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Yi Yun did not know what choice the Clarity Pool Sword Sect would make given the two hour grace period. After all, this involved every life in the Clarity Pool Sword Sect. If the sect were to hand him over, Yi Yun would not blame them. They had no obligation to protect him. Furthermore, he had been saved by Jian Wufeng.

At that moment, Yi Yun was in turmoil. He truly did not want the Clarity Pool Sword Sect to risk its survival for him.

Strength. In the end, it was all about strength. If he were only powerful enough, his life would never have been in the hands of others.

"Senior, I do not wish for so many people of the Clarity Pool Sword Sect to be risked on my behalf," said Yi Yun as he cupped his hands at Jian Wufeng.

Jian Wufeng patted Yi Yun on the shoulder to console him, "Yi Yun, don't worry. My Clarity Pool Sword Sect's ancient array isn't that easily broken."

Jian Wufeng was very confident in the Clarity Pool Sword Sect's ancient array. If not for the ancient array, he wouldn't have taken the great risk of saving Yi Yun. If his actions did result in the annihilation of the Clarity Pool Sword Sect, he would have been a sinner.

"Senior, sorry for the trouble."

Yi Yun had nothing else he could say. He was determined to rapidly increase his strength.

"Haha, Yi Yun. There's no need for you to feel guilty. The most important thing for a sect is its heritage. By sparring with my Clarity Pool Sword Sect's disciples, you have helped both us and yourself improve. That is of great help to my Clarity Pool Sword Sect. Furthermore, although we seem trapped, there are still arrays that allow us to be sent outside. If we are careful enough, it's still possible to leave," said Jian Wufeng very optimistically.

Jian Buyi's expression seemed rather heavy. It was unknown what he was thinking.

Moments later, Jian Buyi said, "Yi Yun, come with me. Let us discuss something."


Azure Sword Loft was one of the palaces in the rear of the Clarity Pool Sword Sect. Typically, it was Jian Buyi's private residence. Yi Yun never expected that he would be invited to Jian Buyi's residence for a discussion.

Moreover, when Yi Yun entered the Azure Sword Loft, he realized that there was not only Jian Buyi, but also Jian Wufeng and Jian Xiaoshuang.

At that moment, Jian Wufeng was chatting with Jian Buyi. Upon seeing Yi Yun enter, Jian Buyi, who wore a rather forlorn look, finally revealed a smile.

"Yi Yun, have a seat. Xiaoshuang, pour some tea for your Senior Brother Yi."

Senior Brother Yi?

Yi Yun hesitated for a moment before realizing that it was normal. In the world of warriors, people did address others from a different sect as Senior Brother. It was also common to address someone as Senior Brother if the person had a higher cultivation level.

"Ah?" Jian Xiaoshuang seemed to be in a momentary daze. After a long while, she came with a cup of tea with her face flushed red. She placed it with some reservation in front of Yi Yun.

"Senior Brother Yi…please enjoy the tea."

Jian Xiaoshuang was thin-skinned, so she said the three words, 'Senior Brother Yi' in a rather awkward manner.

When Yi Yun saw Jian Xiaoshuang's blushing, he was stunned. He recalled the first time he met Jian Xiaoshuang, when she wielded a sword and tied her hair into a ponytail in a neat and tidy manner. What was going on? Why did she look like she was some pretty girl of humble birth?

"Ahem!" Jian Buyi coughed twice dryly and broke Yi Yun's train of thought. He said, "This is tea made from a thousand-year snow lotus picked from the Snow Mountain Clarity Pool. The snow lotus was dried and brewed in a ten-thousand-year melted ice. It's pretty good."

Jian Buyi suddenly began introducing the tea, leaving Yi Yun somewhat puzzled. He took a mouthful and indeed it was fragrant and refreshing. He said with praise, "Good tea."

