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It took great difficulty to discover a Great Dao of Supremacy. The Clarity Pool Sword Sect swordsmen mainly cultivated Sword Dao, which was considered a Great Dao among techniques. It was challenging to fully comprehend Sword Dao and, at best, the swordsmen would cultivate in auxiliary laws, mainly minor Dao. For example, Jian Fenghong's auxiliary law was the Hard-Soft concept.

However, Yi Yun had cultivated in three Great Dao in addition to the way of the sword. It was a feat that was too astounding for words.

At the birth of the Universe, there was Chaos before Yin-Yang and s.p.a.ce-Time. The Dao that Yi Yun cultivated in happened to be the very three first Great Dao to be formed during the Universe's infancy.

When he realized this, Jian Buyi shuddered. "Yi Yun, did you deliberately choose the three Great Dao—Yin-Yang, s.p.a.ce-Time, Chaos-Destruction, from the beginning?"

Yi Yun shook his head and said, "Senior, the Dao that I cultivated in were all fortuitous encounters. They happened to match me, so I continued cultivating in them."

"The first cultivation technique that I came into contact with was a pure Yang cultivation technique. I focused on pure Yang and later on came into contact with pure Yin, allowing Yin and Yang to complement each other. It was the same with s.p.a.ce-Time laws. My master had cultivated in the Dao of s.p.a.ce-Time, and as for Chaos-Destruction, it was all a fortuitous coincidence," Yi Yun said vaguely.

However, once it reached Jian Buyi's ears, it made him draw in a gasp of cold air. He had, in fact, foreseen such an answer. A typical warrior did not deliberately choose their Dao. Instead, they cultivated in whatever suited them the best.

In such circ.u.mstances, the way Yi Yun had slowly reached his present state seemed to be Heaven's will.

"You have already reached the peak of your martial arts practice. It is no wonder that I lost to you while sparring at the same cultivation level…" Jian Buyi said with a sigh.

The spectating Clarity Pool Sword Sect disciples had to wonder if they were dreaming.

Jian Buyi admitted defeat against Yi Yun!

At first, Jian Buyi had the complete upper hand, but with one final strike, Yi Yun had broken through Jian Buyi's sword screen. Be it in terms of his sword stance or laws, it was complete oppression. Jian Buyi had admitted defeat!

The disciples were unsure of how to react to the fact that the Grand Elder of the Clarity Pool Sword Sect lost to a junior. It was too bizarre.

"Master has also admitted defeat."

Jian Fenghong looked at Yi Yun with even more perplexity. Even his master's Sword Dao could not match Yi Yun's. Then, it meant that the gap between him and Yi Yun was like a ma.s.sive ravine. He could not even entertain the thought of surpa.s.sing him.

It was a huge blow to a Sword Dao genius like him to stand beside a true freak of nature like Yi Yun.

At that moment, Jian Wufeng walked over and said with a smile, "Yi Yun, your talent is beyond excellent. If you could, while we have time, spar with the lot of us, my Clarity Pool Sword Sect disciples' Sword Dao will probably make huge leaps in improvement."

Yi Yun hurriedly said, "You think too highly of me. Sparring with all of you from the Clarity Pool Sword Sect has only benefitted me. It would be my pleasure."

Yi Yun had grasped a sword move that fused his opposite laws while sparring with Jian Fenghong. Against Jian Buyi, he had gained insight into the Heart of the Sword.

Yi Yun now needed a great number of battles to consolidate and deepen his understanding of these new breakthroughs.

Jian Wufeng's invitation suited Yi Yun's thoughts.

"That's great," said Jian Wufeng.

But at that moment, his expression suddenly changed.

"They came so quickly!"

Yi Yun's heart stirred for he vaguely guessed at what had happened.

Jian Wufeng's expression was sullen as he raised his hand and struck out with a sword beam. The sword beam shot into the void and produced patterns that resembled water ripples. Following that, fuzzy images appeared in those patterns.

