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Chapter 1015: Blood Desert

“They are gone.”

Without the strength or numbers, the members of the Immortal Rain Sect could only watch helplessly as Yi Yun and company left.

“What do we do?” Someone looked at Marquis Wu Yun for direction.

“Follow them from afar. Let them pave the way for us. The moment they experience trouble, we can take the opportunity to take action. If it’s too dangerous, we will retreat, if not, we can kick them while they are down.”


The members of the Immortal Rain Sect decided on a seemingly ingenious plan. Following behind others was definitely much better than venturing through the minefields themselves.

“They are following us.”

“Ignore them.” As Granny Yin spoke, she took out a metallic compa.s.s from her interspatial ring.

It was made of old and rustic bronze. There was even some rust on the compa.s.s. It was inscribed with complicated Dao runes and looked like it had been in existence for an immense amount of time.

Granny Yin conjured a seal on the compa.s.s and moments later, the compa.s.s underwent certain transformations that indicated the way.

“What is that?”

This was the first time Yi Yun had encountered such an artifact.

“The artifact’s real name is already unknown. We call it the Great Heavenly Compa.s.s. It’s an artifact our Azure Wood Manor ancestors found in the Door to the 33 Skies. It can lead the way in the Door to the 33 Skies, allowing us to steer clear of danger. It also guarantees our safety in the Door to the 33 Skies.”

“Back when our Azure Wood Manor probed the Door to the 33 Skies, the reason why so many people died was that we did not fully grasp the mechanics of the Great Heavenly Compa.s.s. By the time we got a grasp of it, the Door to the 33 Skies had vanished.” Yue Yingsha explained with a voice transmission.

The Great Heavenly Compa.s.s was one of the most important treasures of the Azure Wood Manor. If not for the Door to the 33 Skies having vanished for hundreds of millions of years, making the Great Heavenly Compa.s.s lose its original value, it would definitely have been s.n.a.t.c.hed away by the sect traitors.

With the Great Heavenly Compa.s.s leading the way, there was a great deal of security, allowing the Azure Wood Manor separatists proceeded confidently. There were a few young people amongst them who were filled with antic.i.p.ation regarding the legends spoken of that were at the end of the 33 Skies where the forbidden zone was.

“That bunch of outsiders is still tailing us!” A young man said disgruntledly. They were leading the way in front, making it easier for the people behind, so he was obviously unhappy about it.

“Let them follow. Even if it’s the same path, there are all sorts of changes. They might still perish in the most horrible way possible,” said Granny Yin. Her voice was hoa.r.s.e and jarring to the ears. As she spoke, her eyelids twitched and she came to a sudden stop.

The path in front of them had vanished. A scarlet cliff appeared and the sand looked like they had been dyed red by blood. Rocks were half-buried in sand and their surfaces looked greatly weathered.

Other than the red sand and the rocks, there was nothing, nor was there even a hint of life. It gave people a baffling chill.

“Blood Desert. How could it be…” Granny Yin muttered to herself. Yue Yingsha was also alarmed.

“What’s the problem?” asked Yi Yun.

“The Blood Desert is a zone that should only appear close to the forbidden zone, so it’s unexpected that we encountered it here. If we enter the Blood Desert, we will suffer terrible losses. The sect records mention of the Blood Desert being extremely dangerous. It is said that it was an ancient battleground from hundreds of millions of years ago. The sand had been dyed red by the blood of primordial creatures, but for some unknown reason, no carca.s.ses were left behind. They had all vanished.”

Yue Yingsha was well read when it came to the canon, so she knew of the horrors of the Blood Desert.

“What’s there to be afraid of?” A purple-dressed youth said nonchalantly. “Don’t we have the Great Heavenly Compa.s.s? The Azure Wood Manor had many people die in the beginning because it lacked the Great Heavenly Compa.s.s. Now with the Great Heavenly Compa.s.s leading the way, there won’t be any dangers.”

“Hmph! Naive!” Granny Yin stared at the young man. “The Great Heavenly Compa.s.s is indeed insightful, but despite the years, our Azure Wood Manor failed to fully understand it. What I learned is also highly limited. If it can be properly used, we can indeed enter and exit the Blood Desert safely, but how can it be that simple!?”

“Your failure to accomplish that does not mean we can’t. My master is proficient in array techniques and proficient at Daoist arts. If you lack the confidence, let my master do it!” said the purple-dressed youth proudly. A purple-dressed elder was pushed into the limelight.

The elder’s head was strangely large, making his entire body appear disproportionate. He said nonchalantly, “It is hopeless for my cultivation to make any breakthroughs, so I do have some accomplishments in the Dao of array techniques. If Granny Yin finds herself lacking, she can let old me try.”

“Spare me. Following you will only lead us into our graves!” Granny Yin said derisively. The elder was very displeased when he heard her words. “Hmph! Then I’ll like to see you lead the way.”

The big-headed elder returned t.i.t for tat. Even though the Azure Wood Manor separatists and the orthodox Azure Wood Manor were cooperating, it was impossible for them to be in absolute harmony.

As the group of people ventured deep into the Blood Desert, Granny Yin remained extremely cautious. She stopped almost every ten steps and used the Great Heavenly Compa.s.s to foresee any portents and correct their direction. However, such progress was too slow.

“Is there a need? If this continues on, it’ll take more than days for us to leave the Blood Desert!” The purple-dressed youth who spoke from before lost his patience.

“Shut up. Young lad, curb your arrogance. The dangers that lie await in the Door to the 33 Skies far exceed your imagination. If you are displeased with anything, you can leave at any time!” Granny Yin said angrily.

The purple-dressed youth scoffed and looked towards Rooster and said, “Senior Brother Seven Plume, this granny is stopping every ten steps. When will we ever exit this vast Blood Desert? The longer we stay in the Blood Desert, the easier it is for us to encounter danger.”

“I had objected to cooperate with the orthodox sect, from the beginning. Look at what’s left in the orthodox sect. An old granny who is becoming meeker as she grows older, a young la.s.s that is hardly dry behind the ears. Furthermore, we need to bring an outsider of unknown origin along.” As the purple-dressed youth spoke, he gave Yi Yun a disdainful glance.

Yi Yun smiled. Turning towards Yue Yingsha, he said, “Hey don’t you think some r.e.t.a.r.d is sick? There is no end to the nonsense he is spouting. If he had the guts, he can rush forward if he wants. It’s not like anyone is stopping him!”

Yi Yun mocked unsparingly. The Blood Desert was odd. He could not wish for anything more than someone foolish enough to be a pathfinder.

“Who do you think you are to speak to me like that!? Senior Brother Seven Plume!” The purple-dressed youth looked at the rooster-like youth once again.

Seven Plume stroked his chin, but he did not express his intentions. The speed they were proceeding at was indeed slow. There was one thing the purple-dressed youth did not say wrong. If they moved too slowly in the Blood Desert, they might end up encountering additional danger because of their overstay.

At that moment, an indiscernible cold wind blew, stirring up the thin layer of red sand on the ground.

Yi Yun’s heart thumped for no reason as he looked up. He realized that the sun had unknowingly turned diabolic.

The Azure Wood Great World and the Door to the 33 Skies were dark and gloomy, to begin with. Why did the sun suddenly burn so fiercely?

“Granny!” Yue Yingsha immediately tugged at Granny Yin. Granny Yin’s expression changed as she looked at the rocks buried in the sand. What looked like extremely ordinary rocks previously were now like regularly ordered tombstones in Granny Yin’s eyes. Not only were they orderly, they exuded strange vibes!

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