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Blood Jade was the kind of person that was cruel by nature. He had killed countless people and placed great importance on himself, making him extremely selfish. Such people disgusted Yi Yun the most. Using the pure Yang broken sword to kill him would be an insult to the Pure Yang Sword Palace owner. Instead he handed Blood Jade over to Xin'er and company, which was also a way to have them avenge the countless girls that Blood Jade had killed.

With their metal shackles destroyed by Yi Yun, the girls from the Divine Secrets Trading Company felt their strength restored.

Their helplessness, despair, and feeling of living death had vanished in a blink of an eye. Their freedom was restored.

"Thank you, Young Master Yi, for saving our lives."

Xin'er's eyes brimmed with tears as she knelt to the ground. She recalled the night when she stood by the door as her mistress shared a meal with Yi Yun under the moon. Back then, she felt that there was nothing Yi Yun could not do.

Beneath Xin'er was a dying Young Master Blood Jade, who was on his last breaths. Xin'er gritted her teeth, for she hated a person like him to the bone. She grabbed a dagger, and it was clear that she has no intention of sparing him.

Upon sensing Xin'er's killing intent, Blood Jade's lips trembled. His eyes were filled with viciousness and indignation. He never expected that he would die at the hands of a girl, especially having fooled around with so many girls in his life.

At that moment, there was a loud rumbling explosion. The entire Dao Domain trembled, for the silent Huayu had suddenly flown up and struck the Destruction Dao Domain's barrier.

However, he immediately felt a force of pure annihilation creep up his palm, straight into his body and limbs.

Huayu grunted and retreated several steps back. He received slight injuries from the rebounding force of the Dao Domain barrier.

Yet although the Dao Domain boundary had shaken violently from his strike, it didn't show a single sign of damage!

When he saw this, Huayu's heart plummeted.

He could not rupture it! Despite having cultivated for ten thousand years, he was unable to break a junior's Dao Domain!

Huayu was already certain that what Yi Yun had said was true. The barrier in front of him was definitely not some ancient array formation that Yi Yun had chanced upon. Instead, it was Yi Yun's own Dao Domain. He knew because he had sensed similar laws from Yi Yun's strike at Young Master Blood Jade.

Yi Yun was too fearsome!

In that moment, Huayu was filled with horror. If he could turn back time, he would rather have killed Yan Tiancong than met Yi Yun.

"Master, what are we to do now?"

Yan Tiancong saw how Young Master Blood Jade lay by the girls' feet like a sorry mess. His expression had already turned ashen.

He never expected Yi Yun to be that strong. Sure, he had seen him defeat Jian Xiaoshuang, but he could not tell exactly how much stronger Yi Yun was. Now, he knew that Yi Yun could not be viewed as someone from the younger generation. He was on the level of those old monsters!

Even his own master had little chance of winning.

However, Yan Tiancong clung to a small bit of hope. He wished that His Excellency Huayu could reverse the situation.

"What do we do?" When Huayu heard Yan Tiancong's words, he became more irate, especially when he noticed that Yan Tiancong was shrinking back behind him, clearly intending for him to be the shield to defend against Yi Yun.

"You are the one who offended Yi Yun and yet you dare ask me what to do? You want me to be your shield and die in your stead?"

His Excellency Huayu suddenly grabbed Yan Tiancong by the neck.


Yan Tiancong was scared out of his wits. Huayu had raised him up by the neck. He used all his strength to hold on to Huayu's hand as his feet kicked powerlessly in mid-air.

He did not dare kick Huayu, for he knew that he didn't have the strength to overpower his master.

Huayu grabbed Yan Tiancong's wrist.


With a crisp crack, Yan Tiancong issued a shrill scream as his was crushed by Huayu.

"You wretched disciple! I took you in but you only gave me trouble! Now that Young Master Yi is here for your life, you want to use me as your shield? How ruthless you are!"

As Huayu spoke, he pinched another time!


Yan Tiancong's other wrist was crushed by Huayu. Huayu made sure to crush the wrist bones into powder so that it would be extremely difficult for him to recover even if he had natural treasures on hand.

After Huayu crippled Yan Tiancong's hands, he said to Yi Yun, "Young Master Yi, I hereby banish this wretched disciple from my tutelage! I have crippled both of his hands, and hand him over to you to deal with as you see fit! Whatever this wretched disciple has done has nothing to do with me. Back when the Divine Secrets Trading Company was in trouble, I truly regret not having saved them. I hope that Young Master Yi will be magnanimous enough to forgive me any wrongdoings. It can be said that I do not have any grudges with you in the past. I beseech Young Master Yi to spare me, and I will be grateful for it!"

As Huayu spoke, he respectfully bowed to Yi Yun.

Upon hearing Huayu's statement, Yan Tiancong's heart was filled with despair. He knew very well that Huayu was abandoning him to save himself. By sacrificing him, he was able to ingratiate himself to Yi Yun.

This made Yan Tiancong's hatred reach a new maximum!

"Huayu, do you think Yi Yun will spare you if you do this to me? You darn old man, whenever you needed any treasures from my Heaven Amplification Trading Company, I did my best to obtain them for you. Now, you are being so ruthless to me. Even if I were to die, I'd definitely pull you along!"

Yan Tiancong only managed to finish half his words before his throat was squeezed tightly by Huayu. Huayu's eyes were filled with killing intent, and he just needed to use a bit of strength to snap Yan Tiancong's neck off.

"You dare speak of me being ruthless? You are only my disciple in name, yet you have used my name to rob others of their belongings. Do you think I'm a fool!?"

As Huayu spoke, he slapped Yan Tiancong in the face, reducing the left side of his face to a b.l.o.o.d.y mangled mess. Crushed teeth stained with blood dropped out of his mouth.

Following that, Huayu kicked twice, shattering Yan Tiancong's kneecaps. At that point, Yan Tiancong was like a crippled and abandoned wretch. His expression was ashen as he lost all his will to carry on living.

Yi Yun did not do a thing, instead watching with his hands held behind him. All he did was stand back and enjoy the show.

Behind Yi Yun, the girls from the Divine Secrets Trading Company also watched the scene unfold before their eyes. They were somewhat confounded. Previously, Yan Tiancong was like a redoubtable existence. A single statement of his controlled their fates, and His Excellency Huayu was Yan Tiancong's master that he put on a pedestal as though he were a G.o.d. But now, because of the threat of Yi Yun, a so-called senior like Huayu had abandoned all his dignity. He revealed his ugly nature by crippling the overbearing and arrogant Yan Tiancong in order to survive.

This was what absolute strength could bring!

Xin'er drew a deep breath as she looked at Yi Yun with a deep sense of reverence. That was the pinnacle of what warriors could achieve. That was the strength of martial arts—a simple sentence determining life and death, controlling the world and lording over the Universe!

"Young Master Yi, I have already crippled Yan Tiancong. Can you let me leave?" asked Huayu politely as he held Yan Tiancong up like a dead wretch.

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