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"Whether Tangning will be better off is not up to you to decide. You should care about yourself first." After speaking, Fang Yu turned around to leave. However, as he reached the doorway, he looked back once more, "I've already lured the media away. If you want to leave, you better take advantage of this opportunity."

Zhen Manni looked at Fang Yu and suddenly started laughing, "I know you also like my b.r.e.a.s.t.s and bottom, do you want to have your way with me?"

Fang Yu scoffed, "You must be dreaming."

Zhen Manni laughed at herself as she got out of bed, "Fang Yu, I don't want CICI. I just have one request, can you take me home?"

Since they had already known each other for 6 years, even though they didn't cross paths often, there was no reason for him to act ruthless towards her.

Fang Yu measured the situation and nodded, "Go get changed."

Zhen Manni quickly got herself dressed up and left the hospital with Fang Yu's a.s.sistance. However, as she returned home, she found her entire home was a mess and everything valuable was gone. Needless to say, it was definitely Charlene.

Only Charlene had the keys to Zhen Manni's apartment.

In this instant, Zhen Manni finally understood how it felt to be left with nothing. So, she fell apart as she knelt on the floor.

Because of his gentlemanly approach, Fang Yu offered her his hand. However, this simple gesture was captured by a paparazzi lurking in a nearby building.

In an instant, a scandal was released online: [Hai Rui's Artists Director Has Both Huo Jingjing and Zhen Manni - Basking In The Joy Of Having Two Women!]

Some headlines were even worse; claiming that Fang Yu acted indecently around artists. They claimed that he offered his hand to a model in despair, only to get bodily contact.

Regardless of the headlines, the photo of Fang Yu helping Zhen Manni was real.

At the time that Tangning saw the scandal, she was at Huo Jingjing's apartment. The photo of Fang Yu helping Huo Jingjing was enlarged on the TV screen, so she subconsciously looked at Huo Jingjing.

Huo Jingjing did not say anything. She simply turned off the TV because it was too noisy.

"Jingjing, Fang Yu isn't that type of person."

"What does it have to do with me what type of person he is?" Huo Jingjing asked Tangning confusedly, "Don't tell me you are trying to matchmake us? Let me tell you, it's impossible. Not only will I never be a stepmother, even if I was willing, with Fang Yu's actions today, he will definitely be blacklisted."

"Maybe you've truly misunderstood him."

"No matter the understanding, they were indeed together at that time. The media did not make that part up," Huo Jingjing rolled her eyes and threw away the remote. "Tangning, not everyone is like President Mo. Before you met President Mo, you also came across a jerk. I've already been hurt once..."

"I can't allow myself to be hurt a second time. I'm not stupid!"

"I was only mentioning it casually, why are you so angered?" Seeing Huo Jingjing's exaggerated reaction, Tangning felt the more she tried to deny it, the more she had something to hide.

Sometimes, the harder one tries to hide something, the quicker it gets revealed.

Seeing Tangning look at her in distrust, Huo Jingjing let out a frustrated sigh before saying in a serious tone, "Since our conversation has gotten to this point, I might as well be truthful with you. For a woman like me who has had 3 abortions, been in a relationship with a jerk and has suffered from domestic violence for 10 years, to be honest, no man will want me."

"However, even if I'm well aware of this, it doesn't mean I will settle for anything," Huo Jingjing said as she looked down at the carpeted floor. "Fang Yu is really good, but he's good to everyone. I know he has no feelings for Zhen Manni, but I don't like men that have the aura of a holy G.o.d; it's almost like everyone is waiting for him to save them and to comfort them."

"So, Tangning, I'd rather go look for a French man or a Dutch man so all I have to do is take care of our home."

After hearing Huo Jingjing's words, Tangning felt her heart ache as she thought about how Huo Jingjing had an abortion 3 times and had been in a relationship with a jerk.

Was this Huo Jingjing's fault?

However, Tangning understood that Huo Jingjing's past would forever haunt her and make her feel self-conscious at all times.

"Fine, let's not talk about Fang Yu anymore. I need to go to France on the 18th, do you want to go there and relax with me?"

"Isn't Manager Mo going with you? If he is, I don't want to go!" Huo Jingjing immediately refused.

Like this, Huo Jingjing had given Fang Yu a death sentence in her heart. It was quite a pity. However, for some people, fate could not be forced.

Tangning was deep in thought when Mo Ting's phone call dragged her back to reality. In order not to upset Huo Jingjing, Tangning took her phone and went to the living room.

When she finally returned to the bedroom, Huo Jingjing looked at her and waved her hand, "Was it President Mo? How long have you been out? I've never seen such a clingy husband!"

"It was work related," Tangning explained.

"Hurry go...I need to get some rest."

Tangning looked at Huo Jingjing helplessly as she turned and left the apartment.

Mo Ting's car was parked outside. As soon as he saw Tangning, he immediately opened the car door.

Huo Jingjing watched the couples' interaction from the window. It was impossible not to feel envious. When she thought about herself, she wondered where her future would take her.

After holding back for a short moment, Huo Jingjing pulled out her phone and made a phone call to an old cla.s.smate. She called to agree to a blind date because she desperately wanted to be in a true relationship.

Hai Rui Entertainment, 3pm.

After completing his work for the day, Lu Che came across Fang Yu. He couldn't help but grab onto his arm and ask, "What's going on with you and Zhen Manni? What are you going to do about Huo Jingjing?"

"What do you mean by what I'm going to do about Huo Jingjing? What does she have to do with me?" Fang Yu asked confusedly.

"If you aren't interested in her, why would you suffer in the cold for 5 hours and catch the flu because of her?"

"You're overthinking the situation," Fang Yu rolled his eyes. "I only did it based on morals."

"So, you are the same with Zhen Manni?"

"Uh huh."

"Why don't you go save the world then?" Lu Che glared at him. He originally wanted to leave, but as he turned around he suddenly noticed Charlene's presence in the agency, "Why is that woman here?"

Fang Yu followed Lu Che's gaze and looked at Charlene. Afterwards, he patted Lu Che on the shoulder, "Go handle your own matters, I'll deal with this small issue."

Lu Che turned and left while Fang Yu walked towards Charlene. This thief that had emptied out Zhen Manni's apartment actually had the nerve to appear at Hai Rui.

However, subconsciously, he started to think about Lu Che's question earlier and Huo Jingjing's name.

Was he sticking his nose into too many people's business and getting too carried away with justice?

With this thought, he suddenly stopped in his tracks.

As the Artists Director, he was used to handling PR matters for his artists and speaking eloquently in front of the media; he did this because of his professionalism.

His actions never had any deeper meaning.

The only time he acted impulsively was when he stood in front of a government official's home for 5 hours...

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