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Chapter 1033: Entering the Restricted Zone

A mere graze by the Yuan Qi produced from the intense battle was enough to disintegrate a person!

“These old bones of mine aren’t of any use other than safely sending the both of you to the divine tree.” said Granny Yin.


“Your Grace, speak no further. It’s already my good fortune to be able to witness the trunk of the divine tree again with my own eyes.” Granny Yin looked at the towering divine tree with a look of extreme reverence.

Granny Yin consumed another pill before she thumped her crutch into the ground, conjuring a Yuan Qi barrier.

Immediately, the squall in front of them was blocked by the Yuan Qi barrier.

“This is also a wish of mine. Let’s go.”

As Yue Yingsha gazed at Granny Yin’s back, she gritted her teeth lightly before looking at Yi Yun and said, “Let’s go!”

Under the protection of Granny Yin’s Yuan Qi barrier, Yi Yun and Yue Yingsha proceeded forward.

The squall was filled with wanton energy and when it struck the Yuan Qi barrier, Yi Yun and Yue Yingsha heard what resembled the sizzling sounds of burning lava.

The Yuan Qi barrier was being rapidly depleted in the squall. As for the distance between them from the divine tree’s trunk and the bronze giant was also constantly shrinking.

Yi Yun was extremely astounded when he looked up at the bronze giant. Its body was ma.s.sive, and the chains on the ground were as broad as mountains.

The chains were connected directly to the divine tree’s root network and trunk. They contained a daunting power that bound the bronze giant.

“Could it be that the senior had planted the divine tree in order to seal this bronze giant?” thought Yi Yun.

The bronze giant seemed redoubtable, one that seemed meaningless to put up a struggle against. Yet, he had been bound by that senior for billions of years!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The bronze giant, the Divine Lords, and the Supremacies were still engaging in a bitter battle.

As for the trio who was gradually approaching, the squalls they had to withstand turned into a terrifying storm.

The Yuan Qi barrier began to groan under the barrage of the tempestuous storm, as though it was about to shatter at any time. In response, Granny Yin grimaced in pain.

“Granny!” shouted Yue Yingsha.

“I’m fine.” Granny Yin gestured with her hand.

An unnatural ruddiness suffused across her wizened face.


Her crutch slammed heavily into the ground. The Yuan Qi barrier that was on the brink of shattering immediately turned substantial once again.

“Granny Yin is…” Yi Yun glanced to his side at Yue Yingsha.

Yue Yingsha’s eyes were red. She had guessed it too.

Under the circ.u.mstances they were in, Granny Yin had been burning her blood essence. However, there was not much of her lifespan, to begin with.

Granny Yin continued proceeding forward as a stream of fresh blood gradually flowed down the corners of her mouth before dripping to the ground. Her vision was slowly turning into a blur. The bronze giant and the divine tree, which she was closing in on could no longer be discerned by her clearly.

“The trunk is right in front!” said Yi Yun.

At that moment, the bronze giant was only a short distance in front of them!

The bronze giant’s bronze-colored muscles were firm like metal. The runic patterns on every inch of his skin shimmered with mysterious and profound runes.

These runes contained tremendous power!

“What sort of race is this?” A bronze giant which could destroy a great world begged the question of his origins and the reason for his imprisonment here.

In the eyes of Yi Yun, the scene of the Pure Yang Sword Palace’s owner battling a bronze giant appeared once again.

Perhaps, warriors had been battling such a terrifying race since time immemorial.

“Yi Yun!” At that moment, Felicitous Rain Lord’s voice transmission rang in Yi Yun’s mind. Up in the sky, he had been paying close attention to Yi Yun’s whereabouts. Hence, he was aware that Yi Yun was already in the vicinity of the divine tree.

“All of us will be using all our strength to create a single opportunity for you to enter. It’s a golden opportunity that cannot be missed. Do not let the opportunity slip!” exhorted Felicitous Rain Lord.

He looked at the other three Divine Lords in the sky and said, “We have to hold back the bronze giant. Attack!”

The four Divine Lords attacked from four different directions, each using their strongest attack!

