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The discussion within the Heaven Amplification Trading Company got increasingly heated. They could not wait to have Yi Yun beheaded in public.

However, the one true person in charge of the Heaven Amplification Trading Company, Yan Pingchuan, suddenly grunted coldly. "Enough! Acting recklessly without fully knowing the capabilities of the enemy is no different from courting death. Unless I order it, no one from the Heaven Amplification Trading Company is to antagonize that person or they will be punished according to the house rules!"

Yan Pingchuan's sudden response left everyone from the Heaven Amplification Trading Company dumbfounded.

They had just been ruthlessly trampled, yet they could not fight back?

"However…Advisor Yang and Yangpin have had their limbs severed. If we do not rescue them, we will not only be the laughing stock of Jade l.u.s.ter City, we'd also lose the morale in our ranks. Everyone in business would think that one who works for our Heaven Amplification Trading Company will meet with a bad outcome…." said a Heaven Amplification Trading Company Elder. His worries were not without reason.

Yan Pingchuan did not respond and instead fell into a prolonged silence. He looked at a young man in the room who was dressed in purple. He was tall and his eyes were deeply recessed. His skin was not as white as a typical rich scion but was instead bronze, which seemed to exude a kind of power.

That person was the Heaven Amplification Trading Company's heir apparent, Yan Tiancong.

"Cong'er, what are your thoughts?" asked Yan Pingchuan.

"I agree with Grandpa. I suggest that we temporarily do not act rashly. We might even have to make suitable concessions by handing over some pills and herbs, so we can quickly reattach Advisor Yang and Yangpin's limbs before they become truly crippled. As for anything else, we should plan before acting. My master is coming to Jade l.u.s.ter City…"

Upon hearing this, Yan Pingchuan was delighted. "His Excellency Huayu is coming?"


"Hmm…" Yan Pingchuan nodded. He was very satisfied with his grandson's reply. A moment of tolerance was not necessarily an act of weakness. Considering a matter repeatedly before acting was a quality needed by a person in control. Especially with His Excellency Huayu coming, Yan Pingchuan saw a favorable turn. He said, "I suppose His Excellency Huayu has come for the phenomenon in Sun Burial Sandsea…"

"Yes! In order to provide my master with more information, I had previously scoured all sorts of information regarding Sun Burial Sandsea. However, I still remain unclear as to why such a phenomenon has happened. However…I did look into the disappearance of the Divine Secrets Trading Company's Old Man Ji. There were records of him leaving Jade l.u.s.ter City back when the phenomenon first appeared. I suspect that Old Man Ji's disappearance is related to the phenomenon. It's even possible that the Divine Secrets Trading Company has obtained information regarding the Sun Burial Sandsea's phenomenon."

"Oh? Is that so?" Yan Pingchuan's eyes lit up. That was an extremely valuable piece of information. Not only did it determine if the Heaven Amplification Trading Company could successfully annex the Divine Secrets Trading Company, it was also related to the phenomenon of Sun Burial Sandsea.

This phenomenon had already attracted the attention of an increasing number of factions. It was likely that it was a supreme-grade treasure. If the Heaven Amplification Trading Company could obtain its boon, no matter how minute it might be, it would definitely be advantageous to them.

Yan Pingchuan was increasingly pleased with his grandson. Before he continued on, Yan Tiancong had said, "Grandpa, according to what I know, the present sect master of the Heaven Secrets Chapter has also arrived in Sun Burial Sandsea. The Heaven Secrets Chapter practices geomancy and divination arts, allowing them to gain insights by observing the Sun Burial Sandsea's formations. I also discovered that the Heaven Secrets Chapter has a feud with Old Man Ji. Perhaps once, Old Man Ji was a disciple that betrayed the Heaven Secrets Chapter!"

Since Yan Tiancong treated the Divine Secrets Trading Company as an opponent and was planning to annex it, he had been scouring for information on it for the past few years.

