraid. But don't you plan on walking out of this underworld alive."

"That's right. Before, you had those people from the Clarity Pool Sword Sect protecting you. But now, you are all alone. You are only courting death by being here!" Liu Ruyi's slender eyes narrowed and her voice was filled with cold and sinister killing intent.

At that moment, Yi Yun opened his mouth and smiled. Due to the spatial barrier, his voice could not be heard. He only mouthed his words to express his thoughts: "Worry about yourselves first. I wish all of you the best of luck."

After Yi Yun said that, a Seven Star Dao Palace disciple in the back let out a tragic scream.

Liu Ruyi and company hurriedly turned back and were appalled to see a faceless humanoid creature. It had already torn the disciple apart and now faced them.

"What is that?"

A three-meters tall terrifying creature whose facial features seemed to be completely charred stood before them, emitting a terrifying aura.

Behind the humanoid creature, large heads began to appear out of the surrounding shadows. There were a total of twelve heads, all belonging to the humanoid monsters.


They leaped out of the molten liquid. In the middle was a four-meter-tall humanoid creature with clear facial features. Its more horrifying aura made their scalps tingle.


The humanoid monsters gave a deep bellow before pouncing.

"Darn it!" The two children exchanged looks and flew over. Soon, the rest of the Seven Star Dao Palace members also clashed with the humanoid creatures.

But soon, they discovered that although the humanoid creatures were not proficient in laws, they had immense strength and ridiculous speed.


Tragic cries constantly rang out from the Seven Star Dao Palace members as the deaths and injuries piled up.

Master Tianxiao felt a cold chill from the situation in front of him. He was no match against the humanoid creatures at his cultivation level.


The Seven Star Dao Palace had lost quite a number of disciples in a short span of time.

The remaining few were barely resisting. Their attacks failed to cause any damage against the seemingly impervious monsters.

Even the four deputy palatial lords of the Seven Star Dao Palace had a hard time dealing with the onslaught!

"Darn it!" The two children had ashen expressions. They saw Yi Yun standing there, casually amused by the show they were putting on for him!

Despite him being just in front of them, they were unable to reach him. They could only look on helplessly as the trivial punk watched their pathetic struggle with an amused and sarcastic expression.

This was extremely humiliating to them as deputy palatial lords of the Seven Star Dao Palace!

"Take your time fighting them. I'll be leaving first," said Yi Yun with a smile.

"Blast him! That man must be Yi Yun! Our Seven Star Dao Palace will definitely find that Yi fellow and shred him to pieces!" Liu Ruyi said as she gnashed her teeth viciously.

She yearned to catch Yi Yun but the Seven Star Dao Palace was in a state where it could not fend for itself. They had already lost nearly half of their thirty odd people in the a blink of an eye!

They had no idea how Yi Yun managed to survive in this treacherous environment!

"Deputy Palatial Lord, Yi Yun has the Heaven Secrets Compa.s.s in hand. He also has the mother part of it, so he has probably found the Heaven Secrets Chapter's traitor. Furthermore, he is wearing a jade burial suit! It can conceal one's aura. If he continues to go ahead of us, he might find the treasure before we do!" Master Tianxiao said hurriedly.

The two children glanced at Master Tianxiao with a cold glare. Master Tianxiao had hit a soft spot. How could they not have thought of that?

"He will need to be alive to do so!" The middle-aged man with the black saber, who was usually silent, suddenly said with a husky voice.

At that moment, Yi Yun glanced at Master Tianxiao and company with a sneering look. "In this underground world, there are other things besides these humanoid monsters. They must have been starving for millions of years. I wish all of you the best of luck."

When Master Tianxiao read Yi Yun's lips, he felt a cold sweat run down his back. There were even more dangerous creatures? Then, he was truly in danger. If the members of the Seven Star Dao Palace were barely fending for themselves, how could they care for him?

And with that, Yi Yun slowly turned around under the watchful eyes of the Seven Star Dao Palace members before heading into the depths of the underground world.

His relaxed figure infuriated the Seven Star Dao Palace members, who were struggling in a life-and-death battle, to the point of vomiting blood.

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