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"Let you leave?" Yi Yun laughed. He went through the trouble of disguising himself in order to come to Jade l.u.s.ter City's teleportation array. If he let Huayu go, he might spread news of Yi Yun's arrival in Jade l.u.s.ter City to the Seven Star Dao Palace. When that happened, the Seven Star Dao Palace would definitely capture him. Even if they failed to capture him, they would know about his use of the Star Transference Heaven Changing Book. That could only serve to greatly increase his risk when traversing the Sun Burial Sandsea.

"Young Master Yi, I can compensate you." Huayu's eyes flashed. Yi Yun's teasing att.i.tude infuriated him, but he did not dare erupt.

"That show of a dog biting another was truly well done. In order to survive, you tortured your own disciple. How can I spare someone like that?" Yi Yun brought his hands forward and reached out with his right hand. The pure Yang broken sword had already appeared in his palm. "For a master-disciple relationship to end up like yours is truly tragic. However, Yan Tiancong was at least able to realize that your entry into my Destruction domain means I don't plan on sparing you. All of you…need to die!"

"Yi Yun! Don't you force me! Are you so certain of your victory? If I risked harming my cultivation by using my most powerful technique, there is no way you'd survive!"

Huayu knew that Yi Yun was bent on killing him, and he completely lost his temper. He bellowed out loud and threw Yan Tiancong at Yi Yun like a sandbag!

Huayu had injected tumultuous Yuan Qi into Yan Tiancong's body for this strike. It destroyed Yan Tiancong's limbs and body completely. Eventually, the Yuan Qi gathered in Yan Tiancong's dantian and seemed ready to explode at any time.

Huayu had used Yan Tiancong as a meat bomb!

Yi Yun sneered as he thrust the pure Yang broken sword forward.


Yi Yun's sword stabbed straight into Yan Tiancong's dantian, dicing it up completely. All the chaotic Yuan Qi was devoured by Yi Yun's destruction laws. So there was obviously no way an explosion could happen.

But, at that moment, Yi Yun's eyebrows p.r.i.c.ked up. He withdrew the pure Yang broken sword and quickly retreated. Simultaneously, he pointed out with his finger.

And while he did so, a black round pearl flew out of Yan Tiancong's body, hurtling straight for Yi Yun's chest!

G.o.d Annihilating Pearl!?

Yi Yun's eyes flashed. G.o.d Annihilating Pearl was condensed by Yuan Qi that had yet dispersed in the dantian of experts just before their deaths. They would refine a pearl and, once they shot it out, it would explode.

The G.o.d Annihilating Pearl was extremely precious since it was refined only just before an expert died. One's own Yuan Qi could be used for the enemy's benefit, so many warriors chose to let their Yuan Qi dissipate after death rather than benefit their foe. Hence, every pearl was extremely expensive.

Yi Yun suddenly realized that Huayu had struck Yan Tiancong not because he was hoping to get Yi Yun to spare him, but to hide a G.o.d Annihilating Pearl in his disciple's body and use it to blast Yi Yun.

"Hahaha! I prepared that G.o.d Annihilating Pearl especially for you. I want to watch you die!"

Huayu roared as he opened up a distance from Yi Yun.

And at that moment, Yi Yun's finger had already tapped lightly on the G.o.d Annihilating Pearl.

"Courting death!" Huayu suffused a sinister smile. "To dare touch the G.o.d Annihilating Pearl, do you not know how death is spelled!?"

However, at the instant Yi Yun touched the G.o.d Annihilating Pearl, a tiny black wheel silently entered the G.o.d Annihilating Pearl. Following that, the G.o.d Annihilating Pearl that had already had its energy triggered to the point of immediate explosion suddenly stabilized.

Upon seeing this happen, Huayu's eyes widened as he gawked. What happened? A tiny wheel was able to balance out the G.o.d Annihilating Pearl's terrifying energy?

"This is your so-called trump card? What a disappointment. I thought you would have used some remarkable technique, but to think you relied on an external object."

Yi Yun sneered and, with a flick of his finger, sent the G.o.d Annihilating Pearl flying straight at Huayu!

At the same time, Yi Yun's Destruction Dao Domain began shrinking rapidly. The power of destruction clasped around Huayu's body from every direction, preventing him from dodging.


Huayu roared frantically as he slammed his palm at the G.o.d Annihilating Pearl, hoping to send it flying.

However, with an instantaneous thought from Yi Yun, the tiny black wheel imprint on the G.o.d Annihilating Pearl suddenly vanished.

The instant Huayu's palm struck the G.o.d Annihilating Pearl, he sensed that the calm energy in it had once again turned violent.

"To dare touch the G.o.d Annihilating Pearl, do you not know how death is spelled?"

Yi Yun used Huayu's words ad verbatim. Before, Yi Yun had used the 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence to devour the G.o.d Annihilating Pearl's runic trigger mechanism. But he had not completely devoured it. When he flicked it back, he also removed the 10000 Demon Wheel of Existence!

What awaited Huayu was his own killer move!


Huayu could only spew out a single, despaired word before a dazzling light radiated from his palm and completely swallowed him!


The G.o.d Annihilating Pearl's explosion sent terrifying energy sweeping around. As for Yi Yun, he instantly shrunk the Destruction Dao Domain in front of him, forming a firm wall!

The G.o.d Annihilating Pearl's energy blast struck straight at the wall, causing the Destruction Dao Domain to shake violently. Even Yi Yun felt his chest in turmoil. The might of the G.o.d Annihilating Pearl was indeed formidable. If he had been struck by the G.o.d Annihilating Pearl head on, it would have been truly dangerous.

This reminded Yi Yun that his cultivation level was not high enough after all. Even if he encountered figures that he beat in terms of strength, he needed to regard them carefully or he could very likely fail miserably at a simple task.

The explosion's aftershock lasted for thirty seconds before vanishing. Yi Yun's arms were left numb and he had expended a great deal of Yuan Qi.

He swept his surroundings. Other than Xin'er and company behind him, who had been shielded, everywhere around him was in ruins. There were mangled corpses and bits of flesh everywhere.

"They are all dead." Yi Yun heaved a sigh of relief. He turned to Xin'er and company. "Are all of you fine?"

"Young Master Yi."

"Thank you, Young Master Yi, for saving our lives!"

All the girls prostrated themselves before Yi Yun. Yi Yun's actions had given them a new lease on life.

"I know your name is Xin'er. What's your name?"

Yi Yun asked the yellow-dressed girl who was about seventeen. Back in the Sun Burial Sandsea, it was this girl that had pulled open the curtains and addressed him.

"Young Master Yi, my name is Yue Xiao."

"Yue Xiao? Alright…" Yi Yun nodded. "The trouble that the Divine Secrets Trading Company currently faces is all because of me. It is only right that I save all of you. I owe the Divine Secrets Trading Company so there's no need to thank me. More importantly, do you have anywhere to go now that you're free?"

The Divine Secrets Trading Company had already been destroyed. The entire Sun Burial Sandsea was filled with villains. This group of pure and beautiful girls would be like lambs thrown into a pit of wolves if they couldn't find somewhere to go. The potential outcomes they faced might not be much better than being sold in the market.

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