Jian Buyi said with a smile, "My young friend, Yi Yun, I truly wish that the Clarity Pool Sword Sect had a genius disciple like yourself. But I recall you saying that you already have a master. So it's impossible for you to join the Clarity Pool Sword Sect…"

Jian Buyi shook his head when he reached that point. He seemed somewhat wistful but immediately, he seemed to have an idea. His eyes lit up as he said, "Yi Yun, what do you think of Xiaoshuang?"

Jian Buyi's sudden question nearly choked Yi Yun, who was drinking the tea.

He finally understood the reason why Jian Buyi had brought him to his residence, along with Jian Wufeng and Jian Xiaoshuang. He had a certain idea in mind.

It also explained why Jian Xiaoshuang's face was as red as the dusk. Jian Buyi had likely already brought up the idea to her.

Yi Yun gaped and could only say, "Junior Sister Xiaoshuang is a born beauty and also a genius in the way of the sword. She's naturally flawless."

"How am I a genius in the way of the sword?" Jian Xiaoshuang stuck her tongue out. If someone else had said it, she would have admitted it, but she was embarra.s.sed hearing it from Yi Yun.

"Yi Yun, with that said, let me cut to the chase. Xiaoshuang is Wufeng's disciple. She is also the next sect master of my Clarity Pool Sword Sect. The Clarity Pool Ancestral Sword will also be pa.s.sed down to her, so I'm thinking of betrothing her to you…"

After a while of beating around the bush, Jian Buyi finally stated his motives plainly. Indeed, Yi Yun already had a vague inkling that this would happen.

And seeing Jian Buyi's ruminative look, Yi Yun came to a further realization. Jian Buyi had noticed that he was overly talented and wanted him to help the Clarity Pool Sword Sect. However, if there was no relationship between them, that help wouldn't be reliable. And it would obviously be reliable if the future sect master was betrothed to him.

This left Yi Yun somewhat speechless. With the Seven Star Dao Palace about to lay siege to their home, the Clarity Pool Sword Sect was set to pay a huge price. Jian Wufeng was upright, so he was prepared for that outcome. But Jian Buyi was a sly old fox. He naturally did not want to engage in such a loss-incurring exchange. If the Clarity Pool Sword Sect's relationship with Yi Yun were to get more distant over time, what would happen then?

"About that, Senior Brother Fenghong…"

Yi Yun was an outsider, but even he could tell that Jian Fenghong was somewhat interested in Jian Xiaoshuang. As for Jian Buyi, he was Jian Fenghong's master. It was unlikely he was so heartless, right?

When Jian Fenghong was mentioned, Jian Buyi shook his head and said, "I certainly wish that Fenghong would marry Xiaoshuang but, when it comes to marriage, it has to be consensual. Xiaoshuang isn't very agreeable to the idea…"

When Jian Buyi said that, Jian Wufeng interrupted. "Xiaoshuang once swore that the man she marries has to have a Sword Dao that surpa.s.s hers, or be able to stimulate the Clarity Pool Ancestral Sword's power. Fenghong has no chance of stimulating the Clarity Pool Ancestral Sword. As for his talent surpa.s.sing Xiaoshuang's, saying that would be a bit of a stretch. So…"

Jian Wufeng was a straightforward person. But even he was somewhat embarra.s.sed saying such things.

Yi Yun gaped and stole a glance at Jian Xiaoshuang. He had a nagging feeling that she was pure and innocent like a blank piece of paper. She probably did not even know what true love was like.

Yi Yun could only say, "Seniors, thank you for the kind offer, but I already have a wife."

However, Jian Buyi said, "I have considered that too. As martial pract.i.tioners, we do not necessarily only have one wife. Furthermore, if you live a long life, your accomplishments will be unlimited. If Xiaoshuang can marry you, it will be a blessing for her. So how can she abide you only having one wife?"

Jian Buyi easily parried Yi Yun's objection.

Yi Yun was rendered rather speechless. He took another look at Jian Buyi and realized that the old fellow was extremely sly. He had truly chosen the perfect opportunity to marry Jian Xiaoshuang away. The Seven Star Dao Palace was just outside!

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