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"It's the Clarity Pool Ancestral Sword!"

"It's really the Clarity Pool Ancestral Sword! It's my first time seeing it!"

The Clarity Pool Ancestral Sword was a cornerstone treasure of the Clarity Pool Sword Sect. It was normally kept in the possession of the sect master or Grand Elder, so typical disciples naturally had no chance of seeing it. Only core disciples like Jian Xiaoshuang and Jian Fenghong would ever have a chance to see it. Sometimes, they could even use it.

Jian Fenghong and Jian Xiaoshuang had indeed been given chances to wield the Clarity Pool Ancestral Sword. Jian Fenghong did not have any outstanding performance when using the sword. In that regard, he was like his master, Jian Buyi.

However, Jian Xiaoshuang was different. The main reason why Jian Xiaoshuang was thought so highly of by Jian Wufeng at such a young age was that the Clarity Pool Ancestral Sword became more powerful in her hands than in his.

This made Jian Buyi somewhat displeased. He and his disciple were completely inferior to Jian Wufeng and his disciple. This meant that the Clarity Pool Ancestral Sword would be handed down to Jian Xiaoshuang in the next generation.

Of course, even though Jian Buyi was displeased, he still saw the big picture. He did not do anything extreme in pursuit of the Clarity Pool Ancestral Sword.

"Yi Yun, I'll lend you this Clarity Pool Ancestral Sword for your sword demonstration. Sealed within it is an immense power. Those who aren't geniuses in the sword are unable to use it."

As Jian Wufeng said this, the Clarity Pool Ancestral Sword in his hand flew up and shot at Yi Yun!


Yi Yun caught the hilt firmly. With the sword in hand, Yi Yun immediately sensed an indescribable energy that appeared boundless.

Without a doubt, it was a very powerful sword, but Yi Yun could faintly sense that there was something lacking in it. It was as though the sword had once suffered heavy damage.

"This sword…"

Yi Yun ruminated for a moment. He had a vague feeling that the sword had an extraordinary origin. However, he did not think too much of it since it was a cornerstone item of the Clarity Pool Sword Sect.

Yi Yun felt sword intent surging within him as he held the Clarity Pool Ancestral Sword in hand.

"Yi Yun, Attendance Sword Platform has a sword a.s.sessment array. It was discovered by my sect in an ancient ruin, and after repairs by array masters over many generations, it has now become what one would consider an intricate array."

"The sword a.s.sessment array can be used by one person or several people. It allows the sword intent and laws of the examiner or the host of the array to be perfectly projected on a sword avatar. Fighting with sword avatars firstly ensures that the avatars are of equal strength due to the array's same energy. Hence, it is absolutely fair. Secondly, it allows one to use the sharpest form of Sword Dao without any concern of injuries."

Jian Wufeng gave Attendance Sword Platform an introduction. If Yi Yun were to only demonstrate his sword moves, it would be impossible to draw out their full power. There was a need for an opponent.

"Then, for the role of the presiding host of the sword a.s.sessment array…" Just as Jian Wufeng was considering the person to preside over the sword array, Jian Fenghong took a step forward and said, "Sect Master Martial Uncle, I'm willing to preside over the array."


Jian Wufeng looked at Jian Fenghong. The might of the sword a.s.sessment array depended wholly on the presiding host's Sword Dao and nomological insight. It did not have much to do with one's cultivation level.

Jian Fenghong had been cultivating in the way of the sword for about four centuries. His attainment in Sword Dao was considered rather good and indeed made him suitable as a host.

"Alright," Jian Wufeng agreed.

With that, he waved his hand, and along the boundary of Attendance Sword Platform, two nine-starred sword platforms appeared. They were filled with inscriptions and there were nine swords embedded around it.

Jian Fenghong looked at the nine-starred sword platform before looking at Yi Yun. A slight smile suffused his face.

Anyone would have feelings of jealousy. Jian Fenghong wasn't someone of low moral standing, but for the sect master to praise a man younger than he was, and in front of his junior sister he admired, it was only natural for him to feel unpleasant. He was not a saint after all.

The Attendance Sword Platform was the perfect chance for him to take Yi Yun down a few notches.

Jian Fenghong pulled his two swords and stood on the nine-starred sword platform. He looked at Yi Yun and said, "Come on up. Use all your strength and don't blame me for being a bully. Since you are thought so highly by Sect Master Martial Uncle, you should have some capabilities. I will not show any mercy."

"I do not need the sword platform." Yi Yun responded tersely. His reply raised Jian Fenghong's eyebrows. "What?"

"I'm more accustomed to battling personally." As Yi Yun spoke, he walked straight to the middle of Attendance Sword Platform.

"Battling personally?"

Jian Fenghong frowned. In battles between warriors, unless the gap in strength was large, such as Yi Yun against Jian Xiaoshuang, the outcome could be easily determined through the control of one's sword might. If the gap wasn't large, the determination of victory might result in injuries.

Jian Fenghong was using a sword avatar while Yi Yun was battling in person. Even if Jian Fenghong lost, he would not be injured. However, it was different for Yi Yun. If he was injured by sword beams, he could easily be bedridden for half a month or so.

"I can acquiesce you battling in person but my cultivation level far exceeds you and I have a deeper foundation. By fighting in person, it is hard for me to repress my cultivation level to be identical to yours. I'll still battle with a sword avatar so that the cultivation level will be identical to yours. It will be absolutely fair then. I shall warn you that I will not show mercy. Do not blame me if you are heavily injured."

Jian Fenghong was displeased by Yi Yun's nonchalant response. He was planning on making Yi Yun suffer a bit.

Then, a white light enveloped the area, and Jian Fenghong's figure vanished into it.

At the same time, Yi Yun's surroundings, which had Clarity Pool Sword Sect disciples only hundreds of feet away, suddenly pulled a great distance away. Their figures appeared to be the size of rice grains. Even the smooth rock cliff standing in front of Attendance Sword Platform was so. Instantly, Yi Yun was in a vast empty s.p.a.ce.

And in this vast empty Attendance Sword Platform, a figure appeared. It was an avatar formed from sword Qi, Jian Fenghong.

All the Clarity Pool Sword Sect disciples saw this scene. Jian Fenghong was presiding over the sword array, and they were aware of what that meant. Jian Fenghong was after all their eldest senior brother. He had been an examiner several times and with him being strict, many people had been terribly beaten on Attendance Sword Platform. Only Jian Xiaoshuang received special treatment when facing him.

"Where's your sword stance? I'm about to attack!" Before Jian Fenghong attacked, he deliberately warned Yi Yun. He was rather confident in himself.

Yi Yun had no stance at all. In a match between warriors, there was a need for preparation, allowing one to reach peak state for battle. Sometimes, just the preparation alone was enough to determine victory.

Yi Yun did not make any preparations, so his attacks could only be much weaker than if he had prepared.

"Whether I prepare is up to me. You don't have to bother. In my years of practicing martial arts, I seldom fight opponents that are my equal. So why would I need any preparation fighting someone on my level?"

Over the decades of Yi Yun's practice in martial arts, he had fought numerous battles against foes levels above his. As such, this was a rare chance to fight someone that equaled his level. Of course, out of his peers, there were few people that could be considered Yi Yun's match.

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