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Jian Xiaoshuang looked to her master Jian Wufeng, only to find an expression that confounded her.

In Jian Wufeng's eyes was a clear look of excitement that could barely be contained.

She always saw her master as being aloof. He was never astonished by any changes and seldom lost his composure.

But in fact, Jian Wufeng's present mood was much more excited than what his face showed.

He had guessed correctly from the beginning. Yi Yun and Azure Yang Lord were indeed related!

What Yi Yun used was not Azure Yang Lord's full heritage. His movements with a sword had a hint of Azure Yang Lord's sword intent. There were also other elements at play.

Yi Yun's sword stance and sword intent astonished Jian Wufeng to no end!

Jian Wufeng was a sword fanatic, to begin with. He had practiced martial arts his entire life and only cared about swords. To him, Azure Yang Lord's heritage was so extensive and profound that it only left people mesmerized. But today, he saw a strike that had improved on that foundation. How could he not be pleasantly surprised?

There was no end to the path of martial arts. There was one peak above another!

Jian Xiaoshuang looked at Jian Wufeng for quite a while before he noticed his disciple's gaze. There were perplexity and chagrin in her eyes.

Jian Xiaoshuang's talent made her invincible among her peers from a young age. So how would she feel good being defeated by Yi Yun in one strike?

But at that moment, Jian Wufeng could not be concerned with consoling his disciple. He coughed dryly and said, "Xiaoshuang, try using another sword move. This is an opportunity for you to improve."


Jian Xiaoshuang felt somewhat aggrieved. She was hoping her master could give her an explanation, but not only did he not do so, he had also urged her to continue the sparring. She had already lost from the previous clash of attacks. It was not a life-and-death battle after all. In a sparring match, losing by a tiny bit was considered a loss.

By continuing the fight after losing in one move, it only gave others the impression that Jian Xiaoshuang was a sore loser.

With these thoughts in mind, Jian Xiaoshuang gritted her teeth and said out of spite, "Have another try at this strike!"

It was first because she was nursing a grievance and secondly because she was feeling indignant. Jian Xiaoshuang refused to believe that the gap between her and Yi Yun was that great.

Jian Xiaoshuang used all her strength for her next strike!

Intensely powerful sword intent surged like the radiant sun rising in the east. It brought with it unmatched pure Yang flames that inundated Yi Yun.

The intense flames of the sword were reflected in Jian Xiaoshuang's eyes as her body was completely immersed in the flames.

"Take this!"

Jian Xiaoshuang, together with her sword, transformed into a beam of light. Like a phoenix flying out of an inferno, she soared at Yi Yun!

The might of this strike was much stronger than the one before.

Upon seeing this strike, everyone marveled in shock. They were not astonished about the strength of the strike but of Jian Xiaoshuang's dual cultivation in fire and lightning!

The previous strike was lightning-elemental while this strike was Yang fire. It was already difficult for the average junior to be proficient in one law. As for Jian Xiaoshuang, she was proficient in two laws. This implied that Jian Xiaoshuang had condensed two similarly high-grade Dao fruits.

"Azure Yang Lord, Pure Yang Sword…"

Yi Yun observed Jian Xiaoshuang's move. Azure Yang Lord's cultivation technique came from the Yang G.o.d Manual, which was a pure Yang cultivation technique.

As for Jian Xiaoshuang's pure Yang cultivation technique, it did share similarities with Azure Yang Lord's.

Yi Yun had not cultivated in the Pure Yang Manual but he had previously cultivated in the Great Empress Heart Sutra. As for the Great Empress Heart Sutra's pure Yang component, the Great Empress had referenced the Pure Yang Manual and distilled it.

However, the ancient Great Empress was in the end limited by the Tian Yuan world. Furthermore, she had perished early, so her cultivation level was not very high. The Great Empress Heart Sutra she created was slowly unable to support Yi Yun's cultivation.

Later on, when Yi Yun condensed his pure Yang Dao fruits, he began possessing his own pure Yang Great Dao. Looking back at the Great Empress Heart Sutra, he gained deeper and clearer insights.

Jian Xiaoshuang's cultivation technique and move also became increasingly clear in Yi Yun's eyes.

