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Chapter 1037: Dao Manifestation Repeated

“Primordial Chaos. This is the power of Primordial Chaos!”

Yi Yun’s eyes lit up. It was a power that was needed to complete his Major Destruction laws which he had been yearning for.

Yi Yun had been in the Heaven Ascension realm for too long that the amount of energy and laws he acc.u.mulated could no longer be contained by his body. His foundations could not be any st.u.r.dier, so he should have broken through to the Dao Manifestation realm a long time ago, but he had waited up to that moment in time. Everything was for that particular instant.

Dao Manifestation!


Yi Yun’s Yuan Qi blasted as the towering Dao Tree in his body produced a projection.

At that moment, Yi Yun and the Azure Wood Great World’s divine tree had merged as one. The heaven-ascending Dao Tree in his dantian did not seem any different from the divine tree. At that moment, Yi Yun’s Dao Tree was the divine tree and vice-versa!

Over so many years of practicing martial arts, Yi Yun had learned several top-grade heritage techniques, and he had enjoyed several fortuitous opportunities. And for Yi Yun, the law that he had been cultivating the longest had been pure Yang!

“Beginning with pure Yang, I cultivated in the ‘Tai Ah Sacred Technique’. I fused the Golden Crow species as my totem and after entering the G.o.d Advent Tower, I dual-cultivated with Xintong. My pure Yang was perfected before I went to Mt. Azure Billow. There, I obtained the pure Yang mark from the Extreme Yang Illumination, pushing my pure Yang laws to the extreme point in the Heaven Ascension realm! The first Dao fruit will be a pure Yang Dao fruit!”

Yi Yun settled his mind and spirit, as the power of his pure Yang burst out. A Radiant Sun appeared behind him as a Golden Crow soared into the air and flew onto a branch of the divine tree.

Sunrise from Tang Valley, Roaming across the World, Spreading Light Onto World, Brilliant Glorious Magnificent l.u.s.ter, Ten Suns from Fusang, Who Masters Pure Yang!

All the pure Yang laws and Yuan Qi that Yi Yun had cultivated in finally condensed on the divine tree’s branches, forming a Dao fruit…

At that moment, outside the restricted zone!

Ka Ka Ka!

Large cracks opened in the ground, from which thick black gases spewed out. It was the Apocalyptic Fumes, also known as the rotting gases of a crumbling large world.

When Demonic Eye Divine Lord saw this scene, he said with a change in expression, “The Azure Wood Great World is probably about to collapse! Felicitous Rain, after your disciple entered the restricted zone, not only did he not awaken the divine tree, it has caused the Azure Wood Great World to collapse! I previously said that the punk’s cultivation level was too low and that he would not be able to awaken the divine tree, but none of you believed me! Now, from the looks of it, he has not only failed to awaken the divine tree, he might have ended up making it worse!”

Demonic Eye Divine Lord had spoken coldly. He was still holding a grudge regarding the Azure Wood Manor’s restricted zone. He suspected that it contained heritage left behind by the black-dressed woman.

The black-dressed woman was already standing at the pinnacle of martial arts. Even a tiny thing left behind by her could benefit a person greatly. And for an item of that grade, how could a junior be able to gain any enlightenment from that. It would be a waste of heaven’s treasures in Yi Yun’s hands!

Unfortunately, with the Azure Wood Great World about to be destroyed, the restricted zone was also finished.

“The Azure Wood Great World is really about to be destroyed. In that case, the disciples that came to this world would perish along with its destruction.”

The person who spoke was Rime Divine Lord. There were ribbon bands swirling around her, giving her an otherworldly vibe. As she watched the Azure Wood Great World’s collapse, she sighed inwardly. There had been many extremely talented young people and impressive overlords in the Ten Thousand Fey Empyrean Heaven that had come to the Azure Wood Great World in search for opportunities. However, no one expected that it would be a trip to the gallows.

“Hmph! We actually believed that ton of nonsense that Yi Yun gave. We have really been befuddled by him!” said Shi Xuanji as he fumed with anger. He was still worried about the Immortal Rain Sect disciples, uncertain if they had perished. But now, even if they had survived, they would be doomed once the Azure Wood Great World collapsed.

They were elites of the Immortal Rain Sect, so Shi Xuanji’s heart would bleed if they were to be wiped out at once.

However, Demonic Eye Divine Lord had other thoughts.

Unlike Shi Xuanji, most of his Fey Phantasm Sect disciples were with him. He could stow his disciples away in his mobile abode.

In fact, the destruction of the Azure Wood Great World was not necessarily bad for him.

