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When he considered the possibility that he might not have the energy to rear the divine tree seed, Yi Yun felt perturbed. The divine tree seed…was the reincarnation of a G.o.d Spirit. How much Heaven Earth Yuan Qi was needed to rear a G.o.d Spirit? Even the mere thought of it rendered Yi Yun speechless. It was not a joke to leave it starving. What if it rendered him immobile during a battle? How shameful would it be to be killed like that?

He became unsure if swallowing of the divine tree seed was a blessing or a curse. But now that the divine tree seed fused with his dantian, it was too late for regret.

Not that Yi Yun had any. Had he not taken the divine tree seed into him, he would have died several times in the Door to the 33 Skies. His adventures would have ended long ago.

The rearing of the divine tree seed was a challenge, but also a great opportunity.

Yi Yun foresaw that as long as the divine tree seed matured, his strength would continue to increase exponentially.

"A portion of my meridians are still being used by the divine tree seed, so I can't use all my strength. I need to clear those meridians first."

Although the two pills that Ji Shuiyan had given Yi Yun were valuable, they were unable to fully restore him to his peak state.

Fortunately, Yi Yun happened to have many spiritual herbs in his interspatial ring. They couldn't be used before, because he was immobile and couldn't take them out. Now, having regained control of his body, he withdrew all the pills and relics in his interspatial ring.

Yi Yun had acc.u.mulated quite a number of relics and pills over the past few years. Now, he rapidly fed them to the divine tree seed as though they cost nothing.

The divine tree seed drained all the Yuan Qi and, at a visible rate, the relics and pills vanished. Meanwhile, the energy within Yi Yun's dantian was blossoming. Even though he had a deep and solid foundation, it was not sufficient to withstand the raging energy. However, with the divine tree seed present, all the Yuan Qi turned into a vortex before being sucked and stored within the seed.

The divine tree seed's sapling finally grew leaves. Yi Yun could feel the immense power of vitality from the divine tree seed. It flowed into his meridians, filling his body with energy.

Moreover, Yi Yun's meridians had previously been thickened. So he had no problem withstanding the Yuan Qi.

There was one side effect that did surprise Yi Yun: his cultivation level began to rapidly increase.

Oh? That's actually possible?

Yi Yun was at the early stages of the Dao Manifestation realm. Typically, he'd need to spend a good deal of time solidifying his cultivation level. But now, Yi Yun only needed five minutes to solidify the early stages of his Dao Manifestation. He was even beginning to progress to the middle-stages of the Dao Manifestation realm.

Yi Yun had four nine-leaf Dao fruits so his nomological insights were already extremely deep. There was no fear of his foundation being unstable. His cultivation level shot straight to the peak of the early stages of the Dao Manifestation realm, leaving him just short of the middle-stages of the Dao Manifestation realm.

Additionally, the energy that the divine tree seed had regurgitated was extremely pure. There was no possibility of any negative after-effects. Any warrior knew that they could use pills to create a sharp increase in their cultivation. But after the increase, the impure energy contained within such pills would need to be carefully refined. Trying to raise cultivation in that manner would waste a lot of time in the end.

But for Yi Yun, that problem didn't exist.

The divine tree seed was like an energy purifier. It absorbed about 70-80% of the pills' energy, but regurgitated about 20-30%. However, this 20-30% was extremely pure. It was nothing short of incredible!

Yi Yun was pleasantly surprised by this discovery. Although the amount of energy he could absorb was small, the quality was much better. Due to this, it was worth it to feed more than 90% energy to the divine tree seed. If the divine tree seed were to truly mature, it would likely give him other amazing opportunities.

"I have four nine-leaf Dao fruits and a divine tree seed. If I were to obtain some treasured herbs, wouldn't my cultivation speed improve by leaps and bounds?"

Just as this thought flashed across Yi Yun's mind, he suddenly frowned. Through his perception, he saw something in the sand boat that made murderous intent rise up in his heart.

The granny in red clothes held Ji Shuiyan up by her arms with ghastly claws that were concealed by a mist.

Ji Shuiyan's face was covered in b.l.o.o.d.y wounds and her expression was ashen.

"You dare defy me? Do you know the price?" The granny's sinister-sounding voice echoed.

"Kill me! I've had enough!"

Ji Shuiyan bit through her lips and her white teeth was stained with fresh blood. She had fallen into a nightmare the moment the old witch had appeared. She did not know if the nightmare would ever end, all she knew was that she could no longer endure it. Deep in her heart, she knew there would come a day when the old witch would torture her to death. The only reason she was even still alive was because the old witch hoped Ji Shuiyan would find medicine for her.

After living in such a desperate situation, Ji Shuiyan had often thought of dying.

"You want to die? Heh! Heh! Do you think that it would be so simple, dying?"

The old woman stood up and walked toward Ji Shuiyan. Suddenly, she grabbed at Ji Shuiyan's top and tore it away!

"Chi La!"

The striking sound of silk tearing was heard as Ji Shuiyan's top as well as her pink-colored undergarment, a dudou, were torn off, exposing her naked body.

Ji Shuiyan exclaimed as she tried struggling but she was unable to escape the two ghastly claws that held her arms.

"Hehehe, what tenderness!"

The granny in red licked her lips. Ji Shuiyan's skin was delicate but it only garnered the old woman's loathing. "You dare defy me for a toad you picked off the ground? Do you really think so little of the resources I possess?"

The granny gentled beckoned with her hand and the Heart Dismembering Worm she had given Ji Shuiyan flew out automatically into her hand.

Holding the Heart Dismembering Worm in hand, she admired it in fascination. "Baby, you must be hungry. Soon, you'll be able to eat your fill."

As she spoke, the granny placed the Heart Dismembering Worm on Ji Shuiyan's abdomen.

"Zhi Zhi Zhi!"

The Heart Dismembering Worm issued a sharp screeching sound. It seemed eager to bore a hole as it began to squirm toward Ji Shuiyan's navel.

Ji Shuiyan's expression changed drastically. Although she was a tenacious person by nature, allowing her to endure what ordinary people couldn't, she was still a young girl. Upon seeing such a disgusting worm about to bore into her navel, how could she not be frightened?

"Hehe, what full and ample b.r.e.a.s.t.s. Who do you plan on seducing with that pair of bunnies? Why don't you feed them to the Heart Dismembering Worm? Let it eat that pair of bunnies of yours and see which man will still like you. Hehehehe!"

The evil granny's extremely vicious words made Ji Shuiyan break out into a cold sweat that covered her forehead. She was acutely aware of the old witch's craziness. She knew that she had every intention of acting on her threats.

Ji Shuiyan was not afraid of death, but the witch planned to make her live in a state worse than death.

She felt an excruciating pain as the black Heart Dismembering Worm tore into her navel. In seconds, it would bore into her stomach.

Just as despair was about to overwhelm her, she suddenly felt a coldness by her abdomen.


An ice-cold frost beam flashed past as the Heart Dismembering Worm let out a sharp cry before flying off.


With the sharp clink of metal colliding, the Heart Dismembering Worm was pinned onto a wall by a flying saber!

The flying saber had embedded itself in the wall with the handle still vibrating. Ji Shuiyan was momentarily surprised. Who was it?

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