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Chapter 104: You Are Out

Yi Yun quietly returned to his spot and stood with his hands behind his back. Everyone was focused on Yi Yun.

The people were still in discussion about what that purple cloud in the sky was.

Purple Air Comes From The East was something that high-ranking warriors in the vast wilderness had never heard of it before, what’s more, the commoners of the vast wilderness had no idea what it was.

No one had witnessed a scene like this before in the Cloud Wilderness. In fact, even in the Kingdom’s capital, very few people had ever witnessed Purple Air Comes From The East.

Among the people from the vast wilderness present, only the tribal elders of the Tao tribal clan had seen records of Purple Air Comes From The East in the history books.

But the ancient books in the vast wilderness only simply mentioned Purple Air Comes From The East without much detail. It was likely because the person who wrote the books had never seen Purple Air Comes From The East, and was just describing it from imagination.

So to recognize it from those records was another matter.

After all, the state of Purple Air Comes From The East was beyond them, and their preconceived expectations of Yi Yun made many of them not think towards that subconsciously.

Only some of the heads of the Tao tribal clan such as the grand elder had some suspicions, but he did not dare to confirm. He carefully observed Zhang Tan’s reaction and gained some clues from him.

At this point, Zhang Tan had temporarily left. With Zhang Tan as head, a few Jin Long Wei members were compiling the scores of the Mortal Blood candidates.

The final results of the candidates were a consideration of age, the grade of the cultivation technique, their level, their strength and several factors. Only then, a final score was given.

This score determined the final ranking and to decide who received this Mortal Blood round’s first place. It would determine if a person could enter the Jin Long Wei elite camp, allowing them to enjoy the best cultivating resources of the Jin Long Wei.

The partic.i.p.ants were nervously waiting as this score determined their fate. How could they stay calm?

However, Yi Yun stood extremely calm while in the crowd.

Suddenly, Yi Yun felt a gaze filled with killing intent aimed at him, stabbing his back like a needle.

Yi Yun turned his head and saw Lian Chengyu’s angry and venomous eyes, as if he could not wait to skin Yi Yun alive.

This startled Yi Yun. In the past Lian Chengyu had always wanted to kill him, and he knew this. However, he had never seen Lian Chengyu’s hate reach such a level. Seeing his eyes, it was as if they wanted to drink Yi Yun’s blood and eat Yi Yun’s flesh.

What craziness was Lian Chengyu up to?

“Little b.a.s.t.a.r.d, did you do something to the Frost Python desolate bones!?” Lian Chengyu sent the voice suddenly into Yi Yun’s ear.

Initially, Lian Chengyu had never thought that the problem with the desolate bones had something to do with Yi Yun.

This was because before the desolate bones were finished being refined, Yi Yun had run away and jumped into the East River. There were people monitoring the refinement process day and night. Besides, the desolate bone was in the large cauldron boiling in the Li Fire Water. That Li Fire Water had an extremely high temperature, so with it submerged, there was no way of taking it out.

But, with Yi Yun showing more and more of his extraordinary strength, Lian Chengyu suddenly realized there was something strange in the desolate bone refinement process.

Firstly, the Frost Python desolate bones should not have problems. When he first received it, he could feel the bone-biting Frost Qi when he got close. This chill was proof of the desolate bones quality. And in the desolate bones refinement process, there were many events recorded in the literature that had happened. Many of the able-bodied men who refined the bones had fallen sick. They had been injured by the chill.

It was a perfectly good Frost Python desolate bone, how could it not have any effects after refining?

Initially, Lian Chengyu, being his first time taking in a desolate bone essence, had no experience. He believed that the refinement process had gone awry, or there was something wrong with his own physique.

But upon careful thinking, it was not the case.

After consuming the desolate bones, not only did his strength not increase, his anger had burnt his heart, injuring his meridians. But Yi Yun had inexplicable grown stronger, maiming Zhao Tiezhu.

Besides, during this period, Yi Yun had previously refined the desolate bones. Was it possible that Yi Yun had used a special method to swap the Frost Python desolate bones with something similar to the Frost Python desolate bones?

The desolate bone essence he ate in the end was fake. The real desolate bone essence had already been eaten by Yi Yun!

Lian Chengyu did not know what method Yi Yun had used. But after thinking it over, this was the only reasonable explanation!

Yi Yun had backstabbed him and stole everything that belonged to him, robbing him of his hope and glory!

If it was not for Yi Yun, Lian Chengyu would already broken through to the Purple Blood realm by today. He would have easily pa.s.sed the Kingdom’s selection, becoming a member of the Jin Long Wei, or even a Jin Long Wei elite!

The more Lian Chengyu thought, the more he felt his deductions were right. He clenched both his fists as his fingernails pierced his flesh,; his body trembling with anger!

Yi Yun, you destroyed my future, I will make sure you lead a living death!

Lian Chengyu gritted his teeth.

In his extreme anger, Lian Chengyu felt as though his heart was about to explode. The veins and meridian channels appeared on his forehead like worms. A mouthful of blood had acc.u.mulated in his chest, to the point of him almost spitting it out.

The chaotic channels and erratic heartbeat surprised Lian Chengyu as he quickly circulated his energy and forced his mind to calm down, to prevent a relapse of his old injury.

Facing the raging Lian Chengyu, Yi Yun’s face was expressionless. He and Lian Chengyu had reached an irreconcilable point. Unfortunately, Lian Chengyu had never taken Yi Yun seriously before, missing his best chance.

“You are out.” Yi Yun’s mouth moved, conveying his words.

Lian Chengyu face contorted, “You really think with your so-called Spirit, and with the cultivation technique you gained insight on the white jade stage, you will be able to do anything to me? You have practiced martial arts for three months! In a real life and death battle, it is strength that matters, not potential!” Lian Chengyu hated Yi Yun to his bones. Every word of his was like a sword, stabbing at Yi Yun.

In Lian Chengyu’s mind, even if Yi Yun had eaten the desolate bone essence that belonged to him, and even if Yi Yun had an unmatchable talent in martial arts, so what if he had absorbed all the energy in the desolate bone essence?

It had to be known that Lian Chengyu was already at the peak of the Qi gatherer realm. Under this situation, with the aid of the desolate bone essence’s energy, he could have broken through into the Purple Blood realm.

But before Yi Yun fell to his half-death while picking herbs, he had no contact with martial arts. Even if he could absorb the entire desolate bone essence’s energy, he would at most reach the peak of the Meridians realm, or the beginning stages of the Qi Gatherer realm.

Furthermore, Yi Yun was a beginner in martial arts who lacked actual combat experience. Yi Yun had no way of comparing with him.

But Lian Chengyu could not help but admit that Yi Yun’s martial arts talent exceeded him. Be it Yi Yun’s Spirit, or the phenomenon from demonstrating the Dragon Rib Tiger Bone Fist, they were testimony to that fact.

So he had to take an opportunity to kill Yi Yun before he had the chance to grow!

If not, he would fall behind, and when that happens, he would definitely die.


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