The world seemed to take on another color as s.p.a.ce itself began to rupture. It was as though the entire Door to the 33 Skies was about to collapse.

The bronze giant’s ma.s.sive body emitted a sanguine light as he roared in response to the combined attack.


The runes on the bronze giant’s body emitted intense beams of light that merged into the bronze giant’s blood vessels, giving him a burst of an even more terrifying apocalyptical power!

“Your Grace! Let me aid the both of you in this final leg!”

At that instant, Granny Yin’s aura surged. Immediately following that, a black shadow wrapped Yue Yingsha and Yi Yun. It gave Yi Yun the feeling that he was being sent flying!

Yi Yun looked back and saw that the Yuan Qi barrier around Granny Yin was covered with cracks under the aftershocks from the bronze giant’s battle. She was swept up by the intense winds and instantly disappeared into the storm. In Yi Yun’s energy vision, Granny Yin’s hunched figure was like an insignificant withered leaf tumbling about in a storm… As he watched the scene, Yi Yun sighed. It was hard to describe what he was feeling.


Yi Yun and Yue Yingsha landed more than a thousand feet away.

“Granny!” Yue Yingsha wanted to look back the moment she landed.

“Senior Yin is still alive. It’s just that… she’s seriously injured. Let’s go!” Yi Yun grabbed Yue Yingsha’s wrist that was cold. Her skin was soft like silk, but Yi Yun had no time to notice any of that.

Where they landed was in close proximity to the bronze giant!

As a wave of aftershocks surged at them, a harsh look flashed in Yi Yun’s eyes. With one hand grabbing onto Yue Yingsha, a sword beam flashed at his glabella.

He had once again released the sealed sword Qi that Felicitous Rain Lord had bestowed him!


The sword beam and the aftershock exploded the instant they came into contact!

However, Felicitous Rain Lord was not the match of the bronze giant, so how could Yi Yun, who could only release a tiny amount of the sword beam’s might, be able to withstand the aftershock?

After releasing the sword beam, without even waiting for the outcome, he had turned around and with all his might, lurched forward with Yue Yingsha in hand!


Sensing another wave of aftershocks behind him, Yi Yun switched directions and released another sword beam!

The two sealed sword Qi had been expended!

And at that instant, Yi Yun had already arrived in front of the divine tree with Yue Yingsha in hand.

The towering divine tree stood silently. Even with the stormy battle happening around it, it stood intrepid as though it was a manifestation of ancient time itself.

The hefty tree bark was covered in a thick layer of green. And looking up, the towering tree was like a celestial column that propped up the ma.s.sive world.

In the dense crown of leaves, one could vaguely make out modillions with bra.s.s bells hanging from them. These bells were enchanted treasures, but the magic in them had been wiped away by the pa.s.sage of time. It had probably been countless years since they made a sound.

And at that moment, Yue Yingsha was looking at the divine tree in a daze.

There were tear streaks on the corners of her eyes. After hearing Yi Yun’s words, she knew that Granny Yin was like a candle flickering in the wind despite being still alive.

“Divine tree… This place was where the Azure Wood Manor truly stood.” Yue Yingsha prostrated herself in front of the divine tree’s trunk, sending her long hair sprawling across the ground. She placed her palms faced up as her forehead touched the ground.

“Disciple Yue Yingsha is here to seek the Azure Wood Manor’s restricted zone.”

Her tears flowed straight to the ground as a special aura gradually effused from her body. It was as though a particular connection had appeared between her and the divine tree.


A faint and nearly indiscernible sound sounded from their surroundings.

At that moment, Yi Yun realized that a gentle breeze was blowing from a cave entrance at the bottom of the trunk!

The entrance was something they had not noticed, as though it had never existed. But now, it had suddenly exposed itself.

“That is…the restricted zone the canon talks about…” Yue Yingsha looked up as she said with a trembling voice.

They had shouldered the lives and hopes of many people and the outcome was determined by this bet!

“Let’s enter!” Yi Yun pulled Yue Yingsha and with a swift display of his movement technique, he had instantly entered the cave!

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