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Yi Yun had no time to consider the ident.i.ty of the voice while in such a dangerous situation. Without even considering if it were a trap or not, he flew straight in the direction of the voice.

The change in direction only resulted in the humanoid creatures drawing even closer.


The humanoid creatures' leader let out a thunderous roar as it slashed its saber at Yi Yun. The saber was still quite a distance away from Yi Yun but the winds it stirred clashed ruthlessly against Yi Yun's protective Yuan Qi. His protection shattered immediately, causing blood to spill out of his lacerated clothes!

However, at that moment, Yi Yun saw an elder in front of him. The elder's hair was a stark white and his clothes were old and torn. He came towards Yi Yun with a pile of jade pieces threaded together by golden string. After he came in front of Yi Yun, he wrapped the jade pieces around him without a word.

It was a coat made out of jade!

When the jade coat hung down from Yi Yun's body, he suddenly felt his aura become enveloped. Following that, the elder pulled Yi Yun's arm and dodged to the side.

Following that, a scene that left Yi Yun shocked happened. The three to four-meter-tall humanoid creatures behind him seemed to turn blind. They rushed past Yi Yun as though they were in pursuit of empty air.

In just a few moment, the humanoid creatures vanished from Yi Yun's sights.

He was saved!

Yi Yun heaved a sigh of relief as he still felt shaken.

He looked at the unique clothes he was wearing. They were manufactured with thin jade pieces that were sewn with golden thread. It was literally a jade burial suit.

However, jade burial suits were typically burial items for n.o.ble mortals. It was impossible for living people to wear such heavy and clumsy clothes.

Yi Yun looked at the thin elder whose complexion was graying. His Yuan Qi was also extremely weak. His eyes were slightly turbid, as though he was close to his deathbed.

"Senior, thank you for saving me." Yi Yun bowed. He could sense that the elder's cultivation level wasn't deep or sophisticated. Yet, he was able to survive in this underground world that was fraught with dangers and even saved him. This truly astonished Yi Yun.

"There's no need to thank me. It can be considered fate for us to meet in these treacherous lands." The elder waved his hand and turned to leave. "Follow me. This place is too dangerous…"

In the dark, the elder led the way. He also had a jade burial suit wrapped around his thin body. He tottered along as if a gust of wind could blow him down.

He led Yi Yun through a stone forest before coming to a cave.

The cave had a narrow entrance but it was very s.p.a.cious within. Dry gra.s.s and fur hide were laid on the ground, and there was a long-lasting lamp illuminating the cave.

"Have a seat."

The elder casually pointed to a stone stool.

Yi Yun sat down politely and cupped his fists. He asked, "Senior, I wonder if you might tell me what this jade burial suit I'm wearing is? Also, what are those humanoid creatures? And why are they so terrifying?"

A set of clothes that was able to completely conceal his aura and prevent those creatures from detecting him was truly fascinating.

The elder waved his hand and said, "Let's not talk about that first. You have an item on you. Can you tell me how you got it?"

When the elder said those words, Yi Yun immediately came to a realization. In fact, Yi Yun already had a suspicion from before. With a flip of his hand, a dark golden metallic disk appeared in his palm.

It was the child part of the Heaven Secrets Compa.s.s!

When the elder saw the child part of the Heaven Secrets Compa.s.s, he felt mixed emotions. He touched his interspatial ring and took out another Heaven Secrets Compa.s.s. It looked identical to Yi Yun's Heaven Secrets Compa.s.s except for its larger size.

It was the mother part of the Heaven Secrets Compa.s.s.

The mother-child pair of the Heaven Secrets Compa.s.s had a mysterious connection, and they had finally reunited.

The elder was likely Ji Shuiyan's grandfather. He was alive after all!

"How did you get it?" The elder looked Yi Yun in the eye.

"It was Miss Shuiyan who gave it to me…" Yi Yun recounted his encounter with Ji Shuiyan, telling the story from the very beginning.

Upon hearing of Ji Shuiyan's struggles against the Heaven Amplification Trading Company, the elder sighed heavily. In fact, he had already figured it would happen but he was helpless to do anything about it.

This elder was stuck in the underground world, worn out both mentally and physically, but he could not do a thing.

"According to what you have told me, you are Yan'er's benefactor. However…how can I know for sure that you speak the truth, and that you didn't just s.n.a.t.c.h the Heaven Secrets Compa.s.s from Yan'er to use for yourself? You could even be someone from the Seven Star Dao Palace that you just mentioned."

The elder's voice was slow and calm. He looked into Yi Yun's eyes. He was able to size up the youngster well. He was not Yi Yun's match. The way Yi Yun dodged the humanoid creatures' attacks was something a warrior at the Dao Manifestation couldn't accomplish.

However, the elder remained fearless. The pair of turbid eyes that he used to look at Yi Yun were as calm as an ancient well.

Yi Yun fell silent before he said, "Senior, please wait. You can ask them yourself."

With a thought, Yi Yun sent a tiny paG.o.da flying out of his body. It slowly spun in mid-air and following that, a flash resulted in two girls being transported out. They were Xin'er and Yue Xiao.

Both of them were Ji Shuiyan's personal maidservants.

The two girls were disorientated when they came out. However, they quickly noticed the pale and thin elder sitting in front of them.

Although the elder's appearance had changed drastically, they were still able to recognize him at a glance.


The two girls were pleasantly surprised. Ever since the old master's disappearance, the Divine Secrets Trading Company had been in decline. It was constantly in danger and if not for Yi Yun, it would have been finished long ago.

Yesterday they had been saved by Yi Yun, and today they discovered that the old master of the Divine Secrets Trading Company was still alive. They were overjoyed to tears. Were they dreaming?

"Senior, if you have any doubts, you can ask them."

"Young Master Yi, not only did you save us and our mistress, you even saved our master?" asked Xin'er in excitement.

Yi Yun was somewhat ashamed. He was the one that had been saved by the old man.

"Alright. There's no need for further questions. You are a benefactor of my Divine Secrets Trading Company." After the elder said that, he stood up and gave Yi Yun a bow.

Yi Yun hurriedly held him up. The elder was too weak. When Yi Yun supported him, he found that the elder was more bone than flesh.

"Senior, there's no need for this. You have also saved my life." Upon saying that, Yi Yun recalled his question from before. "Senior, you have yet to tell me what those humanoid creatures are. Also, what is the story behind these jade burial suits?"

"Jade burial suits…" The elder sighed and said, "You probably guessed it, too. As the name suggests, they should be burial items only seen in tombs but, in fact, these suits have other uses for my Heaven Secrets Chapter. Although the Heaven Secrets Chapter dabbles in geomancy, that's just a euphemistic way of putting it. In reality, the ancient Heaven Secrets Chapter were tomb robbers. The tombs of many mighty figures held all sorts of strange items. As for the purpose of the jade burial suit, it allows one to conceal one's aura completely. It allows us to traverse a tomb safely."

The elder's words left Yi Yun reeling. He was surprised to learn that the Heaven Secrets Chapter was a tomb robber sect, in the beginning. In truth, geomancy was related to tomb robbing.

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