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People had estimated Yi Yun's age to be at least a thousand years old. That was already considered young enough. If he were less than 490 years old, he wouldn't be much older than Yan Tiancong.

However, when comparing their strength, it was like night and day. Yan Tiancong was already three hundred years old, and even if he was given another 1900 years he could not dare claim to reach Yi Yun's level, much less if he was given 190 years!

Upon coming to this realization, Yan Tiancong felt a deep sense of defeat. Jian Xiaoshuang was a peerless genius of the Clarity Pool Sword Sect, so he did give much thought to her being so far above him. However, Yi Yun was only an itinerant cultivator, yet there was such a huge gap?

Just as the thought crossed his mind, Yi Yun had already come in front of the second light screen. Again, a faint energy membrane of light attempted to obstruct Yi Yun's path but, without even a change in posture, Yi Yun pa.s.sed straight through with sword beams lingering around him!

The second light screen meant 420 years of bone age!

Yan Tiancong was thoroughly bewildered.

Yi Yun had pa.s.sed the second gate as well? How old was he really?

And the following scene left Yan Tiancong's breathing stagnating…

The third gate, 350 years of bone age.

Yi Yun crossed through it with similar ease. He wasn't fast but he had not even pulled out a sword.

Yi Yun looked much slower than Jian Xiaoshuang, but he gave off the feeling that he was having a leisurely stroll. Was this truly the Dragon Gate Platform?

After that, the fourth gate…

Everyone stared at Yi Yun, dazed and with mouths agape. Each gate represented seventy years, and every gate he crossed represented the estimate of Yi Yun's age being reduced by seventy years.

Could Yi Yun have been telling the truth? That he had yet to cultivate for a hundred years?

How did he kill a Dao Palace realm warrior with ease before the age of hundred? What sort of monster was that?

The fifth gate!

The sixth gate!

The maximum bone age had been reduced to 140 years!

Yi Yun crossed through the gates without any hesitation. He did not even pause at all while continuing his leisurely stride. His current progress was already sufficient to prove that what Yi Yun had said was true.

He was really someone from the younger generation!

A peerless genius!

The native warriors of Jade l.u.s.ter City began having such thoughts cross their minds. To possess such strength at that age had far exceeded their imaginations.

If it were Jian Xiaoshuang, she came from a large sect after all. As for Yi Yun, he was only an itinerant cultivator. He had personally said that he did not have a sect and only had a master. To come this far was nothing short of a miracle.

As the crowd watched in shock, they realized that Yi Yun never slowed down his footsteps.

To cross the seventh dragon gate he had to be below seventy years of age. It was the most difficult of all the gates. Previously, Yi Yun had mentioned that he was less than a hundred years old. Typically, one would only describe it in that manner if he was in his nineties.

As such, there was naturally no way for Yi Yun to cross the seventh dragon gate.

And moments ago, Jian Xiaoshuang charged straight into the deepest depths before listening to Dragon Gate Platform's rules. Now she would have to walk back out to fight Yi Yun on the sixth platform.

Some people were preparing to inform Jian Xiaoshuang to come back out, but then Yi Yun had already reached a spot in front of the seventh light screen.

The scene that immediately followed made people feel as though time had slowed down.

Silently, Yi Yun crossed through it just like that…

His front foot took a stride with his back foot following. Like he was crossing through a layer of water, he landed gently on the seventh gate's platform without even stirring any dust.

How could this be possible!?

Everyone present, especially the native warriors of Jade l.u.s.ter City, seemed petrified as they looked at Yi Yun in dumbfounded shock.

The seventh dragon gate required a bone of age of seventy and below!

Yi Yun was less than seventy years old?

What a joke! He had clearly said that he had yet to cultivate for a hundred years. But it was actually him being humble?

If he was not even seventy, subtracting the lack of cultivation during the first few years after birth, it was quite possible that he had cultivated for sixty years!

In that case, not only was his age not much different from Jian Xiaoshuang, they were actually equal in age!

What sort of concept was it to be able to kill a Dao Palace realm warrior with sixty years of cultivation?

Yan Tiancong had nearly collapsed to the ground. He had provoked such a malignant star!

One had to know that with Yi Yun's present strength, he was already not someone the Heaven Amplification Trading Company could deal with. Even if Yi Yun was slightly weaker, they would not dare casually make a move on him. Once such geniuses could not be killed, their unimaginable growth would leave their enemies in despair.

In less than a century or a decade, his cultivation level might very well increase by two or three subrealms. His strength would increase severalfold, making it extremely possible for him to easily wipe out the Heaven Amplification Trading Company!

When that time came, the Seven Star Auction House could only stay neutral to preserve itself. Although Jade l.u.s.ter City's Seven Star Auction House had backing behind it, what powerful faction would pay great attention to a place like Jade l.u.s.ter City?

Thinking back to how Ji Shuiyan had imprisoned men from the Heaven Amplification Trading Company, and how they had nearly launched an a.s.sault, Yan Tiancong felt a sense of dread. Thankfully, they had taken the softer stance or the consequences would be unimaginable.

The Jade l.u.s.ter City's warriors were feeling terrified of Yi Yun's might. However, the warriors from elsewhere were different. They did not understand Yi Yun's fame in Jade l.u.s.ter City, nor did they know what he had done. And even if they understood, they would not think too highly of it. After all, warriors of Jade l.u.s.ter City were just pugilists in their eyes. Even the Elders that held the major trading companies were considered weaklings.

After the Dao Manifestation realm, due to the huge difference in the number of Dao fruit leaves, warriors at the same level could have a huge disparity in strength. It wasn't impossible for warriors at the late-stages of Dao Manifestation realm, especially ones from large sects, to kill Dao Palace realm warriors with weak and common foundations.

"Xiaoshuang, I had only planned on determining something through your sparring with him. Who knew that Yi Yun is actually such a genius? It's even better, then. You have met your match and you can fight freely. This will also be beneficial to your progress."

Jian Xiaoshuang stood on Dragon Gate Platform as Jian Wufeng's Yuan Qi transmission rang in her ears.

"Master, you say that I have met my match?" Jian Xiaoshuang glanced at Yi Yun as she grunted slightly. She seemed somewhat disgruntled.

Ever since Jian Xiaoshuang began practicing martial arts, she had achieved victory in every battle like an indomitable force. Apart from seniors, no one from the younger generation could pose a threat to her. Instead, she would often fight opponents that exceeded her.

Her senior brothers from the Clarity Pool Sword Sect were already afraid of her.

They were older than Jian Xiaoshuang and their cultivation levels were one or two subrealms higher than hers. They were also men, yet they were defeated by a young girl. How could they accept that?

No disciple at her age dared to spar with Jian Xiaoshuang. They would run faster than a rabbit when they saw her. It even came to a point that no one in Clarity Pool Sword Sect dared to antagonize her, which also resulted in her arrogant and cold personality.

Despite such circ.u.mstances, Jian Xiaoshuang heard from her master that she had met a formidable foe. His tone also seemed to imply that she should learn from him and improve together. How could this not stir up her fighting spirit?

She wanted to prove that she was the strongest.

Jian Xiaoshuang shook the sword in her hand as she pointed it at Yi Yun. With a clear, crisp voice, she said, "Make your move."

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