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Chapter 108: Yet another slap on the face

The semi-finals of the Kingdom’s selection had not ended. The examination of the Purple Blood warriors was even more intense.

Although the Purple Blood warriors were sure to pa.s.s the Kingdom’s selection, they still vied for a better spot amongst themselves, so that they can get more resources and a higher status in the Jin Long Wei!

Yi Yun watched all the Cloud Wilderness’ Purple Blood warriors’ demonstrations.

A Purple Blood warrior was indeed much stronger than a Mortal Blood warrior. The Tao tribal clan’s first young master Hu Ya who appeared last had pushed the atmosphere to a crescendo!

Hu Ya also demonstrated “Nine Mysterious Swords of Heaven”!

Hu Ya used the ancestral artifact of the Tao tribal clan, the female-male pair’s male component.

The male-sword was 3 feet long, in Hu Ya’s hand, it was as if the sword was alive, with a startling aura. As Hu Ya continued demonstrating, each slash caused sword Qi to emit out shockwaves, and the battlefield was filled with beams of sword flashes, like a silver waterfall.

Hu Ya’s sword moves were too fast for the eyes to follow.

At times, Hu Ya would slow down his speed; but even at a slower speed, it was hard to read his moves. This feeling was similar to Zhang Yuxian performing the Elephant Swallowing Technique. One could see him move, but one couldn’t tell what the sword move was.

The warriors from the large tribes of the Cloud Wilderness were full of praise. Even a few Jin Long Wei members nodded slightly.

When Hu Ya finished the last stance of “Nine Mysterious Swords of Heaven”, nine sword beams flew out from Hu Ya’s body and into the sky!

These nine sword beams looked like golden swords from afar. It was colorful and had an extraordinary beauty!

“Cha! Cha! Cha!”

The golden swords cut through the air. Even the clouds in the sky were sliced open.

The surrounding Tao tribal clan people let out a gasp.

If one were to call Tao Yunxiao’s sword Qi the light from a firefly, then Hu Ya’s golden sword beams were like the moonlight. They were in great contrast.

“This is a manifestation of Yuan Qi! ”

In the crowd, a warrior said, “To release the body’s Yuan Qi out and condensing it into a shape. It’s an extremely clever technique. It is something that only the best Purple Blood warriors can manage. If the nine golden swords that were sent into the clouds had been on black ironstone, even if the black ironstone were the size of a house, it will still be sliced up like tofu! It’s just Young master Hu Ya who didn’t want to show off his attack power!”

“Manifestation of Yuan Qi!” Yi Yun was stirred. He recalled that when he sparred with Lin Xintong the previous night, his last fist attack had formed a dragon-tiger phantom image!

He had not paid attention back then, but Lin Xintong had pointed out that it was a manifestation of Yuan Qi!

The manifestation of Yuan Qi not only looks powerful, but it could greatly improve the attack’s damage!

In the battles of Mortal Blood and Purple Blood realm warriors, they would often use their bodies to attack. But as their martial level increases, the battle between warriors would become a compet.i.tion of Yuan Qi!

For a high level martial world, manifestation of Yuan Qi was part of the basics.

But for the warriors of the vast wilderness, manifestation of Yuan Qi was a spectacular sight.
The crowd’s reaction was filled with excitement as they cheered vivaciously!

Commoners had no chance of witnessing manifestation of Yuan Qi. Besides, Hu Ya was extremely popular in the Tao tribal clan, so all those cheering were his admirers.

Hu Ya’s demonstration had finished.

The faces of the Tao tribal clan people were red with pride. It was as if they had drunk a bottle of vintage wine, and could not disguise their joy. Previously, Yi Yun had overshadowed their prominence, making them feel unhappy. But now, with Hu Ya, they were immediately elated with pride.

Also, the first young master Hu Ya was close to reaching the Tempered Body state. In a few days, he would likely make that last step. This was something the people of the Tao tribal clan were looking forward to.

The entire Tao tribal clan, in its several hundreds of years, had never given birth to a talent who could reach the “Tempered Body, Dragon Pulse” state.

“Young master Hu Ya is too powerful!”

“Of course! Young master is just about to reach the ‘Tempered Body, Dragon Pulse’ state. His cultivation level is at the middle stages of the Purple Blood realm. Soon, he will enter to late stages of the Purple Blood realm. How can he not be powerful? Young master Hu Ya will definitely exceed Yi Yun!”

