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The middle-aged man looked away and exchanged a few words with the old and young men beside him. Following that, the young man in magnificent clothes stood up and walked toward the Divine Secrets Trading Company's pavilion.

"He's Yan Tiancong, Yan Yangpin's elder agnate brother and also the heir apparent of the Heaven Amplification Trading Company." Ji Shuiyan immediately frowned when she saw Yan Tiancong walk over. There was a look of disgust in her eyes.

Yan Tiancong held a cup of tea as he walked into the pavilion. He looked gentlemanly and he spoke humbly. "Miss Shuiyan, how have you been?"

"Young Lord Yan, what are you here for?" Ji Shuiyan asked coldly. Yan Tiancong was an insidious person who gave a gentlemanly appearance but acted unscrupulously. If one were to fall into his hands, they would be completely devoured.

"Miss Shuiyan, there's no need to turn others away. My company had some unfortunate misunderstandings with Miss Shuiyan's Divine Secrets Trading Company, so here I am to apologize," said Yan Tiancong with a smile.

"Misunderstandings?" Ji Shuiyan grunted coldly.

Yan Tiancong ignored Ji Shuiyan's att.i.tude as he held up his tea cup and said, "I will use tea in replacement of wine and drink it first both as a form of respect and to express my apologies. I hope Miss Shuiyan will be magnanimous enough to show forgiveness."

Ji Shuiyan watched Yan Tiancong drink the tea without any expression.

Yi Yun noticed Yan Tiancong cast his gaze at him after downing the cup of tea.

"You seem unfamiliar. Our Divine Secrets Trading Company and Heaven Amplification Trading Company have years of relations between us, so I know everyone from the Divine Secrets Trading Company. Forgive my a.s.sumption, but are you the esteemed person that Miss Shuiyan brought back from the Sun Burial Sandsea? I'm curious as to how you got to know Miss Shuiyan?" Yan Tiancong asked.

Ji Shuiyan's gaze turned icy. Yan Tiancong was clearly here to dig for information.

However, since Yi Yun decided to partic.i.p.ate in the Treasure Seekers Meet, he had no plans to conceal his ident.i.ty. The people from the Heaven Amplification Trading Company had easily guessed that he was the mysterious person.

Yan Tiancong's immediate probing into the nature of Yi Yun and Ji Shuiyan's meeting lacked any innocent intentions. If he could confirm that Yi Yun was merely a guest of Ji Shuiyan, he believed that Yi Yun could definitely be moved by greater incentives.

And if the Heaven Amplification Trading Company could offer better conditions…

"Yan Tiancong, you aren't welcomed here," said Ji Shuiyan.

Yan Tiancong was undeterred as he said, "It seems like my sincere apologies are unaccepted by Miss Shuiyan. Truthfully, I'm only here to get to know this esteemed person. You can't stop me from doing that, right?"

Ji Shuiyan felt disgusted seeing Yan Tiancong's expression. Before she could say another word, Yi Yun, with a nonchalant glance, asked, "What are you trying to get at?"

Yan Tiancong immediately said with a smile, "I'm the Heaven Amplification Trading Company's Yan Tiancong. My Heaven Amplification Trading Company had some misgivings with you in the past, but as the saying goes: friendship grows only when you exchange blows. My Heaven Amplification Trading Company will not fuss over the matters of the past. Here in Jade l.u.s.ter City, my Heaven Amplification Trading Company has a wealth of resources. If there is anything you need, you can tell us. We only wish that you can become the Heaven Amplification Trading Company's friend. By the way, I have yet to learn your esteemed name?"

Yan Tiancong had brazenly begun his attempts at poaching in his speech and it obviously infuriated Ji Shuiyan to no end.

"You are unqualified. Scram." Yi Yun waved his hand as though he was swatting an irritating fly.

Yan Tiancong's smile immediately froze. Yi Yun's voice was neither too loud nor soft but even the people in the surroundings pavilions heard it.

The young lord of the Heaven Amplification Trading Company had personally come to greet him and addressed him politely, but Yi Yun was not impressed. Yi Yun even went as far as to humiliate him on the spot by telling him to scram!

Even Yan Tiancong, who was an extremely scheming person, could not stop the twitching of his face. He had never experienced such humiliation before.

"Did you not hear? The young master wants you gone," said Ji Shuiyan as well.

