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"Chimes. Why are there chimes?"

The tinkling chimes were completely unaffected by the storm. It was baffling.

"Sound or not, we should be leaving. Anyone that remains will die!" You Feihua looked towards the divine tree as a sinister smile suffused across the corner of his lips.

What a pity that someone with four nine-leaf Dao fruits would end up being buried here. Are you appeased with that? So what if you aren't?

Revealing such talent only before your death would not change your destiny of never being able to develop this raw talent to its full potential. What was despair? This was it!

At that moment, the huge world they were residing in was facing destruction. The rifts in the ground had already formed countless deep abysses. The sky had already shattered and the black water had dried up. Apocalyptic Fumes filled everything else!

In this broken world, Felicitous Rain Lord who had just burned his blood essence was already covered in injuries. Felicitous Rain Lord was no match for the mighty bronze giant alone!

"Felicitous Rain, I have to leave too," said Rime Divine Lord. Although she had been responsible for suppressing the bronze giant, she had also been injured, albeit slightly. With the clear indication that Felicitous Rain Lord was continuing his deathly struggle, her beautiful eyebrows p.r.i.c.ked up. She was still baffled over the reason for Felicitous Rain Lord's persistence. Did he truly believe that Yi Yun would save the world inside the restricted zone?

"Your disciple is only at the Dao Manifestation realm. Even if he is a genius, do you actually believe that he can save such a ma.s.sive world?"

The corner of Felicitous Rain Lord's mouth was seeping with blood and he could no longer speak. His voice could only be transmitted using his Yuan Qi from his dantian.

"So what if I believe him or not. He risked his life, allowing me to fight to the final moment. How can I abandon him?"

"What if you end up being nothing but ash from your battle?"

"Then ash I shall be!"

Felicitous Rain's Yuan Qi voice resounded throughout the heaven and earth.

Rime Divine Lord's gorgeous eyes were visibly shaken when she heard those words. It was a tough and arduous process to become a Divine Lord. In the entire 12 Empyrean Heavens, every Divine Lord would particularly cherish their lives. To Divine Lords, their lives were extremely valuable. Anything below a Divine Lord was an ant.

She was a faithful person and she had paid a great price for her promise, but she was nothing when compared to Felicitous Rain Lord.

She looked at Shi Xuanji and Demonic Eye Divine Lord, who had already escaped into the distance, before looking back at Felicitous Rain Lord. She was momentarily at a loss for the stark contrast was just too overwhelming.

And at that moment, Felicitous Rain Lord's Yuan Qi voice resounded through the apocalyptic tempest in an unceasing manner—

"To what end do we practice martial arts for? If we can't depend on the sword, so what about death? One's true richness of heart is not to be annihilated!"

Felicitous Rain Lord made a prolonged bellow and with his sword in hand, conjured a torrential rain that filled the sky.

Countless drops of rain interweaved through the tempest, forming a ma.s.sive rain formation that filled the heaven and earth.

The silhouette of his back left Rime Divine Lord mentally shaken. It was extremely difficult for a warrior to practice martial arts. The path of martial arts was an act of defiance against the heavens. Just as Felicitous Rain Lord had said: if one could not overpower the heaven and earth, what use was practicing martial arts for?

To fight for one's belief and not for one's interest—that was the martial path a warrior should take. It was also the path that Felicitous Rain Lord had chosen.

Felicitous Rain Lord had reached the level of a Divine Lord at a young age. His future was limitless and not all of this was dependent on his talent, it was also reliant on his determined mindset for martial arts.

Felicitous Rain Lord's battle was not only for Yi Yun but also a proof of his conviction towards the pursuit of martial arts.

But even so, it was unlikely that anything could be changed. Was a generation's proud son of heaven about to perish here?

While Rime Divine Lord ruminated, the chimes from before turned increasingly clear at that moment. It was like the shriek of a phoenix that penetrated straight to the peak of the firmaments!

These chimes?

Rime Divine Lord faltered for a moment. She had heard the chimes previously but she did not know what it represented. But now, the chimes had overwhelmed the crescendo of the destruction of the world, striking straight into her heart.

At that moment, the ma.s.sive divine tree began to tremble gently.

Rime Divine Lord looked at the divine tree as she felt that some form of energy was gradually awakening in the deepest depths of the land where the tree's root network was...

This is…

Rime Divine Lord widened her beautiful eyes as she stared intently at a moving tree root that was the thickness of a mountain!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

A large amount of rock shattered as mud poured down like a waterfall. A divine root had finally woken up from hundreds of millions of years of slumber!


The land quaked, swinging the mountains along with it. The gigantic root was like a dragon that had been lying dormant in the land as it thrust itself ruthlessly at the bronze giant!

This strike was enough to rend the heaven and earth asunder!

The bronze giant's aloof expression changed for the first time. He glared at the divine root with a solemn expression.


The bronze giant let out a terrifying roar as he sent the heavily injured Felicitous Rain Lord back a thousand feet in order to face the hefty root of the divine tree.

With his enormous bronze ax, he cleaved forcefully at the divine root!

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

A terrifying impact seemed to tear apart at everything. Dozens of metallic chains suddenly turned taut from the impact as they produced tumultuous clanging sounds!

A terrifying blast of energy emanated in every direction from the impact. Demonic Eye Divine Lord, who had felt safe after retreating a great distance away, was alarmed.

Could it be that the divine tree had been awoken? How could it be possible?

"Bam! Bam! Bam!"

Beside Demonic Eye Divine Lord, his blood-colored skull trembled violently. In just an instance, the skull had suffered a heavy blow from the energy shockwave. It was nearly torn apart by the immense energy.

This made Demonic Eye Divine Lord feel incredulous. This was just an aftershock, but it was so powerful!? What would happen if one was directly hit by the divine root?

And at that moment, Demonic Eye Divine Lord had already seen the divine root strike a second time after deflecting the bronze ax. Its speed was stifling fast. Even the mighty bronze giant could not defend against the second strike in such a short period of time.


The strike from the divine tree made a direct hit on the bronze giant's back. It ripped apart his skin and shattered his vertebrae. With a m.u.f.fled grunt, his body took a few steps back, with each fracturing the ground.

Black blood began spewing out of the bronze giant's body like a black torrential rain. Felicitous Rain Lord was stunned when he saw the scene. In the distance, Shi Xuanji and Demonic Eye Divine Lord were left even more dumbfounded. They were certain of a single thing. The divine tree had really awoken!

Yi Yun had awoken it?

With his Dao Manifestation realm cultivation, he had managed to awaken the world astounding divine tree that had been slumbering for hundreds of millions of years?

Rime Divine Lord experienced shock piled on top of shock. Felicitous Rain Lord had risked his life to create an opportunity for Yi Yun, and the latter had really managed to grasp it.

"Yi Yun really did it. His cultivation level was indeed insufficient at awakening the divine tree. However, he managed to fuse with the Dao of Primordial Chaos in such a short period of time, producing a nine-leaf Destruction Dao fruit, breaking through to the Dao Manifestation realm in one shot. He then managed to shake the world with the divine tree!"

Rime Divine Lord failed to calm her stormy feelings despite taking several deep breaths. There were too many warriors that acted in bad faith. Few people showed valor and pa.s.sion.

Felicitous Rain Lord had managed to do it, while his disciple had really evolved into a dragon from a golden carp after the encountering of a storm.

Felicitous Rain Lord had given Yi Yun a river, but Yi Yun had returned him an ocean!

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