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Jian Wufeng looked at the seven-star constellation on the elder's robes and had an immediate recollection. He asked, "Are you someone from the Seven Star Dao Palace? Is the Seven Star Dao Palace interested in the recent phenomenon?"

The Seven Star Dao Palace was an extremely mighty sect in Central State Divine Territory. It's strength far exceeded that of the Clarity Pool Sword Sect.

The Seven Star Dao Palace had a great heritage with a long history. Upon seeing someone from the Seven Star Dao Palace appear with the Seven Star Auction Company, everyone came to the realization that the Seven Star Auction Company was one of the temporals of the Seven Star Dao Palace.

Many large sects established temporals to collect all sorts of natural treasures. Temporals were just ancillary to the large clans. Typically, only lacking disciples from the large sects would be sent to head these temporals. As such, despite being the heads of these temporals, they were trivial figures in the sect.

Without a doubt, Sun Burial Sandsea's Seven Star Auction Company was a temporal of the Seven Star Dao Palace.

This was actually not secret information. It was typical for large sects to not deliberately investigate the temporals of other sects; therefore, many people did not know that the Seven Star Auction Company was related to the Seven Star Dao Palace.

Upon seeing the elder appear, Yan Tiancong revealed a look of glee. He sat back into his seat and swept his eyes at Ji Shuiyan. He did not bother to hide the invasive look in his eyes.

He wanted to borrow the might of the Seven Star Auction Company to get rid of Yi Yun. Without Yi Yun, Ji Shuiyan would fall into his hands, allowing him to do as he pleased.

Upon sensing Yan Tiancong's gaze, Ji Shuiyan furrowed her brows slightly. She had also heard of the Seven Star Dao Palace before. It was a top-tier sect and its power was greater than any of the factions present. Did the thing that Yan Tiancong mentioned really have the ability to stir the sect behind the Seven Star Auction Company?

Elder Fengxing pursued the matter by saying, "Why? Are Miss Shuiyan and Young Master Yi not interested in the Item Nourishing Dew?"

"If Elder Fengxing is sincerely selling the Item Nourishing Dew, then please name your price directly," said Yi Yun coldly.

"Haha, there is no rush with the Item Nourishing Dew. Let me first do the introductions. This is Seven Star Dao Palace's High Amba.s.sador Yu Heng!" Elder Fengxing introduced with an extremely polite tone.

The Seven Star Dao Palace had a total of seven High Amba.s.sadors. They corresponded to the seven stars of the Big Dipper, and all of the seven High Amba.s.sadors were first-rate figures in the Seven Star Dao Palace. Typically, even the overall head of Sun Burial Sandsea's Seven Star Auction Company had to be as polite as a eunuch seeing an emperor when they met any of the seven High Amba.s.sadors, much less Elder Fengxing. He was excited at having the chance to meet a High Amba.s.sador. It was a rare opportunity. If not for the phenomenon in Sun Burial Sandsea, an event that allowed the Seven Star Auction Company branch heads to have reason to directly contact the seven High Amba.s.sadors, would he have ever had such a chance? Just a bit of help from any of the seven High Amba.s.sadors would open up limitless possibilities for him.

"Yan Tiancong, His Excellency the High Amba.s.sador is somewhat interested in the item you mentioned. Say it once again!"

Elder Fengxing's voice sounded proud. Previously, he could only suffer in silence because of his lacking strength. Now, with a backer finally appearing, he felt as though he could vent his stress.

"Yes." Yan Tiancong beamed. He looked at a black-robed middle-aged man behind him and said, "Brother Tianxiao, why don't you do it?"

The middle-aged man that was addressed as Brother Tianxiao held a feather fan in his hand. He had a long goatee as if he was a Daoist priest. Previously, when Yi Yun first arrived at the trade meet, he had noticed Brother Tianxiao smiling at him.

After the trading session began, the middle-aged man did not speak a word. He was like a venomous snake that lurked in the darkness. It made Yi Yun extremely uncomfortable.

