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Dragon Gate Platform was extraordinarily impressive, with a circ.u.mference that spanned five kilometers. As people arrived in front of Dragon Gate Platform, they saw seven dragon gates stacked against each other. The gates were larger the closer they were to the crowd, with the one closest to them being about a thousand feet tall. The furthest one was the smallest dragon gate, which was about a hundred feet across.

Behind each of the seven dragon gates, there was a platform, making for a total of seven platforms.

As they stood in front of the dragon gate, they could sense energy fluctuations coming from within that felt boundless and vigorous.

"Who knew that such a small city like Jade l.u.s.ter City has such a battle platform? It's indeed extraordinary."

Even many people from the external sects could not help but praise Dragon Gate Platform. Elder Fengxing stroked his beard in satisfaction when he heard them.

The Seven Star Auction House was not any ordinary faction. Its immensity was not understood by most people because, to them, the Seven Star Auction House was only a splash in the vast sea.

"There is quite a number of array formations in Dragon Gate Platform."

Yi Yun had a thoughtful look as he observed the Dragon Gate Platform.

Meanwhile, some distance away, Yan Tiancong kept looking at Yi Yun. He refused to believe that Yi Yun was truly that young. He himself was already three hundred years old, but all of his years of cultivation were not enough for him to withstand a single punch from Yi Yun. If Yi Yun was less than a hundred years old, what the h.e.l.l was he?

"Haha, Young Master Yan, there is no need to worry. From my perspective, Yi Yun most likely has some cultivation technique that hides his bone age. He probably hopes that he can use it to clear it, which is why he's so calm. However, Dragon Gate Platform uses ancient array formations. How would it be fooled by a cultivation technique that hides bone age?"

Elder Fengxing said this with a voice transmission. He did not have a good impression of Yi Yun. Although it was the Heaven Amplification Trading Company that was attacking the Divine Secrets Trading Company, Elder Fengxing was secretly looking out for Yun Yantian. If Yun Yantian were to annex the Divine Secrets Trading Company, how would it not benefit him?

But because of Yi Yun's interference, he could not receive a thing.

"Oh? Elder Fengxing, are you so confident?" Yan Tiancong was delighted upon hearing those words. He found the idea extremely plausible.

"Of course, Dragon Gate Platform has been established here for hundreds of thousands of years. If it was able to be mounted with a trick, there would have been chaos a long time ago."

As Elder Fengxing conversed secretly, he glanced at Yi Yun with a sneer. He said to Yi Yun and Jian Xiaoshuang, "Fairy Xiaoshuang and Young Master Yi, the seven dragon gates of Dragon Gate Platform increase in difficulty. Even a peerless genius would only be able to pa.s.s the fifth or sixth gate. The seventh gate is extremely difficult because each of the seven dragon gates represents seventy years. So…"

Before Elder Fengxing was even done speaking, Jian Xiaoshuang decided she could not be bothered to continue listening to his blabbering. Dressed in azure-colored clothes, she flew up as the ponytail behind her fluttered. Like an azure-colored streak of light, she shot straight at Dragon Gate Platform!

She charged straight through the first dragon gate. It had instantly lit up with a thin screen of light in a bid to block Jian Xiaoshuang; however, without batting an eyelid, she slashed through it immediately.


The screen of light shattered as Jian Xiaoshuang charged through it. She did not even pause for a moment during the process.

This was after all a battle platform used by the Seven Star Auction House to choose young elites. For a peerless genius like Jian Xiaoshuang, it did not pose any difficulty.

After Jian Xiaoshuang charged through the first screen of light, her momentum continued. She slashed out with her sword a second time and shattered the second!

Following that, it was the third and fourth dragon gate!

Jian Xiaoshuang moved like an indomitable force without even stopping at all.

In a matter of seconds, Jian Xiaoshuang had broken through the sixth light screen and was charging straight at the seventh!

Upon seeing this unfold before his eyes, Elder Fengxing was completely dumbfounded. Before he even finished speaking, Jian Xiaoshuang had already reached the final gate.

Jian Xiaoshuang rushed to the seventh light screen, and an azure-colored sword beam came pouring down like a waterfall.

Chi La!

A sound that resembled the ripping of silk reverberated as Jian Xiaoshuang finally faltered slightly. And at the same time, the seventh light screen opened up in response!


Jian Xiaoshuang landed stably on the seventh platform. After a few deep breaths, she regained her calm.

"This Dragon Gate Platform is indeed nothing much after all," said Jian Xiaoshuang nonchalantly.

It was not arrogance that made her think so lightly of the Dragon Gate Platform. She was just like the legendary Peng bird with a wingspan of tens of thousands of miles, it would not view a mountain as an obstacle.

Upon seeing Jian Xiaoshuang's performance, the native factions of Jian Xiaoshuang were rendered speechless. She was actually so fast?

Over the years, they had seen the Seven Star Auction House run selections at Dragon Gate Platform. Many people that were deemed peerless geniuses had gone through great pains to mount Dragon Gate Platform, but Jian Xiaoshuang had only spent a couple of seconds to cross it.

This was way too ridiculous!

Although they had long heard of the Little Sword Fairy's fame, it was only at that moment that they truly understand how ridiculous her talent in martial arts was. How could anyone her age be able to defeat her?

Elder Fengxing gave a wry smile. The Dragon Gate Platform that he was so proud of was now just a joke to others. A few moments ago he was bragging, and now he was shamed.

However, Yi Yun was next. Surely, with Yi Yun, he could regain his dignity.

Elder Fengxing cleared his throat and glanced at Yi Yun with a derisive look. He said without much emotion, "I had yet to finish what I said and Fairy Xiaoshuang has already mounted it. Let me repeat again. Each of the seven gates of Dragon Gate Platform represents seventy years. It means the biggest first gate only permits entry to people with a bone age of 490. The second, a bone age of 420 and 350 for the third…"

Elder Fengxing took his time to say his piece when his expression froze. Yi Yun had also ignored him and flew straight for Dragon Gate Platform. He was left behind in an extremely awkward state.

Elder Fengxing was incensed. He could forget Jian Xiaoshuang's actions since she was a genius disciple of the Clarity Pool Sword Sect. He did not dare say a word about her, but Yi Yun was only an itinerant warrior. Yet Yi Yun had figuratively smacked him in the face as well.

That punk!

Elder Fengxing clenched his teeth. As one of the princ.i.p.als of the Seven Star Auction House, he was equivalent to being the city lord of Jade l.u.s.ter City. How could he tolerate such indignance? He became bent on teaching Yi Yun a lesson.

Many thoughts flashed through his mind as Yi Yun approached the first light screen.

It was the simplest one. No one doubted his strength but the light screen required his bone age to be below 490 for him to enter!

Yi Yun did not even blink an eye or strike out with his sword. A faint sword halo enshrouded him as he entered the screen of light.

He was not obstructed in any way. It looked like a fish pa.s.sing through a water membrane.

He pa.s.sed through!

Yan Tiancong held his breath. Yi Yun had crossed the light screen so simply, as though he was striding through a door.

He had originally suspected that Yi Yun used a hidden cultivation technique to cheat but other having a sword halo around his body, there were no other energy fluctuations. Ignoring the array formations, there were many warriors present who were famous heroes. If he had cheated to cross the array formations, how could they not see through it?

It could only mean that Yi Yun was at least below the age of four hundred and ninety!

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