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Chapter 1036: A Golden Chance

Yue Yingsha and Chu He, who were standing beside Yi Yun, retreated spontaneously when they sensed the fearsome aura.

A Dao Domain formed from Major Destruction laws was something that Yue Yingsha and Chu He had experienced for the first time. It alarmed Yue Yingsha greatly. What laws did Yi Yun cultivate in to produce a nomological aura with such immense power?

Ka! Ka!

The Realm Rock that had seen much destruction suddenly produced another crack. It was as though it was completely on the brink of collapse.

An indescribable and dense cadaveric aura instantly emanated from it. The Realm Rock had reached its final moment in life and the entire Azure Wood Great World was quaking as though it was mourning for it.

Yi Yun’s mind sank. He realized that the Realm Rock could no longer be repaired. There were too many cracks, and it was about to completely shatter. No matter how much work he put it, it was impossible for him to succeed.

Yi Yun’s face was covered in cold sweat. At that moment, his soul had already fused with the divine tree. He knew that the choice he made would determine the life and death of everyone present. It could even determine the survival of the Azure Wood Great World.

However, he no longer had the time to contemplate it. He had to risk it all on one bet, or he would face certain doom!

“Since the Realm Rock can no longer be repaired, it might be possible to have destruction before establishment!”

With his heart steeled, a purple beam flashed from his glabella.

Sword of the Will!


The Sword of the Will that Yi Yun had gained insights into back when he was in the Primordial Empyrean Heaven slashed straight at the Realm Rock.

The Realm Rock trembled vigorously as the number of cracks rapidly increased.

The Realm Rock appeared to be on the brink of collapse, but just as the world was about to crumble, Yi Yun seemingly felt a vital pulse coming from within the divine tree.

This vital pulse was distant and boundless. The divine tree was after all the support of the Azure Wood Great World. It was finally stirred when the world was on the brink of collapse.

This stirring was a fleeting moment, but it had been noticed by Yi Yun.

“Now is the time!”

Yi Yun took a deep breath before he struck with all his force!


Finally, the divine tree’s gigantic door opened up a tiny crack after hundreds, if not thousands of incessant slamming.

Immediately, tremendous energy emanated out from it.

Yi Yun felt a jolt through his mind. He sensed that his consciousness had apparently broken through something. The scene in front of him had suddenly changed. The cracking Realm Rock and the roots had vanished. Replacing them was a vast interstellar s.p.a.ce.

And in this starry s.p.a.ce stood a black-dressed woman quietly.

“It’s her!” Yi Yun immediately held his breath.

The black-dressed woman was peerless in beauty. As she stood in the interstellar s.p.a.ce, it was as if the starry s.p.a.ce was a world that belonged to her.

And beside her, there was a nine-petaled red lotus dancing around gently.

At that moment, the black-dressed woman suddenly took out a purple-colored crystal.

The Purple Crystal!

Yi Yun held his breath. He had not guessed wrong. The black-dressed woman was indeed a past owner of the Purple Crystal!

What was she doing?

Yi Yun saw the woman constantly produce seals with her hands around the Purple Crystal at its core. As the seals coagulated, Yi Yun suddenly realized what was happening.

“Could it be…”

The phantom of the black-dressed woman he saw and the scene he was seeing…were likely scenes of the black-dressed woman creating the Azure Wood Great World!

The black-dressed woman placed the Realm Rock in interstellar s.p.a.ce as she released immense power to establish the Azure Wood Great World.

The birth of a world needed an extremely long period of time. The world was born from Primordial Chaos, slowly forming Yin-Yang, the five elements, and the Heaven and Earth laws. After an unknown period of time, mountains, seas, flora, and fauna was born…

And now, Yi Yun was seeing the scenes of the black-dressed woman creating the nascent Azure Wood Great World from Primordial Chaos.

The nascent form of the Azure Wood Great World. Wait a moment!

This is!

Yi Yun stared with widened eyes. He saw that the black-dressed woman’s hands were holding up an area around the Purple Crystal. Swirling around it was a gray mist that was constantly expanding in size and thickening.

Primordial Chaos!

