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Where would they go?

Xin'er faltered as she was somewhat fazed. The Divine Secrets Trading Company was gone, and they did not dare return to Jade l.u.s.ter City. Where else could they go?

She had planned on speaking this truth, but Yue Xiao interrupted, "Young Master, we happen to know of an oasis in Sun Burial Sandsea. It's rather hidden so it will be possible for us to seek refuge there."

An oasis?

Yi Yun glanced at Yue Xiao and noticed that the other girls did not look relieved at her mention of the oasis. Yi Yun knew that the oasis was unlikely to be a reliable place.

The Sun Burial Sandsea was currently in chaos, with numerous experts everywhere. In that environment, what oasis could be 'hidden'? If it were truly hidden, how could a weak girl like Yue Xiao discover it?

Furthermore, the journey to the oasis was probably extremely lengthy and fraught with countless dangers. It might be possible with guards, but with no protection, they would probably encounter harm somewhere along the way.

"Are you saying this because you are afraid of troubling me?"

Yi Yun suddenly came to a realization. With the phenomenon reappearing in the Sun Burial Sandsea, and him disguising himself to return to the Sun Burial Sandsea despite the risk of the pursuing Seven Star Dao Palace, Yi Yun's motive was quite clear. He was here for the treasure in the Sun Burial Sandsea.

Yue Xiao, who was a little more mature, naturally managed to figure that out.

She knew that if the bunch of them were to follow him, they would only burden him. Then, Yi Yun would never be able to search for treasures. He would be fully occupied simply protecting them. Therefore, she had mentioned the oasis as a possible place of refuge, despite it not being safe at all.

"Screw it. All of you can follow me!"

As Yi Yun spoke, he extended out his hand and conjured a tiny paG.o.da.

It was the Azure Yang Lord's G.o.d Advent Tower.

Back in the Azure Wood Great World, the G.o.d Advent Tower had withstood attacks for Yi Yun and saved his life. However, the damage completely drained the energy within the tower. Now, with quite a bit of time having pa.s.sed, the G.o.d Advent Tower had gradually recovered a portion of its strength after absorbing Heaven Earth Yuan Qi. Although it was still incomparable to its past strength, it could be used normally again.

"All of you enter it. Do not resist it."

As Yi Yun spoke, the G.o.d Advent Tower shot out an azure beam of light, warping the sixteen girls, including Xin'er and Yue Xiao, into it.

Within a moment, the group appeared in a small idyllic world. It was an independent s.p.a.ce within the G.o.d Advent Tower.

"This is…"

Xin'er and company were astonished by their surroundings. Compared to the chaotic Sun Burial Sandsea, with people cheating and murdering one another, this place was a peaceful heaven.

For the past few days, Xin'er and company had been under immense stress and filled with utter despair. Having arrived here suddenly, they felt they could completely relax.

"All of you shall stay here temporarily. In the future, I'll bring you to meet Ji Shuiyan."

Upon further thought, Yi Yun took out some cultivation techniques, and pills from his interspatial ring and handed them to the sixteen girls.

"You might be spending quite a long time in here, so feel free to cultivate in these cultivation techniques."

Yi Yun had given them some unimpressive cultivation techniques. Some of them had been placed by Azure Yang Lord in his library without much thought. Some of them Yi Yun obtained from enemies he killed. Azure Yang Lord and Yi Yun did not cultivate in these techniques, so they had been going to waste. There was no harm in giving them to the girls for cultivation.

However, the cultivation techniques that Yi Yun thought little of looked completely different in the eyes of Xin'er and company.

Yue Xiao had casually flipped through a few jade slips and was shocked. She had previously cultivated in a technique known as the 'Moon Teeth Blade'. It was bought from an auction by the Divine Secrets Trading Company but it only had the first two-thirds of the manual, lacking the last third.

However, the cultivation techniques that Yi Yun had so casually handed over were even more impressive than the complete 'Moon Teeth Blade' manual.

These cultivation techniques were so valuable that they would cause a stir at auctions, yet Yi Yun handed them out like they were freebies. It was hard to imagine what Yi Yun kept for himself.

"Young Master…These cultivation techniques are too valuable…"

"Don't worry about it. It's not like I can use them. Just stay here and lead a good life. I'll be leaving for now."

As Yi Yun spoke, his figure flashed and he appeared outside the G.o.d Advent Tower.

He left the sixteen girls in a daze. The transformation from going from h.e.l.l to heaven was too disparate. It made them feel like they were in a dream.

"We are saved!" Fourteen-year-old Xin'er, who was simple and innocent by nature, jumped up happily. Entering Yi Yun's mobile abode gave her a baffling sense of security when compared to the Sun Burial Sandsea that was filled with people of questionable character.

The s.p.a.ce in the G.o.d Advent Tower was extremely large. Yi Yun had given Yue Xiao and company an entire level's region. Here, other than the idyllic world, there were a few palaces. The sixteen girls each found their residence and began leading a quiet and blissful life.