“That’s for sure! Nine golden swords formed from energy; that is true strength! It’s not those illusory phenomenon. That’s right, what sort of person is Young master Hu Ya? He will teach those self-important people from the small tribes a lesson. They shall see the strength of our Tao tribal clan!”

The people were agitated. The Jin Long Wei’s examiner had used fifteen minutes to rank the Purple Blood warriors.

Again, the order was based on the order of appearance. Hu Ya was the last one.

When Zhang Tan mentioned Hu Ya, everyone in the Tao tribal clan held their breath. This was the moment that concerned their Tao tribal clan’s honor.

They were waiting for Hu Ya to overshadow Yi Yun!

The Tao tribal clan’s strength was ten times stronger than tens of small tribes combined. How could they let a kid like Yi Yun overshadow them?

The people were full of antic.i.p.ation. Zhang Tan opened his mouth.

“Hu Ya, eighteen years old, demonstrating ‘Nine Mysterious Swords of Heaven’, Grade”

“Mystic rank&h.e.l.lip;.gradeless!”

When Zhang Tan announced Hu Ya’s grade, the Tao tribal clan’s people were stupefied before exploding.

Hu Ya had finally managed to reach the Mystic rank, but he had no grade. He was a gradeless Mystic!

The difference between the Yellow rank ninth grade and the Mystic rank first grade was huge. Some people could be judged to be better than Yellow rank, but to say he was a Mystic rank, he would fail to meet the mark.

As such in the talent evaluation rules, there was a gradeless level.

Gradeless Mystic meant they could barely make the rank of Mystic, but it was not enough and it would fade away. To be accurate, it was a transient level between the Yellow and Mystic rank.

Hu Ya was the number one young expert in the Tao tribal clan, and wasn’t much weaker than the older peak-Purple blood experts. It symbolized that the highest standard the Tao tribal clan had was just evaluated at a transient level between Yellow and Mystic rank?

Was this a joke?

There were numerous fans and supporters of Hu Ya in the Tao tribal clan.

Now, with the Jin Long Wei giving Hu Ya a gradeless Mystic rank, these supporters could no longer accept it! They were preparing to celebrate, but just before they could leap up in joy, they were ridiculed!

If the entire Cloud Wilderness had no Mystic rank, and Hu Ya had obtained a gradeless Mystic rank, they could settle for it because the Jin Long Wei’s evaluation criteria was strict.

But now, a rascal named Yi Yun had reached Mystic rank fifth grade, and their Hu Ya was just at the transient period of the Mystic rank, how could they accept it?

“It’s not fair!”

“How can Hu Ya be gradeless? We don’t accept this!” Some people shouted. Previously, when Yi Yun overshadowed Tao Yunxiao, there weren’t many who shouted. But now, with Hu Ya also overshadowed, they could no longer bear it.

The power of fans was fearsome, especially pa.s.sionate fans. For their idols, they were willing to risk their lives.

So what if it was Zhang Tan? So what if he was the Jin Long Wei Thousand Households? By belittling their idol, they would rebel!

“I don’t accept it. Hu Ya should be at least a Mystic rank sixth grade!” A young girl shouted, red from agitation. In the Tao tribal clan, there were numerous young girls who had a crush on Hu Ya. For Hu Ya, they were willing to run naked.

“Right! At least Mystic rank sixth grade. How can our Young master Hu Ya lose to Yi Yun?”

“What heck is that Yi Yun? He’s just a commoner from a small tribal clan. His cultivation isn’t even high. On what criteria, do you rank him a Mystic rank grade five? I don’t accept it!” Another girl echoed with extreme agitation. How could their idol be inferior to a commoner? It was an insult to their idol!

Seeing the Tao tribal clan’s young girls being agitated, Yi Yun was speechless. He couldn’t escape from it. His compet.i.tion with Tao Yunxiao and Lian Chengyu had nothing to do with the Purple Blood realm’s Hu Ya, how did he get pulled into this?

Yi Yun felt Hu Ya was like a Korean drama star in his past life, and the fans were hardcore.

Most of the time, fans would not be rational. Why did you have to be given a Mystic rank fifth grade, overshadowing their idol?

Yi Yun subconsciously looked at Hu Ya, but he realized that although his fans were agitated, Hu Ya was still holding his sword and standing at his spot, silent and expressionless. It was as if everything around him had nothing to do with him.

This made Yi Yun slightly surprised. This Hu Ya was interesting.

Facing such a crowd, he could still take things calmly. This kind of bearing was unlike that of a pa.s.sionate young man.


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