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Chapter 1020: Divine Tree

“Ka Ka Ka!”

Just as the group watched was in shocked horror, cracks suddenly covered the ice sculpture. Next, it shattered under the watchful eyes of the group, scattering to the ground as ice fragments.

These ice fragments were tiny like rice grains. When they scattered onto the red sand, they were quickly covered by the shifting sands before vanishing. It was as if the man with the mole had evaporated into thin air, with nothing left behind.

Upon seeing that scene, the Azure Wood Manor separatists felt a cold chill that struck deep into their hearts.

It was clearly not an ordinary form of frostbite, but a strange manifestation of laws. The ice had burst out from the body of the deceased.

“How could that have happened? We were clearly following…” Seven Plume turned to look at Yi Yun suddenly.

The Azure Wood Manor separatists, who were present, had been following in Yi Yun’s footsteps. There was not even a single misstep on their part. Under such a situation, shouldn’t they be completely fine like Yi Yun? Why did such turn of events happen?

Someone began to suspect that Yi Yun had used a sleight of hand to fool them.

“Punk, did you secretly do something?” questioned someone from the Azure Wood Manor in a threatening manner.

“Do I need to explain to you? Did I get you to follow me?” asked Yi Yun as he looked at the questioning Azure Wood Manor disciple, as though he was a r.e.t.a.r.d. “Didn’t the lot of you say that the path you divined happened to be identical to mine? Why are you questioning me now?”

With one sentence, Yi Yun had caught their tongues.

They were unable to say a word, no matter how shameless they were. To put it honestly, the death of their compatriot was of their own choice.

“If you like to follow me, go ahead and continue doing so.” As Yi Yun said that, he ignored the group of people as he continued proceeding forward.

At that moment, the purple-robed elder said with a sigh, “The powers of nature in the Blood Desert is not static. We have already entered another region, so the laws will change as well. It might be fine when others take it, but trouble will befall us when we follow in those footsteps.”

As the purple-robed elder spoke, Yi Yun had already opened up a distance of nearly a hundred paces. There were too many possible changes that could happen in a hundred paces. Furthermore, the Blood Desert was extremely odd. A mere hundred paces were enough to blur Yi Yun’s figure from their point of view. There was also no way for them to discern the spot where Yi Yun’s feet landed.

With Yi Yun about to leave, Seven Plume and company turned furious and anxious.

“Elder Dagu.” Without any options left, all Seven Plume could do was look at Elder Dagu again.

“Why are you panicking!? Once I do another round of divination, we will definitely be able to leave the Blood Desert!” said Elder Dagu angrily.

When he cast his cold gaze at the people from the Immortal Rain Sect, Marquis Wu Yun’s heart sank.

If they wanted to live, they had to follow the Azure Wood Manor separatists. However, it was needless to say that they would definitely be used as stepping stones.

Granny Yin, who was following Yue Yingsha closely, could not help but ask with a whisper, “Successor, are we really abandoning those people?”

Although she was displeased with them, they were still lost progeny of the Azure Wood Manor. It was unknown how many of them would die if they were abandoned.

Yue Yingsha turned her head to take a look. In just slightly more than a hundred paces, those people had turned into blurry figures.

She retracted her glance and said in an unfeeling manner, “Granny, these people are wicked monsters with diabolical designs. They are only doing it for themselves. It is unlikely that they have a sense of belonging towards the Azure Wood Manor. It’s all thanks to Yi Yun if we can escape the Blood Desert.”

Granny Yin had nothing in response. She knew that based on her att.i.tude towards Yi Yun from before, it was already nice of Yi Yun to not add insult to injury. All she could do was release a lengthy sigh.

“Yi Yun, I never expected you to have such talent in array formations. How long have you been studying the arts of array formations?” Granny Yin asked out of curiosity.

Elder Dagu had flaunted his skills in array formations ostentatiously in such a confident manner, yet he was far inferior to Yi Yun.

It could only be a few decades even if Yi Yun had begun studying the arts of array formations when he was in his mother’s womb. To warriors, such a period of time was a.n.a.logous to a baby’s childhood to mortals. It was just the beginning.

“I actually do not know much about array formations,” said Yi Yun.

Doesn’t he know array formations? Granny Yin was momentarily stupefied as she said, “Then…”

“I’ve never studied the arts of array formation. All I did was observe the forces of nature and the evolution of energy. From that, I recognized the patterns and figured out the underlying rules” Yi Yun explained with a light touch.

Granny Yin found it unbelievable when she heard Yi Yun’s explanation. However, from the unperturbed state he was in, he did not look like he had lied. If Yi Yun was so sharp in sensing fluctuations in the forces of nature or energy, then his talent was outrageously shocking.

“If that’s true, this child is truly talented. Unfortunately, he is not a disciple of my Azure Wood Manor,” thought Granny Yin.

“Oh? We have walked out of the Blood Desert!?” Seeing the red sand come to an end, a pleasant surprise suffused on Yue Yingsha’s beautiful face.

When they stepped across the demarcation formed by the red sand, Yue Yingsha felt spatial changes. The ground beneath her suddenly became a vast savannah that was br.i.m.m.i.n.g with life. The burning sun above their heads had vanished.

When she turned back to take a look, the Blood Desert behind her had vanished as well. It was as though it had never existed.

The Blood Desert was actually not large, but if one could not find the correct path, people would either be lost in it for the rest of their lives or quickly die in it.

“This is…”

Yi Yun cast his gaze afar. He could see a black mountain range in the distance that looked like a gigantic dragon crouching across the horizon. What was strange about it was the rich and br.i.m.m.i.n.g vitality that came from the long mountain range.

In addition, the mountain range contained life energy that was as tumultuous as the seas from his Purple Crystal’s energy vision.

A mountain range with life force in it?

The Door to the 33 Skies was truly fascinating!

“This is probably…not a mountain range,” said Yue Yingsha with her eyes closed. She had similarly felt the life force within the mountain range. Her expression was one of awe and reverence.

“Oh? Are there records of this in the canon as well?” asked Yi Yun as he glanced at Yue Yingsha.

“There are no records of this in the canon. All I can do is guess. Let’s go closer.” Yue Yingsha was uncertain as well. Together with Yi Yun, she traversed the gra.s.slands that were lush with vegetation. They gradually drew closer to the mountain range and slowly, Yi Yun saw it clearly.

On the long mountain range, it was covered in old and strong winding timber. The wooden textures drooped down along the mountain range, as though they were flowing down the mountain like a river.

“This is…”

Yi Yun was astonished.

“The divine tree! It’s the divine tree’s roots… I can sense a familiar aura from it. It must be the divine tree at the core of the Azure Wood Great World!” said Yue Yingsha with a look of surprise on her face.

The Azure Wood Great World’s divine tree was situated in the middle of the Azure Wood Great World and it determined the providence of the world. If not for the divine tree, the Azure Wood Great World would have long collapsed.

Yue Yingsha had the impression that the Door to the 33 Skies was in a completely different s.p.a.ce from the Azure Wood Great World. However, the divine tree’s roots had spanned across the confines and barriers of s.p.a.ce, stretching into the Door to the 33 Skies!

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