This was the legendary nebulous Primordial Chaos!

Primordial Chaos was the law that governed the formation of the Universe and large worlds. The black-dressed woman had used nebulous Primordial Chaos to create the Azure Wood Great World!

Yi Yun widened his eyes. He stared intently without missing a single seal the black-dressed woman produced. This was the law of Primordial Chaos!

After Yi Yun had come into contact with the Major Destruction law, he had finally seen the Primordial Chaos laws he had been dreaming of!

Primordial Chaos signified the birth of the Universe, while Major Destruction signified the end of the Universe.

The Purple Crystal was miraculous. Before Yi Yun, the two owners of the Purple Crystal were the long-haired man and the black-dressed woman. One of them was proficient in Major Destruction laws, while the other was proficient in Primordial Chaos laws used to create worlds.

Creation and destruction were a complete cycle.

All the laws that Yi Yun cultivated in were similar!

He had cultivated in pure Yang, but he had dual cultivated ‘Great Empress Heart Sutra’ with Lin Xintong, creating synergy with pure Yin.

He had cultivated in Sword Dao, but he had first cultivated in Saber Dao. He had obtained the Thousand Army Saber and entered the saber tomb. Eventually, he used the Thousand Snow Domain.

He had cultivated in the Dao of time, but in the intense battle with the Black-armored Demon G.o.d, he had been trapped in an alternate s.p.a.ce. He had first grasped spatial laws, allowing synergy between s.p.a.ce and time!

Only his Dao of Major Destruction was lacking in the corresponding Dao of Primordial Chaos. This made him unable to condense a perfect Major Destruction Dao fruit back when he condensed his Dao fruits.

Back then, Yi Yun already had several eight-leaf Dao fruits, but in order to pursue the pinnacle of martial arts, Yi Yun had decisively abandoned his Dao Manifestation. He had come to the Azure Wood Great World which was fraught with dangers all so that he could search for the nebulous Primordial Chaos when the Azure Wood Great World collapsed!

And now, he had really found it! Furthermore, what he found was not the nebulous Primordial Chaos after a world’s collapse but the nebulous Primordial Chaos that the black-dressed woman had extracted when creating the Azure Wood Great World. It was extremely pure and refined. It was the nebulous Primordial Chaos that came from the beginning of Chaos!

Yi Yun released his perception and through the divine tree, it radiated throughout the Azure Wood Great World.

He sensed that the nebulous Primordial Chaos that the black-dressed woman had coagulated back then had not completely vanished. There was still a portion contained in the Azure Wood Great World.

And it was none other than what was in front of him. The nebulous Primordial Chaos was sealed in the stone house carved from Purple Crystal Chaos Stones that was right in front of him!

He had finally found the nebulous Primordial Chaos!

Yi Yun felt exuberant. Not only did he find the nebulous Primordial Chaos, he had also the phantom scenes of the black-dressed woman’s seal formations. Here, he could truly see Primordial Chaos laws!

It was a golden opportunity for himself.

A thought suddenly came to Yi Yun. With such an opportunity, he might as well attempt to manifest his Dao fruits and break through the Dao Manifestation realm in one shot!

He had been unable to awaken the divine tree mainly because he lacked the strength. His cultivation level was too weak, but once he stepped into the Dao Manifestation realm, condensing his Dao fruits, it would be completely different. He was very likely to be able to awaken the divine tree.

Yi Yun was filled with antic.i.p.ation. He wondered how the situation would develop after he stepped into the Dao Manifestation realm with the possession of Primordial Chaos laws.

With that thought in mind, Yi Yun did not hesitate any further. He infused his mental energy into the Purple Crystal and as he watched the black-dressed woman’s every sealing action and their energy trajectories. Everything was reflected in his energy vision, allowing him to see them clearly. Without the Purple Crystal or the energy vision, it was impossible to discern the seals made by the black-dressed woman at all.

Yi Yun drew in empty s.p.a.ce with his hands, as he imitated whatever he saw. The time that pa.s.sed in his consciousness was different from normal time. A long time might pa.s.s in his consciousness, but it could only be a few seconds in the real world…

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