Jian Wufeng had used his cultivation to project the scenes outside the Clarity Pool Sword Sect's ma.s.sive array into the interior of the small world they were in.

Yi Yun could immediately make out a bunch of figures in mid-air above the snow-capped mountains of Clarity Pool.

The invaders wore clothes embroidered with seven black stars. Leading the pack was a middle-aged woman dressed in a crimson palatial gown. She had a smile on her face, and her aura was strange and terrifying. Behind her was none other than High Amba.s.sador Yu Heng.

"It is indeed the Seven Star Dao Palace…" Yi Yun's gaze turned turbid.

The Seven Star Dao Palace had come so quickly!

Furthermore, the people they sent were extremely strong.

The woman leading the pack was probably someone that none from the Clarity Pool Sword Sect could deal with, including Jian Buyi.

"That middle-aged woman is probably the Deputy Palatial Lord of the Seven Star Dao Palace, Liu Ruyi. Don't think of her as just any woman because, in terms of cruelty and ruthlessness, no one from the Central State Divine Territory can compare." Jian Buyi looked into the sky with an ugly expression. "I never expected this vicious woman to come personally."

"It doesn't matter. They are still unable to find the entrance to our Clarity Pool Sword Sect. Based on the projection, they are still an extremely great distance from us," said Jian Wufeng as he turned his head to Yi Yun.

The Clarity Pool Sword Sect was a reclusive sect, so the true entrance was unknown to the public. It had always been hidden by an ancient ma.s.sive array.

Besides that, the Clarity Pool Sword Sect also had a defensive ma.s.sive array.

"Activate the defensive ma.s.sive array!" Jian Buyi said with a solemn voice.

Even though they had a concealment array, they could not eliminate the possibility of being discovered.

Immediately, everyone from the Clarity Pool Sword Sect readied themselves for combat.

At that moment, Yi Yun's heart leaped, for he saw Deputy Palatial Lord Liu suddenly look over. Her slender, fox-like eyes were turned toward him.

Despite it being a projection, Yi Yun had an intense feeling that Liu Ruyi had sensed them watching her.

"Heh heh heh!"

Liu Ruyi suddenly laughed. There was a strong, penetrative quality to her laugh that dug straight into the eardrums.

"Jian Wufeng! Jian Buyi! I know you are in there. I also know that the Clarity Pool Sword Sect is established in an ancient small world. It seems difficult to break into, but if I, Liu Ruyi, want to do it, then nothing is impossible!"

"I advise you to hand the fellow over. If you do, any enmity between the Seven Star Dao Palace and the Clarity Pool Sword Sect will be forgotten. If not, I will find you even if I have to flatten this entire mountain range!"

Liu Ruyi's voice resounded throughout the Clarity Pool Sword Sect through the array.

All the Clarity Pool Sword Sect disciples felt their lifeblood boil from the instigation of the voice.

This woman was truly terrifying.

Jian Wufeng's expression sunk but he did not respond.

Liu Ruyi waited for a while, but heard no response. Her face completely turned cold.

"Are you pretending not to hear me? I give you two hours to reconsider. If you do not hand Yi Yun over, my Seven Star Dao Palace will ama.s.s all the array masters that can be gathered to destroy the array of your Clarity Pool Sword Sect!"

"I, Liu Ruyi, swear that once the array is broken, my Seven Star Dao Palace will completely and totally ma.s.sacre everyone in the Clarity Pool Sword Sect. Not a single life will be spared!"

Liu Ruyi's threat of wiping out the sect sent trepidations into the hearts of the Clarity Pool Sword Sect disciples. Liu Ruyi was vicious and, since she had mentioned wiping out the sect, she was definitely not joking. She would really do it.

While cultivating in the way of the sword, warriors had to condense their Heart of the Sword. Although they were relatively resolute in their personality, it was difficult for anyone to remain unfazed by the threat of death.

Yi Yun exhaled. With the situation developing to that point, he had put the entire Clarity Pool Sword Sect on the spot. It was naturally something Yi Yun did not wish to see.

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