Seeing Yi Yun remain motionless while having a ruminative look again, someone had a thought cross their mind.

"Could Yi Yun be producing the same move like Little Sword Fairy again?"

But the moment he finished saying that, he shook his head with a laugh.

It was already a coincidence previously. It was impossible for the same coincidence to happen a second time.

As for Jian Xiaoshuang, she also refused to believe that Azure Yang Lord's heritage cultivation technique could be cracked by Yi Yun with a more powerful method!

The rolling flames instantly enveloped Yi Yun.

And within the flames, Yi Yun finally raised his sword.

"This strike of yours has too much mixed in. Pure Yang Sword demands the purest flames to consume everything. If it needs any form of replenishment, it should be supplemented by pure Yin. As the saying goes, solitary Yang does not allow growth, lone Yin does not lead to birth…"

As Yi Yun said that, he swung his sword once again.

It was a strike that did not seem outstanding in any way. It was as if he had just made a perfunctory stroke that would not set off any waves.

However, the moment the strike was produced, Jian Xiaoshuang instantly felt that a seed had suddenly planted into her pure Yang cultivation technique.

The moment the seed entered the pure Yang sword Qi, it rapidly sprouted and grew!

All the pure Yang sword Qi seemed to turn into nutrients for the seed.

The pure Yang sword Qi was absorbed and it condensed a wisp of azure-colored fire.

The azure-colored flames that Yi Yun condensed seemed undying, and they constantly grew stronger.

Jian Xiaoshuang sensed that the sword Qi she had produced had been mostly absorbed by Yi Yun, turning into his sword Qi!

Be it his understanding of Sword Dao or his grasp of pure Yang Dao, Yi Yun had far exceeded her!

Jian Xiaoshuang found it unbelievable. How could her pure Yang sword Qi be used by Yi Yun? Was the difference that great?

Yi Yun seemed to see through her thoughts as he said, "Great Dao do not stand in solitude. Pure Yang and pure Yin, s.p.a.ce and time, destruction and chaos…If you can simultaneously grasp the two opposite sides of a law, your strength will be enhanced. The reason I can use your pure Yang is that my pure Yang has pure Yin in it. Yin and Yang supplement and nourish each other, resulting in a perpetual generation."

As Yi Yun said, he slashed out once again as the wisp of fire immediately transformed into a raging fire of the sun!

Jian Xiaoshuang hurriedly brandished her sword to block it!

When the azure-colored flames clashed with Jian Xiaoshuang's inundating flames, her flames were instantly devoured by the azure-colored flames!

Yi Yun's perfect flames of pure Yang consumed all kinds of flames!

Upon seeing this unfold, Jian Xiaoshuang gasped in sincere admiration. She knew that Yi Yun's pure Yang Dao was much better than hers. Not only was it because Yi Yun's pure Yang Dao had the combination of Yang and Yin, there was an easier and more understandable reason. The pure Yang Dao fruit that Yi Yun had condensed was definitely of a higher grade than hers!

She already had an eight-leaf Dao fruit. Then for Yi Yun…

Upon thinking of a nine-leaf Dao fruit, Jian Xiaoshuang's heart palpitated. Ever since the establishment of the Clarity Pool Sword Sect, no one had managed to condense a nine-leaf Dao fruit. Even in an extremely powerful sect, it was not seen in a million years.

Phew! Phew!

The pure Yang sword Qi split in front of Jian Xiaoshuang and streaked past her sides.

The azure-colored flames burned incessantly and began melting the ground.

The array formation of Dragon Gate Platform was constantly working but it could not repair itself in so short a period of time. Instead, more and more of it melted with time.

Elder Fengxing twirled his thumb ring as his face winced. The flames were spreading, burning the entire battle platform red. It would require a lot of relics to repair it.

He had agreed to Yan Tiancong's suggestion because he hoped to use Dragon Gate Platform to expose Yi Yun. But in the end, the Dragon Gate Platform that he boasted about had not only proven that Yi Yun had cultivated for about sixty years, it was now almost completely torn down by Yi Yun!

As such, Elder Fengxing began to put the blame on Yan Tiancong. He had really disgraced himself this time.

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