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Chapter 1007: Door to the 33 Skies

At the moment he began his pursuit of You Feihua, Yi Yun had put away the G.o.d Advent Tower and released Chu He.

“Senior Sister, we…” Chu He looked at Yue Yingsha.

Yue Yingsha threw out a band from her hand which wrapped around Chu He’s waist. “Help him!”

The two of them transformed into two streams of light that followed closely behind Yi Yun.

You Feihua could sense the three auras behind him in hot pursuit. When he took a backward glance, his heart sank.

From the looks of it, Yi Yun was bent on killing him.

“You are doomed for chasing me!”

You Feihua swiped his finger over his interspatial ring and a black pill appeared in his hand. As he looked at the pill, You Feihua’s expression revealed a pained look. Despite feeling the pinch, he swallowed the pill after gritting his teeth!

If not for the Apocalyptic Fumes, Yi Yun would not be his match in any way if he remained in his optimal state. But now, You Feihua had swallowed the black divine pill. Despite flying at high speeds, he could still rapidly restore his stamina. Furthermore, the pill could recover the injuries in his meridians. And as long as he recovered 30% of his stamina, You Feihua was confident that he could easily annihilate Yi Yun.

“Yi Yun, he’s recuperating!” said Yue Yingsha anxiously. She too was feeling nervous. You Feihua was not easy to deal with, so they could not afford You Feihua the time to recuperate.

Yi Yun frowned. Although You Feihua was injured, he was still extremely fast. The pursuit was physically demanding for Yi Yun, but if he failed to chase up in time, it would be troublesome once You Feihua recovered his stamina.

He thought of the three sword Qi that Felicitous Rain Lord had bestowed him. If they were used, it would likely be able to kill You Feihua, but Yi Yun was in a dilemma. He had only been in the Azure Wood Great World for less than a day’s time. He had yet to encounter any opportunities but he had already drained the G.o.d Advent Tower’s array of its energy reserves. If he were to use Felicitous Rain Lord’s sword Qi, he would have all his trump cards expended.

He expected to stay in the Azure Wood Great World for a prolonged period of time. It had yet to begin in full force, but his trump cards were all gone. What was he to do in the future?

Just as Yi Yun was pondering over his dilemma, he suddenly realized something was amiss.

Why was the sky dark?

The Azure Wood Great World’s sky was always a hazy patch. The sun was an ashen color, but it was still able to barely scatter its dim rays of sunlight, but now…

Yi Yun looked up and saw that clumps of viscous darkness filled the sky. The sun looked like it had been devoured, vanishing into thin air.

“What’s wrong?”

Yi Yun was alarmed. The Azure Wood Great World, which was on the brink of death, was weird in every way. The Apocalyptic Fumes had left Yi Yun with a lingering fear, and now by encountering such a phenomena, it made Yi Yun have a sense of foreboding. The Azure Wood Great World was a lot more dangerous than he previously imagined.

“What is happening?”

Yi Yun looked at Yue Yingsha. As a native of the Azure Wood Great World, Yue Yingsha likely knew what was happening.

However, Yi Yun never expected Yue Yingsha to look perplexed as she said, “I…do not know…”

Subconsciously, Yue Yingsha’s speed had slowed down. In the Azure Wood Great World, the greatest threat did not stem from enemies like You Feihua, but the Azure Wood Great World itself. In this dying world, it would drag others along in its destruction.

“Sis, look there!”

Chu He revealed a horrified look. As she spoke, she pointed to the sky, which Yi Yun looked towards. He saw a startling scene.

Yi Yun saw that the viscous-looking darkness in the sky was gathering towards the distant horizons before finally flowing down like a black river of darkness.

And the mouth of the dark river was a vast abyss. The abyss was immense in size and it seemed like black burning flames. The river of darkness spewed down from the heavens and flowed straight into the abyss that appeared like it was the source of darkness in the world.

On careful look, Yi Yun could vaguely see streams of light in the river of darkness. They looked like treasures, mystic manuals, and rare materials. These things were soaked in the river of darkness while being swept into the deep abyss.

“What’s that?”