Meanwhile, back in the outside world, Destruction laws still permeated the surroundings. Yi Yun threw out a few pure Yang fireb.a.l.l.s and burned Yan Tiancong and company's corpses to ash. Then, he collected all the Destruction energy, which naturally removed the Destruction Dao Domain.

When the domain disappeared, Yi Yun found that many warriors had rushed to the scene. They were still unaware of what had happened. They were also limited in strength, for the true experts had long since gone deep into Sun Burial Sandsea.

Yi Yun was completely unfazed by these negligible warriors. With a flash, he had already rushed out of the crowd before they even could see his face.

He did not immediately leave the area, but instead headed for Jade l.u.s.ter City.

At that moment in Jade l.u.s.ter City, Yan Pingchuan sat in a lounge chair in the Heaven Amplification Trading Company. It could be said that he looked completely pleased and high-spirited.

He was the person-in-charge of the Heaven Amplification Trading Company, and just a moment ago his grandson, Yan Tiancong, had overseen the complete annexation of the Divine Secrets Trading Company.

From then on, the Heaven Amplification Trading Company became the largest faction in Jade l.u.s.ter City, other than the Seven Star Auction Company.

"I wonder if Cong'er managed to rope in Young Master Blood Jade. By giving him so many s.e.x slaves, he should be satisfied…"

Yan Pingchuan stroked his chin with delight. Yan Tiancong did things with verve, making him a very proud grandfather. If Young Master Blood Jade could be roped in, the status of the Heaven Amplification Trading Company would only be more stable.

"Old Sir, don't worry. Absolutely nothing will go wrong with Young Master at the helm."

In front of Yan Pingchuan were a few Elders of the Heaven Amplification Trading Company. They were beaming because they naturally gained a lion's share of the profits plundered from the annexation of the Divine Secrets Trading Company. They would benefit greatly. Other than the obvious riches, the s.e.x slaves not chosen by Young Master Blood Jade might even be given to them for a good time.

As the group carried on their discussion, they suddenly felt a terrifying killing intent fall upon them. In the next moment, their surroundings were a hazy gray. An indescribable stifling sensation surged into their hearts.

"Who is it!?"


Yan Pingchuan became alert as he leaped up from the lounge chair.

"I never expected all of you to be here. You saved me the trouble of tracking each and every one of you down." Yi Yun appeared in front of Yan Pingchuan as the Thousand Snow flying sabers danced around him.

Yi Yun was already acutely aware of what sort of people populated the Heaven Amplification Trading Company. As such, those who were sat here plotting only to benefit themselves could not be innocent. They all deserved to die.

"We do not know you and do not have any feud with you. Who are you and what do you want? If it's riches, I can give them to you."

Yan Pingchuan gradually calmed down. There were numerous nefarious figures coming to Sun Burial Sandsea over the past few days. It wasn't impossible that those who knew of the Heaven Amplification Trading Company would come to rob them. If this person had any requests and was not here only to kill, there was no reason to be afraid.

"Feud? Indeed, there's nothing of the sort. I only seek revenge on someone else's behalf. Ji Shuiyan treated me rather well and gave me the most valuable Heaven Secrets Compa.s.s. It only seems right that I destroy the Heaven Amplification Trading Company for her."

When Yi Yun said that, Yan Pingchuan's expression changed drastically. "You are Yi Yun!?"


Wasn't Yi Yun being pursued by the Seven Star Dao Palace? How could he appear here?

Yan Pingchuan's mind raced but how could he manage to figure out anything at that moment?

"Wait…Wait! Don't kill me. You want to destroy the Heaven Amplification Trading Company because the Divine Secrets Trading Company treated you well. As long as you spare me, my Heaven Amplification Trading Company will absolutely treat you ten times better than them." Yan Pingchuan was completely afraid. He was enveloped within Yi Yun's Destruction Dao Domain. Just that alone made him lose all courage.

"Money isn't my goal. Your grandson has headed to h.e.l.l a step earlier than you. I'll be sending you to accompany him!"

Cong'er…is dead!?

Yan Pingchuan's heartbeat nearly came to a standstill but, in an instant, he was completely engulfed by saber beams that looked like snowflakes…

About five minutes later, Yi Yun left Jade l.u.s.ter City. He had completely wiped out the core cadres of the Heaven Amplification Trading Company. Yan Pingchuan and the few Elders were now just a pile of completely pulverized corpses.

With that, the Heaven Amplification Trading Company would definitely turn into a state of chaos. With their inevitable downfall, they would naturally have no time to continue dealing with the Divine Secrets Trading Company.

As for the reconstruction of the Divine Secrets Trading Company, he could leave it to Ji Shuiyan.

A few minutes later, Yi Yun once again arrived at the teleportation array in the vicinity of Jade l.u.s.ter City.

He did not pa.s.s the guards of the array, instead using his spatial dimension laws to activate the teleportation array. In the next moment, Yi Yun had traversed a distance of 50,000 kilometers, entering the depths of the Sun Burial Sandsea. As for the array's guards, they could not even react in time.

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