Yan Tiancong's expression was extremely ugly as he turned to walk out of the pavilion. The tea cup in his hand shattered into dust.

"Young Master Yi." As Ji Shuiyan looked at Yan Tiancong's back, she turned to Yi Yun and said, "Yan Tiancong is a vicious person. Being so impolite to him is something he will never let go."

Yi Yun was unperturbed as he said, "There was a feud in the past already. To someone like him, things he can't use are all enemies. What would happen if I had responded nicely to him?"

"Young Master is right." Ji Shuiyan could not help but have a faint smile suffuse her lips. She did feel that Yi Yun had gone too far in ruthlessly offending Yan Tiancong but in her mind, she was still delighted seeing Yan Tiancong suffer humiliation.

Furthermore, at the Treasure Seekers Meet, what could Yan Tiancong do even if he remained indignant?

"Arrival of Seven Star Auction Company's Elder Fengxing!"

Suddenly, a voice drowned all the chatter from each pavilion. Even the dancing and music came to an immediate halt.

A figure appeared in the building.

It was an elder dressed in black. His eyes were like that of a hawk's and he wore a big black ring on his thumb. He sat on a lounge chair in the grand hall as he slowly fiddled with his thumb ring while looking down.

"To think that Elder Fengxing is the host of this Treasure Seekers Meet…"

Yi Yun noticed that quite a number of people from the other pavilions had looks of awe and apprehension.

"Elder Fengxing's strength is extraordinary. He is simultaneously the Seven Star Auction Company and permanent first elder of Jade l.u.s.ter City. It can be said that he is the one truly in control of Jade l.u.s.ter City. It can also be said that he wields absolute power in this land," whispered Ji Shuiyan. She had a deep sense of apprehension while looking at Elder Fengxing. When her grandfather was still around, he had repeatedly exhorted her to never offend the Seven Star Auction Company. Offending the Seven Star Auction Company in Sun Burial Sandsea was courting death.

With the Seven Star Auction Company having such redoubtable power, as the person in control, Elder Fengxing was naturally awe-inspiring. Him simply sitting there alone made many companies in Jade l.u.s.ter City turn silent.

Of course, there was no lack of people that remained composed. They were the factions outside Jade l.u.s.ter City.

Yi Yun nodded as he looked at Elder Fengxing. He found it difficult to gauge the elder's strength and figured that he was definitely not to be trifled with.

After Elder Fengxing, other experts from outside of Sun Burial Sandsea arrived. Yi Yun clearly sensed that some of them also had extremely high cultivation levels. Their perceptions scanned the area and gave others an intense repressive feeling.

Among them was a middle-aged man who caught Yi Yun's attention.

The middle-aged man was dressed in a light-azure robe. He held a sword to his back and his aura was converged. He looked no different from an ordinary mortal, but Yi Yun knew that for the person to reach that state, he had mastered his sword Dao, reaching the realm of returning to one's original nature.

He was definitely an expert swordsman.

In addition, there was an azure-clothed girl beside him. The girl's long hair was tied to the back of her head in the form of a ponytail, making her look neat and tidy. Her figure was tight and her legs appeared long and filled with strength. Her gaze was as keen as a sword's edge. She seemed young, but she had already reached the Dao Manifestation realm. Yi Yun was certain that she was a peerless genius.

Despite having spent so much time in Sun Burial Sandsea, Yi Yun seldom saw people he would deem geniuses.

Yi Yun had been able to defeat several Dao Palace realm warriors because of two things. One was him being too powerful, the other was his opponents being very weak.

Many Dao Palace realm warriors only had two or three leaves when they manifested their Dao fruits. They were completely incomparable to Yi Yun.

However, the azure-clothed girl was probably at the level of a genius from a reclusive sect. She was definitely heads and shoulders above others in Sun Burial Sandsea!

Furthermore, what made Yi Yun pay so much attention to the duo was that he sensed a familiar aura from them.

This was his first time in the Yang G.o.d Empyrean Heaven so he naturally did not know the duo. The reason for this sense of familiarity was because of the Yuan Qi they cultivated. The sword aura that stirred but didn't release from their bodies seemed to stem from the same source as Yi Yun.

Upon thinking of the name of the land they were in, Yi Yun had a guess but he was not certain of it.

And when Yi Yun observed the middle-aged man and the azure-clothed girl, the middle-aged man's gaze was cast at Yi Yun. His expression had a bizarre look in it.

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