Yi Yun was astonished. When he previously came to the Azure Wood Great World, he had an overview of the world from a high alt.i.tude. Although the Azure Wood Great World was on the brink of destruction, he had never seen the abyss despite it having all sorts of strange phenomena happening.

It should be said that he had not seen the deep abyss when he engaged in battle with You Feihua. Could it be that the deep abyss had just appeared out of nowhere?

“Could it be…” Yue Yingsha suddenly thought of something as her expression changed.

“What?” Yi Yun looked at Yue Yingsha.

Although Yue Yingsha had an unsightly expression, she suddenly refused to elaborate even though she clearly knew something.

Seeing the black abyss approaching, Yi Yun activated the Purple Crystal’s energy vision. His heart chilled when he realized what he was seeing. The multifarious treasures he saw in the river of darkness were not treasures in the energy vision. They were innumerable withered bones of primordial beasts. They had lost all their spiritual energy and were fully decayed. They bobbed in the river of darkness before disappearing upon entry into the abyss along with the river’s flow.

Withered bones?

This scene made Yi Yun slow down.

“Yi Yun, you…”

Yue Yingsha slowed down as well as she looked at Yi Yun. Yi Yun said with a sullen expression, “What is that place? I can see many withered bones of primordial beasts being swept into the abyss with the river of darkness.”

“You can see it?” Yue Yingsha was alarmed. Yue Yingsha had only read some records regarding the Azure Wood Great World’s ancient abyss in the books of the Azure Wood Manor. She never expected that Yi Yun could see through the illusion from outside.

“Actually…I’m unable to confirm as well. It probably is finally reenacting what happens when the Azure Wood Great World faces destruction, coupled with the destruction of certain array formations…”

Yue Yingsha stopped her sentence midway. It was equivalent to not saying anything. She gave Yi Yun an apologetic look. It was not that she was deliberately hiding things from him, but due to the rules of the Azure Wood Manor, these were things even Chu He did not know. As the successor of the Azure Wood Manor, Yue Yingsha had sworn to keep these a secret.

“Reenact?” Yi Yun felt his heart stirred. He could see that You Feihua had arrived in front of the abyss. You Feihua was clearly shocked when facing the sudden appearance of the abyss.

The abyss gave off a redoubtable aura that made You Feihua hesitate for a moment. He was tempted when he saw the treasures immersed in the river of darkness. However, You Feihua had a hunch that these treasures were not easily obtainable.

Although they had appeared in front of him, it was not impossible that it was a trap.

However, the expedition to the Azure Wood Great World was a search for rare encounters. Now, with such a rare occurrence appearing suddenly in front of him, how could You Feihua not be moved when he saw so many treasures?

Even if there was a trap, he had to vie for the opportunities in front of him. If not how was he to climb up to the peak of martial arts when it was a path fraught with difficulties?

Upon thinking of that, You Feihua turned to glance at Yi Yun. With a provocative smile, his figure flashed as he entered the abyss!

Yi Yun did not choose to follow and instead looked at Yue Yingsha. Even though Yue Yingsha was reluctant to mention certain things, she would at least inform him about the dangers of the abyss.

Yue Yingsha took a deep breath before saying, “The Red Lotus Mystic Technique you saw me use was a technique that the founder of the Azure Wood Manor brought out from the abyss. The founder named the abyss the Door to the 33 Skies. Our Azure Wood Manor has a saying that has been pa.s.sed down for generations that once one enters the Door to the 33 Skies, it is almost impossible to return… Back then, even a Divine Lord had died in it.”

“A Divine Lord died in there?” Yi Yun’s brows p.r.i.c.ked up. He had similar guesses and now his suspicions were confirmed. Yue Yingsha was a descendant of the Azure Wood Manor, and the Azure Wood Manor had been in the slumps for eons. From the information Felicitous Rain Lord told him, Yi Yun was of the impression that the Azure Wood Manor had been destroyed. He never expected that the Azure Wood Manor still had descendants.

“If a Divine Lord can die, how is it possible for the mystic technique to be taken out? Could it be that your Azure Wood Manor has many Divine Lords?”

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