They had been trapped in the Door to the 33 Skies, and they had been facing the threat of death from the bronze giant. It was unlikely he could survive if the situation persisted.

But the moment the world collapsed, the land of doom that bound them would no longer exist. The destructive force produced when a world collapsed was obviously horrifying, but the ma.s.sive energy radiated out uniformly. Its impact on a single person was not as terrifying. Demonic Eye Divine Lord was confident that he could survive in the destruction and that he would not be lost in the shattered s.p.a.ce-time that followed.

Demonic Eye Divine Lord’s thoughts were not unique. Shi Xuanji shared the same intention of escaping the moment the world collapsed.

With that thought in mind, the duo suddenly pulled out from the offensive a.s.sault on the bronze giant!

Since the world was already collapsing, they had to conserve their strength to withstand the annihilative spatial storms that accompanied the destruction of the world.

“Shi Xuanji! Demonic Eye! The two of you!”

When Shi Xuanji and Demonic Eye Divine Lord suddenly retreated, the pressure on Felicitous Rain Lord increased immediately. He was struck by the ax beam from the bronze giant’s swipe of his ma.s.sive ax. His body quivered as blood seeped from the corner of his mouth!

“Felicitous Rain, I won’t be accompanying you in your madness! That person is your disciple, and letting him enter the restricted zone was a joke, to begin with. Why would I put in so much effort to protect him? Dream on!”

As Demonic Eye Divine Lord said that, he retreated another few thousand feet!

Although the bronze giant was powerful, it was still restrained by the chains. There was little danger as long as a distance was opened up.

“d.a.m.n it!” Felicitous Rain Lord cursed silently. However, he did not dare take the risk of retreating even if he was the only person left. Yi Yun was still in the restricted zone, so what would happen to him if he retreated?

“Oh? Felicitous Rain sure is dumb. To think he still wants to persevere. Ignoring the possibility of him surviving the bronze giant’s attacks, even if he can, how much strength would he have left to withstand the spatial storms once the world collapses? He will probably be seriously injured by the destructive power of the world’s collapse!”

Demonic Eye Divine Lord gave Felicitous Rain Lord a sinister and bemused look. He even had thoughts of sneaking up on Felicitous Rain Lord if he had the opportunity. By letting Felicitous Rain Lord die in the spatial storms, he could rob him of all his treasures.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

The spatial storms grew more and more tempestuous, as the bronze giant’s attacks simultaneously struck wave after wave like a stormy sea.

Standing beside Felicitous Rain Lord, Rime Divine Lord had not retreated as well. Felicitous Rain Lord would have been in greater danger if she had left. He might not even be able to last thirty seconds.

In the storm, Felicitous Rain Lord asked Rime Divine Lord, “Aren’t you leaving?” It was extremely rare for there to be a person to provide such timely aid in such a situation.

“I have my own principles. I had agreed to fight with you previously, but the premise is that it would not endanger my life. The combined efforts of the two of us can only last us a minute or two. There is actually no meaning to it…”

Rime Divine Lord shook her head. With the Azure Wood Great World on the brink of destruction, anything they did was meaningless.

Felicitous Rain Lord sighed lightly before saying, “You are right. However, I have my own principles as well. Even if I can’t save my disciple, I will do my best or it will be a violation of my code.”

As Felicitous Rain Lord said that, he suddenly realized that the towering divine tree behind the bronze giant was seemingly undergoing certain changes. The divine tree was shrouded in a fuzzy halo, making it look blurry. The leaves on the divine tree were clearly the condensation of laws.

The nomological Dao patterns were not very profound, but it gave an indescribable vibe of perfection and harmony. It made Felicitous Rain Lord’s heart stir.

What’s going on…with the divine tree?

As Felicitous Rain Lord was pondering over it, he suddenly heard an extended screech as a gigantic three-legged Golden Crow flew onto a branch of the divine tree. Its body was burning with pure Yang flames as it spread its wings. It dived into the laws that were being coagulated in a blazing inferno!

In the crackling pure Yang flames, a fruit became more and more coalesced, and engraving on it were golden pure Yang Dao patterns. It was…a Dao fruit!?

Felicitous Rain Lord could tell at a glance that it was a Dao fruit that belonged to a Dao Manifestation realm warrior. However, why would the divine tree that propped up a world produce a Dao fruit of such a low level?

Moreover, the laws on the Dao fruit were perfect. Even with his insights, he could not find a single flaw. Its perfection and simple exquisiteness were truly profoundness in its simplest form!

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