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Yan Tiancong's emotions were stirring. No wonder that smile from before had sent a chill down his spine. It was because the person was Yi Yun in disguise.

"Yi Yun! He's Yi Yun!"

Yan Tiancong yelled loudly. He looked at Yi Yun in fear but upon realizing that his master was beside him, he was able to regain some composure.

"Yan Tiancong, you have rubbed me the wrong way time and time again. Today, I'll send you to your death so that you can be reincarnated."

Yi Yun said lazily. He was the lord of his domain, allowing him free reign over Yan Tiancong.

"You want me dead? Go ahead and try!"

Before Yan Tiancong spoke, he had already taken a step back to a spot behind His Excellency Huayu. Simultaneously, he secretly crushed a voice transmission charm.

Although he was confident that His Excellency Huayu would protect him from Yi Yun, he still wanted to inform the Seven Star Auction Company. They would want to send their experts to capture Yi Yun.

Yi Yun had seen the covert action, but he placed his hands behind his back and completely ignored it.

"Are you done sending out the transmission?" Yi Yun said with a smile. His Destruction domain completely isolated the s.p.a.ce from the exterior world. If it was unable to block a simple voice transmission charm, then all the time spent learning Destruction Laws would've been rather pointless.

Seeing Yi Yun take on such a confident pose, Yan Tiancong's heart sank. He realized that it was impossible for him to send the information out. The only way out was to kill Yi Yun.

"Not a bad method! It seems like you have providence bestowing its light on you, to have obtained such an ancient array." Young Master Blood Jade truly looked at Yi Yun, this time with none of his earlier contempt. "Yi Yun, I have heard the stories about you. It's said that your talent sits atop the Central State Divine Territory. Even the Seven Star Dao Palace views you as a mortal malady. I have long intended to meet you."

Young Master Blood Jade smirked, his eyes glimmering with a greedy glint. "My Bloodl.u.s.t sect cultivates in techniques that require the consumption of blood. The blood of beauties like these is tasty, but in terms of cultivation efficiency, it's far inferior to the blood of peerless geniuses. Yi Yun, your blood is mine. You must have had special encounters. Your interspatial ring will be mine, and I will inherit the light bestowed upon you by providence, extending your legacy."

As Young Master Blood Jade spoke, his energy burst out, blasting off his top. His body began to grow red fur and his teeth sharpened. They looked the fangs of wild beasts.

"Although you are a genius, you simply haven't developed long enough. Today, I'll show you the difference time can make! You will also understand the difference in our bloodlines!" As Young Master Blood Jade spoke, his aura constantly surged higher.


Yi Yun's eyelids p.r.i.c.ked up. The Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven had humans, so it was only natural that the Yang G.o.d Empyrean Heaven had Fey. The Bloodl.u.s.t Sect, it seemed, was a Fey sect. That explained why they liked human blood.

"So you are nothing but a red-furred monkey. To think, you spewed so much nonsense," Yi Yun said disdainfully. Upon hearing Yi Yun's sarcasm, Young Master Blood Jade was infuriated!

"You have no conception of your impending death!"

He roared as his figure swelled up suddenly.

"Cha Cha Cha!" The back of his hands grew three long claws that resembled blades. They suddenly came slashing at Yi Yun's throat!


At that moment, a gigantic red-furred beast phantom appeared behind Young Master Blood Jade. It was the power of his Fey bloodline!

But Yi Yun only waved his hand against Young Master Blood Jade, who had triggered his bloodline.

999 flying sabers flew out and, like a snowstorm that touched down, Young Master Blood Jade's claws clashed with the flying sabers!

Pi Pi Pa Pa!

The tumultuous sound of metal colliding echoed. The entire Destruction domain was filled with saber flashes and claw shadows!

Young Master Blood Jade, who had partially transformed into his Fey form, lost all previous elegance. It was as if he had truly become a beast.

"Whew Whew Whew Whew!"

Suddenly, Young Master Blood Jade's red fur grew in length and shot out like tentacles, binding the Thousand Snow flying sabers in mid-air.

Young Master Blood Jade's red fur was a tough and tensile net that completely trapped the flying sabers. The flying sabers pulsed incessantly, but could not free themselves.

"Hahaha! I want you dead!"

Young Master Blood Jade began charging at Yi Yun with the hundreds of flying sabers wrapped up in his fur!

Faced with the frenetic Young Master Blood Jade, Yi Yun flipped his hand, and a rusty broken sword appeared in it.

"You want to slay me with that sword of yours?"

Young Master Blood Jade's red fur shot out and began hurtling at Yi Yun's hands.

However, at that very instant, Yi Yun's sword seemed to become absolute darkness. It was as if all light in the world was consumed by Yi Yun's sword!

s.p.a.ce and time appeared to be meaningless in front of the sword.

Facing the sword was like facing the immensity of the Universe.

Yi Yun infused his Heart of the Sword into the sword. It seemed to pierce through the distant past, vast s.p.a.ce, and straight into Young Master Blood Jade's chest.

It was too fast!

Not only was it fast, it was completely unavoidable. The sword was like the heaven and earth itself. How could one dodge when the world itself was crashing down on him?

Unless one's cultivation level and nomological insights surpa.s.sed Yi Yun's, allowing one to break his stance, there was no way to resist his sword.


Blood splattered as the countless strands of red fur twirling in mid-air were sliced off by sword beams. Young Master Blood Jade's body trembled violently and he flew backward like a broken gunny sack.


Young Master Blood Jade crashed into the boundary of the Destruction domain before bouncing back, eventually crashing heavily to the ground.

This strike had not only penetrated Young Master Blood Jade's body, it had also annihilated his vitality.

With the broken sword in hand that somehow did not have a single drop of blood staining it, Yi Yun approached Young Master Blood Jade. "I thought you had adequate strength, but you are only at the level of Jian Fenghong after all."

Yi Yun shook his head. Unknowingly, he had already matured to such a powerful state.

The expedition to the Azure Wood Great World had transformed him for the better. And now in the Sun Burial Sandsea, he had more breakthroughs, especially into the way of the sword. They allowed Yi Yun's strength to rapidly increase.

Now, ordinary warriors of Sun Burial Sandsea could not put up any resistance against Yi Yun. Even the geniuses of large sects were also greatly inferior to him. Only seniors like Jian Wufeng and Jian Buyi could subdue Yi Yun. But even then, the gap between them wasn't that large anymore.

"You…How is it possible…"

Young Master Blood Jade convulsed. He was already at the Dao Palace realm and had cultivated for nearly five centuries. Yet, the difference between him and Yi Yun was immense. How could someone who had not even cultivated for sixty years possess such strength?

At that moment, Yi Yun brandished his sword nonchalantly.


An unremarkable sword beam shot at the row of girls on the stone platform. With the sound of a gentle wind blowing across the surface of a pond, Xin'er and company's metallic shackles crumbled.

The tough metallic chains turned to dust under the sword beam. The girls did not feel any pain in their wrists and ankles. Such a Sword Dao was truly astounding.

"I'll leave him to you."

Yi Yun kicked the crippled Young Master Blood Jade to the feet of Xin'er and company like he was a wastrel of no consequence.

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