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"Why, does Xiaoshuang not catch your eye? Don't misunderstand. The Clarity Pool Sword Sect is not making you marry into our family. Xiaoshuang will be married to you, and if you wanted, you could take Xiaoshuang along with you and leave. However, Xiaoshuang is still the future sect master of Clarity Pool Sword Sect so all she would need to do is come back frequently. Why don't I give you two hours to consider? After all, marriage is a serious matter. It's only right to consider it properly," said Jian Buyi 'earnestly and patiently'.

Two hours?

Yi Yun was at a loss whether to laugh or to cry. The Deputy Palatial Lord of the Seven Star Dao Palace was outside and she had also given him two hours. Was the two hours that Jian Buyi set a coincidence?

Yi Yun suspected that Jian Buyi was truly an old sly fox. In this talk, he never threatened Yi Yun, nor did he wish to threaten him. But every word he said was a reminder that the Clarity Pool Sword Sect was still in a confrontation with the Seven Star Dao Palace, and that it had two hours to make a decision.

Honestly speaking, the terms that Jian Buyi had proposed could not even be considered terms. He was basically giving Yi Yun all the benefits. An innocent and adorable beauty given to him as a wife with no restrictions. Any normal man would agree to that.

Yi Yun was also not some esteemed monk who lived in celibacy. Naturally, he wasn't opposed to what Jian Buyi had offered.

But at present, it was unknown whether Lin Xintong was alive or not. Yi Yun had zero clue regarding her whereabouts and, under such circ.u.mstances, he had no desire for another woman.

Yi Yun said, "Senior, you might not be aware, but when I first came to the 12 Empyrean Heavens, I was separated from my wife. I do not know if she's still alive or not, but I believe that she is and that she is somewhere out there looking for me. If I were to marry again, it would truly be a disservice to my wife."

Yi Yun spoke very reasonably, leaving Jian Buyi somewhat stunned. Although he was engaging in a tiny bit of scheming, he was not an unreasonable man. If he were to continue pressing Yi Yun under the current circ.u.mstances, he would truly be at fault.

"Furthermore, I find Junior Sister Xiaoshuang naive and innocent. Her personality is as pure as a white piece of paper. I doubt she knows what she likes or understands the true meaning behind becoming partners…"

Jian Xiaoshuang was peeved when she heard Yi Yun say that. She gritted her beautiful teeth and glared at Yi Yun like an enraged kitten.

"Uh…" Yi Yun rubbed his nose in embarra.s.sment, unsure of a response.

Jian Xiaoshuang said unhappily, "Didn't you only marry once? Why do you speak as if you are much older than me? How are you so sure of what I know or don't know? Furthermore, I have made a vow."

Jian Xiaoshuang's final sentence was very soft. She had vowed that the man that drew and fully stimulated the Clarity Pool Ancestral Sword would be her husband, otherwise she would remain single her entire life. To swordsmen, a vow was related to their Heart of the Sword and so was not something that could be wantonly changed.

"If that's the case, I think we should forget it, Senior Brother," Jian Wufeng interjected.

From the start, he felt that Jian Buyi's act was somewhat dishonorable. However, it was also tough for his disciple, for he understood her personality. Was it possible that she would remain single her whole life?

"If it's possible, why don't I recognize Xiaoshuang as my younger sister?" Yi Yun asked.

He knew very well that there was no fault in rejecting the proposal, but Jian Xiaoshuang was still a girl in the end. It was too embarra.s.sing for her to be so flatly rejected.

Jian Xiaoshuang's face had a slight blush, but before she could say a word, Jian Buyi had already agreed to it.

"A younger sister would work too. That would work too. Hahaha."

Jian Buyi did not care if they were partners or siblings as long as they were related in some way. He believed that Yi Yun was a man of his word. If he became one of the strongest warriors in the 12 Empyrean Heavens, and if the Clarity Pool Sword Sect's sect master was his younger sister, wouldn't that guarantee that the sect would flourish for hundreds of millions of years?

Moreover, an unrelated sister and a lover were only separated by a thin layer of paper. Who knows when it might be penetrated!

With these thoughts in mind, Jian Buyi immediately agreed.

Jian Xiaoshuang's face was still red but Jian Buyi had already agreed on her behalf. Even if she had made a vow, she could no longer say a thing.

"Then, I'll call you Brother Yun." Jian Xiaoshuang said while clenching her teeth.

Yi Yun smiled slightly. Jian Xiaoshuang, who was as pure as snow, was extremely forthright. He was also very pleased that he would have such a younger sister.

As for Jian Buyi, he was beaming. "Then, that's great. Great!"

But at that moment, his smile stiffened slightly. He looked at Yi Yun and said, "Yi Yun, since you are Xiaoshuang's elder brother, come on out together."

Yi Yun did not know what had happened but he suspected that it had to do with the Seven Star Dao Palace.

Coming out from Azure Sword Loft, Yi Yun saw that Jian Fenghong and all the other Clarity Pool Sword Sect disciples were waiting in the front hall.

Upon seeing Jian Buyi, Jian Wufeng and company coming out, Jian Fenghong immediately walked forward and said, "Master, Sect Master, how can we deal with the Seven Star Dao Palace?"

Two hours had pa.s.sed quickly. Many disciples, including Jian Fenghong, were worried. Surely not everyone was impervious to the possibility of the sect being wiped out? Furthermore, the instigator of this calamity was Yi Yun, an outsider.

Upon thinking of this, Jian Fenghong glanced at Yi Yun.

Yi Yun was exceptionally talented, but he had offended the Seven Star Dao Palace. The growth of a genius was destined to be difficult.

Jian Buyi looked at his disciple before sweeping his gaze over the disciples gathered. He said in a solemn voice, "Our Clarity Pool Sword Sect is particular about having a disposition that resembles a sword. Upright and unyielding. How can we succ.u.mb to the Seven Star Dao Palace just because it pressures us?"

"As for Yi Yun, he is now Xiaoshuang's sworn brother, and as such is equivalent to a disciple of our Clarity Pool Sword Sect. We never abandon a disciple and will seek revenge for any who are harmed. We must face adversity in one united front. So how can we hand Yi Yun over today?"

Jian Fenghong's heart palpitated as he hurriedly looked at Jian Xiaoshuang.

Jian Xiaoshuang had become Yi Yun's sworn sister?

Jian Fenghong knew that it was likely Jian Buyi and Jian Wufeng, as well as Jian Xiaoshuang's, idea. As for the so-called sworn sister, it was unlikely to be that simple.

Yi Yun's talent in the way of the sword was beyond excellent, at a level that he could never compare with. As he arrived at this conclusion, Jian Fenghong felt bitter.

Jian Buyi scanned the gathered disciples, many of whom were silent.

With Yi Yun becoming Jian Xiaoshuang's sworn brother, it meant that he could not be cast off from the Clarity Pool Sword Sect. How could they betray one of their own and abandon him?

"The Clarity Pool Sword Sect array isn't that easily broken. If the Seven Star Dao Palace wants to wipe us out, it will have to pay a heavy price!" Jian Wufeng said solemnly.

The only strategy they had now was to defend the fort!

At that moment, Jian Wufeng suddenly looked up into the sky.

With a thought, he struck out with a sword beam, opening up an array projection.

Liu Ruyi and the other figures from the Seven Star Dao Palace immediately appeared in the sky. At that moment in time, two hours had already pa.s.sed.

Liu Ruyi had a sneer on her face as she circulated the Qi in her dantian. She said loudly and clearly, "It seems like you, the Clarity Pool Sword Sect, remain stubborn in the face of death. Fine, I'll grant you that!"

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