"I'm Tianxiao Shuo, with the honorific t.i.tle of Master Tianxiao." Tianxiao Shuo waved his feather fan and said at an unhurried pace. "I have a treasure that is extremely important for the search of treasures in Sun Burial Sandsea. I'm willing to produce it for everyone to use together. However, this treasure has been stolen by a traitor of the sect in the past, eventually landing in the hands of the Divine Secrets Trading Company. Its name is the Heaven Secrets Compa.s.s. Miss Shuiyan, I believe you know about this item?"

Tianxiao Shuo suddenly turned to Ji Shuiyan, and she felt her heart sink. She finally understood what Yan Tiancong had divulged. It was the Heaven Secrets Compa.s.s! As for Master Tianxiao, he came from the Heaven Secrets Chapter. It was no wonder that he knew that the Heaven Secrets Compa.s.s was in her hands.

Before Ji Shuiyan had a chance to respond, she suddenly felt an immense spiritual blast surge into her soul sea.

This spiritual blast came from High Amba.s.sador Yu Heng!

High Amba.s.sador Yu Heng's spiritual probe was obviously something Ji Shuiyan could not withstand. Her face was quickly drained of its color as she took several steps back and began collapsing backward.

Yi Yun quickly grabbed Ji Shuiyan's hand and, with a maneuver, he set her on a chair.

However, the power of High Amba.s.sador Yu Heng's spiritual probe left Ji Shuiyan sweating. There was no trace of the color of blood on her pale lips.

"What are your intentions?"

Yi Yun was incensed. High Amba.s.sador Yu Heng had ignored his status and attacked a weak girl like Ji Shuiyan.

High Amba.s.sador Yu Heng grunted coldly. His grunt contained powerful spiritual strength that left many people taking an involuntary step back. "I was only taking advantage of the momentary daze that girl was in after hearing of the Heaven Secrets Compa.s.s. It was to confirm what her thoughts are with a spiritual probe. This is already a rather gentle spiritual technique. If I were to do a soul search, her mind would immediately collapse!"

"I have already confirmed that the Heaven Secrets Compa.s.s is indeed in the hands of the Divine Secrets Trading Company! Since it's the item of the Heaven Secrets Chapter, hand it over. I will definitely not make you suffer losses and give you compensation for it."

The seven star-robed elder's words were not to be doubted. As he spoke, his spiritual energy began enveloping Yi Yun. It was a suppression that came from someone quite superior.

Yi Yun found it hard to determine High Amba.s.sador Yu Heng's cultivation level. He knew that it was due to the gap in their strength.

No matter how much talent Yi Yun had, he was still a junior in the end. It was impossible that he could match a High Amba.s.sador of a mighty sect.

Yi Yun clenched his fists tightly. Strength. In the end, he still lacked strength. The amount of time he had spent cultivating was just too short. He had not been able to fully develop his strength. If he could cultivate to the realm of Dao Palace, everything would be different.

"The Heaven Secrets Compa.s.s has been lost in Sun Burial Sandsea with my grandfather. Furthermore, the ones that betrayed the Heaven Secrets Chapter is not my grandfather but all of you!" Ji Shuiyan said fiercely.

For this, Tianxiao Shuo had a derisive look on his face. He completely ignored Ji Shuiyan and turned to High Amba.s.sador Yu Heng. He said in a fluttery manner, "Your Excellency, it looks like this traitor does not plan on handing the Heaven Secrets Compa.s.s over."

High Amba.s.sador Yu Heng smiled slightly as he stroked his chin and looked at Yi Yun. Yi Yun sensed a faint killing intent from his eyes.

This froze his heart. The other party obviously knew he was talented, yet wanted to s.n.a.t.c.h the Heaven Secrets Compa.s.s. This meant that they had an understanding of the item in Sun Burial Sandsea. Driven by the perks, they were willing to take the risk.

Although he had extraordinary talent, as long as they could ensure his death, thus preventing him from fully developing, then they prevented him from posing a threat.

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