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Chapter 102: Purple Air Comes From The East (Part 2/2)

“This&h.e.l.lip;what’s this about?” Many people looked towards the white jade stage, but all they saw was Yi Yun concentrating with his eyes shut. His hands were by his eyebrows and his fingers pointed towards each other. Slowly, he moved his hands down while following the body’s central axis all the way till his Dantian.

As for finishing, Lin Xintong had noted in the ‘Dragon Rib Tiger Bone Fist’ that it was not enough to play out a perfect cultivation technique, the finishing was also a way to retract the Qi. By retracting the Qi, one can calm one’s mind and consolidate one’s insight; only then would an entire set of cultivation technique be considered complete.

After Yi Yun finished that process, he exhaled a breath of air. Yi Yun’s energy was present within that breath, so like a blade, the breath flew far without dissipating.

Only then did Yi Yun open his eyes. He eyes were like two b.a.l.l.s of lightning, especially sharp and incisive!

“Just&h.e.l.lip;Just now that commotion, was it due to the kid on stage?”

The audience were still unsure as they found it too incredulous.

“It&h.e.l.lip;It should be&h.e.l.lip;” Some people said uncertainly.

Looking up into the sky, the purple mist was still faintly glowing.

The platform was filled with a dozen broken teacups. The broken pieces were like crushed eggsh.e.l.ls. Even the biggest piece was the size of a person’s fingernail. Some of the pieces had even turned to dust. It was simply shocking.

“When Yi Yun demonstrated, he produced some purple mist; his Dragon Rib Tiger Bone Fist produced the sounds of bones exploding, and even shattered the teacups?”

The people took a long time to believe this fact.

They were dumbfounded; as for the members of the Lian tribal clan’s warrior preparation camp, they were even more stunned. They did not understand the purple mist, but the teacups confounded them. Wasn’t this the realm Yao Yuan mentioned, “Thunder Occurring in the Nine Clouds, Surprise Bow Drops Flock”?

These members of the warrior preparation camp had been waiting to see Yi Yun make a fool of himself, but now, no words came from their mouths, as if they had been petrified.

From the beginning of the semi-finals to now, the contestants had all used the method of breaking rocks to prove their strength. When it was Lian Chengyu’s turn, he shattered a black ironstone the size of a roller. And when it was Tao Yunxiao’s turn, he broke the shackles of the ‘Dragon Rib Tiger Bone Fist’ and performed ‘Nine Mysterious Swords of Heaven’, which looked impressive. Finally, Tao Yunxiao still used his destructive power to prove his cultivation technique’s strength.

But when it reached Yi Yun, he never once attacked the black ironstone, but in the end he had conjured up a purple mist within his body, and when the exploding sound from his bones shattered the teacups.

Tao Yunxiao had produced the energy of the sword that normal Mortal Blood warriors would not be able to; but Yi Yun had produced the purple mist and shattered teacups. When compared, which was better and which worse?

The men from the warrior preparation camp could not tell. But there was no doubt that their Young master Lian Chengyu was overshadowed by the two of them!

The leader of the warrior preparation camp members, “Zhao Tiezhu the second” could hardly believe this could happen.

At this moment, Lian Chengyu had turned absolutely livid.

He actually did not know what Yi Yun had done. But just seeing that beam shoot up into the sky and the shattering of the dozen cups, Lian Chengyu had confirmed that Yi Yun’s fist techniques possessed something incredible!

Or else how could such a phenomena appear?

“Did he gain some particularly special insight?” Lian Chengyu of course did not know about ‘Purple Air Comes From The East’, as it was way beyond him. But he could work out that this was something gained from insight.

Perhaps, Yi Yun had taken the opportunity to break through to another realm!

Lian Chengyu’s eyes burned with jealousy. He was furious as he felt as if he had been robbed of something that belonged to him!

To be able to shine in the preliminaries and semi-final, to be valued by the Jin Long Wei officers, to become a Jin Long Wei elite member; these were things Lian Chengyu wanted.

But first there was the failure to break through to the Purple Blood realm. Till now, he still did not know what the reason for his failure was. If he could have broken through to the Purple Blood realm, it would be as easy to pa.s.s the Kingdom’s selection as eating and drinking. To enter the Jin Long Wei elite, would also have been easier.

Now, he had to rely on his abilities to pa.s.s the Kingdom’s selection. In the preliminary, he just managed to rise to prominence and thought that he could gain the attention of Zhang Tan, but in a split second, Yi Yun had overshadowed him!

When Yi Yun performed his cultivation technique, he did not shatter rocks or chop trees; but just that light beam and the sound of his explosive bones, which shattered a dozen teacups was enough to overshadow him to the extreme.

What’s more, this person was a poor plebeian from his tribal clan!

Lian Chengyu had never expected such a day even in his wildest dreams!

And what made Lian Chengyu feel the most depressed was that he still had not seen Yi Yun’s true power.

Without really revealing his hand, Yi Yun’s attack and destructive power was still a mystery.

Yi Yun seemed to be very powerful and since he had never been in direct combat with others, no one knew his ins and outs. Is he at the peak of the Meridians realm, Qi Gatherer realm or an even higher level?

Not far from the platform, Zhang Tan was still in a state of shock.

For a poor youth from a tribal clan in the vast wilderness to induce Purple Air Comes From The East was unbelievable.

Purple Air was an aura of royalty. There were even legends that Purple Air was the signature of a founding emperor or a Saint.

To have such rumors, it was because the warriors who induced Purple Air Comes From The East had great achievements. They really had the potential to become founding emperors of martial art saints.

Because Purple Air Comes From The East was rare, this was a bizarre legend among the upper echelon warriors of the kingdom’s heartlands.

Making it even more bizarre, it could be said that those who induce Purple Air Comes From The East had gained the recognition of Heaven and Earth. They had a “divine destiny”, as if a star manifested as a human. They were destined to be extraordinary.

It may sound outrageous, but there was some truth in it. Because Purple Air Comes From The East was the output of a person’s spirit energy. By combining with the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi, it became an indication of a person’s spirit energy.

This also meant that the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi recognized the person!

A person recognized by the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi can also be said to be recognized by Heaven and Earth. Although it sounds like an exaggeration, it made sense!

At this time, in the airship above the white jade stage.

Lin Xintong was looking at the ongoings below and a smile formed on her lips.

At a high alt.i.tude, they could appreciate the beauty of the purple mist. It was like a clump of purple flames burning.

And below that purple mist, there was a youth dressed in linen. His bearing had turned exceptional, as if he was appreciating the fact that he was at the peak of a mountain.

Purple Air Comes From The East sure was a surprise!

“Xintong-ah&h.e.l.lip;” Old man Su suddenly said.

“Yes? Master, what’s the matter?” Lin Xintong reacted by turning towards old man Su, but only saw him frowning.

“Tell me, I don’t know why but I suddenly had a thought. A few months ago when the Purple Clouds’ Birth happened in the Cloud Wilderness, could it also be a form of ‘Purple Air Comes From The East’?”


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