Even though Old Man Ji had concealed his relations with the Heaven Secrets Chapter, as the Divine Secrets Trading Company prospered it became difficult for him to hide his background. If the old woman in red could find the Ji family's hideout, Yan Tiancong naturally could as well.

"Good! Very good! I'll leave this matter to Cong'er!" Yan Pingchuan beamed. He was delighted, for he could rest a.s.sured that the Heaven Amplification Trading Company had such a successor in place.

"Yes, Grandpa." Yan Tiancong responded. One could not tell from his expression, but there was a cold glint in his eyes.

Although Ji Shuiyan was not his to claim, he could not accept Ji Shuiyan's betrayal—He did not permit anyone to cross him.

Yan Tiancong had great ambition. The Heaven Amplification Trading Company was only a stepping stone. Even the entire Sun Burial Sandsea was not enough for his ambition.

Meanwhile, in the Divine Secrets Trading Company residence, Yi Yun's cultivation of breaking into the middle-stages of the Dao Manifestation realm had gone on for three days. He had spent an entire night breaking through, while the rest of the time was left for consolidation.

Yi Yun had already depleted most of the pure Yang divine rocks given to him by Ji Shuiyan. He felt wistful looking at the pure Yang divine rocks that had been turned to dust.

The pure Yang divine rocks were no doubt a treasured material. They were likely rocks that were situated in the vicinity of the Yang spirit and, after hundreds of millions of years of refinement from the Yang spirit, slowly transformed into their present state, making them extremely precious.

Unfortunately, if these pure Yang divine rocks could be complemented by Fey bones and refined into relics, their effects would be increased by several times.

Yi Yun knew the Desolate Heaven technique himself. Furthermore, with the Purple Crystal, he was endowed with favorable natural conditions in learning the Desolate Heaven technique. However, he had been focused on martial arts over the past few years in order to enhance his strength. As such, the Desolate Heaven technique had been put aside for the time being.

But even so, Yi Yun's Desolate Heaven technique was extraordinary. As long as he put some time into enhancing his Desolate Heaven technique standards, he would improve rapidly.

Due to his need to nurture four nine-leaf Dao fruits and the divine tree seed that demanded a great amount of herbal resources, the number of treasured materials Yi Yun required to increase his cultivation level far exceeded that of a typical warrior. Although he was only in the middle stages of the Dao Manifestation realm, even an eight or nine-floor Dao Palace warrior would not need to expend as many heavenly items as he.

Under such circ.u.mstances, Yi Yun even wondered if he should spend some time honing his Desolate Heaven technique.

As long as he had relics and pills, his cultivation speed would only continue to increase at a rapid pace.

However, acquiring such items was not simple. Now, Yi Yun was at the Dao Manifestation realm and he was in a desert littered with heavenly treasures, the Sun Burial Sandsea. It was relatively simple to search for them, but it would only become increasingly difficult once he reached the Dao Palace realm.

Under these circ.u.mstances, the efficiency of the heavenly treasures was of utmost importance.

Although practicing the Desolate Heaven technique would waste a bit of time, the saying that "grinding a chopper will not hold up the work of cutting firewood" was most apt.

If Yi Yun's thoughts were known by other warriors, they would definitely curse him for wasting the treasures from heaven. Anyone who had the beneficial conditions of practicing the Desolate Heaven technique like Yi Yun would probably think of all possible ways to get into the field of the Desolate Heaven technique. In any Empyrean Heaven of the 12 Empyrean Heavens, Desolate Heaven Masters or alchemists at the grandmaster-grade were respected figures and extremely wealthy existences.

Just as Yi Yun was deliberating, he heard a series of quiet footsteps coming outside. Scanning with his perception, he saw a sixteen-year-old girl dressed in yellow standing by the door.

She was like a careful rabbit as she gently knocked on the door and said, "Young Master Yi, Miss wants to meet you to discuss something."

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