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Chapter 106: Yi Yun’s rank

Zhang Tan announced the results one by one but remained expressionless from the beginning till the end. “Lian Chengyu!”

As Zhang Tan shouted out that name, Lian Chengyu held his breath and waited in suspense. It was finally his turn!

The result Zhang Tan announced indicated his future to a certain extent. Was he an elite? A hero? Amongst the elite heroes, where did he stand?

Tao Yunxiao also began looking at Lian Chengyu. From Lian Chengyu’s results, he was able to tell how high the accepted standards of the world was.

“Lian Chengyu, seventeen years old! Demonstrating cultivation technique: ‘Dragon Rib Tiger Bone Fist’! Grade: Yellow rank, grade five!”

Yellow rank grade five?

Lian Chengyu took in a deep breath. He felt as if his heart had been squeezed tightly. It was painful.

Just Yellow rank grade five&h.e.l.lip;

He had subconsciously hoped his results would be higher. He wished the Jin Long Wei would see that he was different from the crowd.

But, he didn’t even reach the peak of the Yellow rank, but just the middle.

Although this results were better than the partic.i.p.ants before him, it had disappointed Lian Chengyu. As a middle ranked human elite, this was too far from his goals.

He had put in great effort, hoping to leave the vast wilderness; how could he be willing to just be a middle ranked human elite?

“Even Lian Chengyu could not do enough to enter the Mystic rank?” Tao Yunxiao noticed Lian Chengyu’s disappointment.

Mystic rank was the mark of human lords. What was a human lord? A human lord is someone who is able to rule over men and territory. The generals and ministers of the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom and the n.o.bles could be considered human lords.

It would be no joke being a Tai Ah Divine Kingdom n.o.ble. They were given vast lands, having command over numerous territories, with a huge population within!

To be able to become a Mystic rank, even the lowest Mystic rank grade would be extremely difficult!

But Tao Yunxiao was confident of himself. He wanted to obtain the t.i.tle of a young lord at this Kingdom’s selection semi-final.

“Yunxiao, don’t get your hopes too high. The Jin Long Wei’s selection process is extremely tough!” Tao Yunxiao’s ears rang with the voice transmission from his father.

Tao Yunxiao’s father was a figure.

For Tao Yunxiao to be able to live in a sheltered environment, besides having talent, it was because of his powerful father.

His father was a warrior at the peak of the Purple Blood realm; and there was only a few peak-Purple Blood warriors in the Tao tribal clan. He was also young, so his position in the Tao tribal clan was formidable.

The peak of the Purple Blood realm might sound beautiful as many of the elite warriors of the Jin Long Wei were at the peak of the Purple Blood realm. But Tao Yunxiao’s father knew clearly that even if they were at the same rank, the gap between them was still huge.

Because of some specific reasons, a tribal clan in the vast wilderness, like the Tao tribal clan, had little chance of giving rise to an expert who could exceed the Purple Blood realm.

Tao Yunxiao’s father knew that his life had been delayed and that he would be unable to go another step further. Thus, he wished for his son to become a supreme lord.

He knew his son was arrogant; he was afraid Tao Yunxiao had too great of an expectation, resulting in a setback.

“Don’t worry Father. I know how strict the standard is, and I know my strength. I do not ask for much. As long as I barely reach into the Mystic rank, I would be satisfied!”

Tao Yunxiao knew that having been born in the Cloud Wilderness was a natural disadvantage. To be able to reach first grade of the Mystic rank would be difficult.

Being at the first grade of the Mystic rank did not matter; he could slowly climb upwards from a low rank till he became a general, a minister or a n.o.ble!

“Tao Ping, twenty-two years old, Yellow rank grade four!”

“Sun Chenghai, nineteen years old, Yellow rank grade five!”

Zhang Tan finished reading three people’s names. No one had exceeded Lian Chengyu; they had at most tied with him.

At this moment, Zhang Tan was down to two people.

“Tao Yunxiao, fourteen years old, demonstrating ‘Nine Mysterious Swords of Heaven’, results are&h.e.l.lip;”

Upon saying this, Zhang Tan paused and looked towards Tao Yunxiao. Tao Yunxiao immediately let down his arms and stood at attention while holding his breath.

The surrounding people of the Tao tribal clan tiptoed on their heels in antic.i.p.ation. They wanted to know the final results of their Young master.

“Yellow rank grade eight!”

The moment Zhang Tan said those four words, Tao Yunxiao’s brain was met with a buzz.

Yellow rank grade eight?

I’m just at Yellow rank grade eight?

Tao Yunxiao clenched his fist. How could it be so low?

He was not satisfied. He had great ambition for his future. Although the Kingdom’s selection was just his starting point, this starting point was far too low.

“Even Young master Yunxiao didn’t reach the Mystic rank? How hard is it to reach the Mystic rank?”

“Heaven, Earth, Mystic, Yellow ranks. They said there were four ranks, but after all the evaluations, either they didn’t even get into the Yellow rank, or they would be in the Yellow rank. Even if they were in the Yellow rank, not a single rank nine had appeared. What the h.e.l.l are the Jin Long Wei judges doing, what’s the point of all those ranks above? For show?” some people said indignantly.

“Don’t talk nonsense. To be able to get the Mystic rank, the person will be a young lord. In the future, they could be made a minister or some bigwig of a big sect. Let’s ignore the Cloud Wilderness, but even in the entire Tai Ah Divine Kingdom, there are few with a Mystic rank. There are numerous number of people in the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom, but how many of them can be generals, ministers or n.o.bles?”

As a large tribe, the Tao tribal clan were well informed. They knew that the rankings like “Heaven”, “Earth” and “Mystic” ranks could be ignored. Announcing it was just paying tribute to the saints and n.o.bles of old.

The only meaningful rank was the “Yellow” rank. In the vast wilderness, it was something to be proud of if one ranked above the fifth grade of the Yellow rank.

“Last person!”

When Zhang Tan reached Yi Yun, as the last person to appear, who had stirred the sky purple, and shattering the teacups on the platform, Yi Yun was naturally getting the most attention.

Everyone suddenly stopped their discussion of Tao Yunxiao, and began to crane their ears to hear Yi Yun’s results.

“Yi Yun, it’s finally his turn. I wonder which rank of Yellow rank he will be?”

“Him spewing those clouds may look powerful, but it cannot beat Young master Yunxiao’s sword Qi. How good can he be?”

Everyone were antic.i.p.ating. When Zhang Tan announced Yi Yun’s name, he paused and looked Yi Yun deep in the eye.

At the platform, the Tao tribal clan’s elders were paying full attention. They wanted to know what that purple mist was.

“Yi Yun! Twelve years old, demonstrating cultivation technique: ‘Dragon Rib Tiger Bone Fist’, Grade: Mystic rank&h.e.l.lip; grade five!” Zhang Tan’s voice was loud and clear, and could be heard ten miles away. At that moment, the people were stunned.

Mystic rank!?

Yi Yun actually reached the Mystic rank, and even at grade five!?

Then he’s a young human lord? He could become a general, a n.o.ble or some bigwig of a sect?

How could this be? He just spit out some purple clouds, and he was appraised as Mystic rank grade five!?

Many people were slow to react. They believed that the Jin Long Wei had made a mistake in their evaluation. How could their Young master Yunxiao be a Yellow rank grade eight, but Yi Yun was a Mystic rank grade five?

This gap was too large!


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